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Heretics gonna Heresify – Methodists Elect 1st Openly “Gay” Bishop July 18, 2016

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I think I made up a word there.  If heresify ain’t a word, it should be.

I was a methodist, once.  My parents were split, one a methodist, the other had a high church Anglican/Episcopal background.  Anglo-Catholic, really.  For the first half of their marriage, they mostly went to methodist churches.  Then my mom finally won that war, I guess, and they’ve been Anglican ever since.

What I remember most from my time in the methodist sect was how much I hated it, and how ugly the building was.  That “church” is still around, but the original building from my time is now a mosque.  They built a much fancier building in north Plano 20 years or so ago.

I severely disliked that methodist “church” because it was as clubby, clique-ish, and class-ridden as you can imagine.  At least among the kids it was.  Most of the kids there went to another school, so I was on the outs from the beginning.  My mom really pushed me to be in the  youth group, which I detested.  They had a really swishy youth minister and he had some just brilliant ideas like all night stay-overs at the church building for about 80 kids aged 11-17.  Which, even in the mid-80s, went about as you would expect.  My best friend, now sadly a very fallen away Catholic and militant atheist (thanks Catholic schools!), and I bailed at about 4 in the morning. We walked the 2 miles home to my house in the dark (times was a bit different back then).  My mom was rather surprised and displeased when she woke up and found us playing video games at about 6 in the morning.

That, and getting the crud bullied out of me on various field trips is about all I remember of that place.  Good times.

Anyway, this sect is being riven by the same cultural forces tearing most protestant sects apart, and which Francis, in his, ahem, wisdom, has seen fit to unleash on the Church.  A sub-body of methodists has determined to follow the episcopalians into division and dissolution, having “elected” (how democratic!) an open lesbian to play at being a bishop:

The Western district of the Methodist church has elected an openly gay bishop despite the denomination’s ban on same-sex relationships.

The Rev. Karen Oliveto was elected late Friday night at a meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, of the church’s Western Jurisdiction. Oliveto is pastor of Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco. She is the first openly gay bishop in the 12.7 million-member denomination.

The United Methodist Church is deeply divided over LGBT rights. Church law says same-gender relationships are “incompatible with Christian teaching.” But several regional districts are openly defying the prohibition by appointing gay clergy and allowing same-sex weddings in churches.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t really care about this, save for how this instance illustrates two things.  The first is the folly of ecumenism with protestants, whose beliefs are so varied and contradictory that any illusion of progress with one sect invariably means a setback with another.  That clearly demonstrates why the inevitable path of the “ecumenical movement” is towards the watering down of sacred Doctrine until it means absolutely nothing. It also clearly proves that the traditional Catholic approach to the protestants was to aim at their conversion to the Church Jesus Christ founded is not only doctrinally sound and in accord with the tradition handed down to us, it is also the only program that makes sense from a rational standpoint.  All else is just whistling in the wind.

The second illustration is the warning this provides to the Catholic Church under Francis, demonstrating clearly that the sexular pagan left is never satisfied with half-measures and will continue pushing until all Christian groups are either fully co-opted into the hellish man-made “paradise” (dystopia, really) they constantly push towards or are completely destroyed/neutered.  That is to say, opposition is the only option, cooperation only hastens the destruction.  The Church also knew this for centuries, before she was struck by her own revolution/coup from within and became all too friendly with the liberal zeitgeist.

But, being long time readers of this blog, you knew that already.




1. Baseballmom - July 18, 2016

I sent this info to a very dear Methodist friend of mine – she was so troubled by it. In times past I might have suggested considering the Catholic Church – but honestly, right now it does not seem prudent.

Jeff C. - July 19, 2016

I understand what you are saying Baseballmom. I have a friend who is Lutheran and sees how society is falling apart. I’ve been slowly trying to explain to him how Protestantism (with it’s inevitable relativization of Truth) is how we got here and how there is only one Truth and so only one Church (Catholic). He asked me a while back about some things the Pope is saying. What used to be an uphill climb in terms of evangelization now seems like climbing a vertical cliff face. What are you supposed to say – “The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church, just ignore some of the stuff he is saying”? This sounds like the Protestantism that I’m trying to convince him is false! I guess you have to try and show the philosophical Truth that there can only be one True Church and then try and explain why most of the hierarchy, it seems, don’t believe it.

2. Brian Springer - July 19, 2016

While the falling away of many Catholics might be troubling. Do not let it prevent you from suggesting she should become Catholic. Everyone must hold to the truths of the faith to be saved, and you’ll be doing her a huge favor by encouraging her to convert.

3. David - July 19, 2016

A few weeks ago, one major news wire circulated a story that the Canadian Episcopalian Bishops Conference stated that they had approved “pseudo marriages” ( i.e. same sex weddings). I was sick to my stomach after reading that. I will have to bing it and find the article so I can digest it. I will have to read the one about the Methodists, since I have family who are Methodist.

One homily a few years back highlighted on marriage and was given by a former Episcopalian priest who entered the Catholic Church under the Pastoral Provision. He proudly stated, “marriage is between one man and one woman and NO court can change that.”

4. Joseph D'Hippolito - July 19, 2016

Two words: Gottfried Daneels

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