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Francis – A Wake-Up Call for Neo-Catholics    July 18, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, catachesis, disaster, error, Francis, General Catholic, Restoration, Revolution, Spiritual Warfare, the struggle for the Church, Tradition.

Will they roll over and hit the snooze button yet again, as they have for 50 years?

The Remnant – part of the what some call the “papal criticism ‘industry’” (hmmph – I still haven’t seen one red cent) – has long argued that the pontificate of Francis, far from being a huge or novel deviation from the past 50 years, is in fact the apotheosis of 50+ years of error, abuse, heresy, and revolution in the Church.  This is pretty much the standard Traditional critique – which I share.  Pope Francis didn’t fall from the sky to work a revolution on the Church – he is the product of that revolution.  A revolution which his immediate predecessors both opposed and advanced to varying degrees.

Under Benedict, it was possible for a new Catholic such as myself to pretend the Revolution was winding down and the Restoration, if not exactly well underway, at least inevitable.  What a difference a few years makes.  But it is not so much the experience of the past few years that makes me realize that any Restoration remains a very long ways off.  It is my increasing understanding of just how far the mainstream Church of today is from its pre-conciliar existence that forces this realization upon me.

And that’s sort of the point of the video below, and the traditional-“neo-Catholic” divide.  Catholics with an enormous affinity for the pre-conciliar practice of the Faith have long maintained that the “neo-Catholic” pretense that the Council and the ancient practice of the Faith could be easily reconciled was simply untenable.  “Neo-Catholics” derided the traditional critique as no different from the  modernist “rupture” as they sought an ever-elusive (one might even say increasingly elusive)  “hermeneutic of continuity.”

For ~45 years, and especially under Popes JPII and Benedict,  the illusion of reconciliation between the Council and the Magisterium of the Ages could somewhat plausibly be maintained.  That’s not to say that analysis was right, but that it was a bit more plausible than it is now.  But after several years of Francis, after the modernists have held the whip hand for even a few more years, after battles long thought won and issues long thought settled have suddenly resurfaced as pressing issues of the day, every single one of them pointing back to the “sainted,” the “holy,” council, the “new Pentecost,” the “founding of a new church”………it seems some folks are starting to get that Francis is promoting extremely dangerous errors.  Whether that leads to a broader recognition of the nature of the Revolution against the Church/crisis in the Faith, but we’ll see:

Of course, some of these folks quoted in the video have been more willing to engage in papal criticism (and criticism of VII) than others.  At present, most of the major (American) slavish papal apologists are still just that.  There does seem to be a growing opposition to some of the more egregious abuses of this pontificate, but it remains small and generally traditionalist or tradition-friendly in nature.  Few of the “mainstream” conservatives have yet ceased pretending Francis is thoroughly orthodox if perhaps a wee bit misunderstood.

Do you think there could be an “upside” to this pontificate in the form of many more souls coming around to the realization that the problem isn’t limited to one man or one group of error-holding, faithless prelates, but is instead one that it is systemic in the post-conciliar ethos?  That is to say, the Church cannot be restored or “fixed,” until the “problem” of the Council is addressed.  The Remnant has long seemed to hope Francis might win more souls over to this appreciation.  They may be onto something, but then again I am also hinging my retirement on winning Powerball tomorrow!


1. Baseballmom - July 18, 2016

Just say a prayer and buy a Quick Pick 😉

Seriously, there is that silver lining to this pontificate (whether it is a legitimate pontificate remains to be seen). But yes, the light seems to be dawning for some that this is the result of fifty years of Twinkie theology…some seem to be awakening from their spiritual diabetic comas.

2. Soccer Mom - July 19, 2016

lol good luck with powerball.

It seems like Francis is moving this crisis towards it’s head at a quicker pace than the others. Which, in some ways is definitely bad (countless lost souls, probably immanent persecution and suffering) but at least we can hopefully get this all over sooner and either see the end of the world or the restoration of the Church.

Tantumblogo - July 19, 2016

It was completely a joke. I’ve never played any kind of lottery in my life. I would do just as well if I set my money on fire.

Soccer Mom - July 19, 2016

My aunt and uncle sold a $15.4 million dollar winner from their gas station in 2006, so hey, you never know 🙂

Tantumblogo - July 19, 2016

Sometimes people get struck by lightning. But the entire system is constructed to be a money maker for the state, so the vast majority lose out, and typically people that can least afford it.

3. Magdalene - July 19, 2016

Those who have pointed to some errors issuing from and because of the Council have been seriously chastised! Some removed or deposed from their positions and so forth. It is a ‘sacred cow’. Those who work for the supposed changes issuing from the Council either refuse to see the damage done to religious life and to the laity and the loss of millions of souls or else they applaud the result wanted by the enemy of souls.

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