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Turkey “Coup” Looks More and More Like a False Flag Operation……..     July 18, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, disaster, Ecumenism, error, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, persecution, secularism, sickness, Society.

……..so much so, that an alternative title for this post might be “Why Your Correspondent Is a Sucker.”

I know my coverage of this matter may seem a bit non sequitur, but Turkey is a key muslim state.  It is one of the few states with the potential power to counterbalance the extremes of Sunnism (Saudi Arabia) and Shiaism (Iran) in the muslim world.  A nominally secular Turkey is, to me, far preferential to an extremist, militant Iran or the jihad-exporting Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia.  The nightmare is a Turkey that becomes Wahhabist and then you have a practical new Caliphate stretching from the Bosporus to the Arabian Sea – just like in the bad old days, facing a decadent, faithless, and fractious West.

As such, I was probably a little too willing to believe that the secular/military reaction to Turkish President Erdogan’s rapid islamification of Turkey had finally come.

In reality, it looks like what we’ve been treated to is either one of the most inept, half-hearted coups in recent history, or a false flag operation designed to destroy the remnants of opposition that remain in Turkey, especially the military and judiciary.  Erdogan has waged war on both institutions for years, gradually neutering the two bodies always seen (and with much reason) as the ultimate guardians of the Kemalist secular state.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I knew, quite well, a former Major General in the Royal Thai Army.  She served from the early 70s to 2011.  Anyone who knows the political history of Thailand post-1970 knows that she had much involvement in coups, which she had.  Supatra always related that there are two absolutely key factors in a successful coup:

  1. Kill the son of a, uh, gun (president, king, general, dictator, whoever is the target of the overthrow).  Think Diem in 1963, or Allende in 1973.
  2. Gain total control over communications, especially telecommunications/internet and broadcast media.

Neither occurred in the Turkey “coup.”  In fact, there were not even serious attempts at this, and the government continued to function, and seemingly direct events, throughout this stage-acted “coup.”

Supposedly, a “special forces team” was sent to nab Erdogan, but “missed by minutes.”  Of course, it is the government reporting this, so I am quite skeptical.  What is passing strange is that the very heavy F-16 presence overflying Istanbul and Ankara (but not dropping any ordinance) apparently not only saw Erdogan’s very showy flight into Istanbul’s airport, they escorted it in!  In any normal coup, if the president had really been able to flee, he would never make himself such a juicy, easy target for any manner of threats – fighters, AAA, shoulder fired missiles, etc.

Bridges and airports count for very little in the initial stages of a coup, yet these were the first targets of the supposed Turkish coup leaders.  The Turkish coup never even bothered to shut down state-run TV stations and made almost no attempt to shut down internal telecommunications and social media (while shutting down external, foreign access!), while they shut down opposition TV and radio!

A few other signs the coup was really intended to provide a pretext for Erdogan to crush what opposition remains and gain total control over the military:

  • Mass arrests started even while the coup was supposedly still ongoing. To date, 8000 officers in the Turkish military have been arrested
  • Large amounts of pre-prepared propaganda suddenly appeared on the streets of Istanbul/Ankara after Erdogan called on his followers to take to the streets. We are supposed to believe that thousands of professional signs and posters were printed in the space of an hour or less
  • There appears to have been close coordination with mosques, Erdogan’s core base support, in broadcasting “calls to prayer” from loudspeakers within minutes of the coup’s initiation, demanding good muslims take to the streets to oppose the “coup”

Other signs this was a “theater play,” or a “tragic comedy” in the words of some opposition politicians:

  • No government officials, bureaucratic officials, Members or Parliament or the President were taken hostage during the coup attempt and were able to freely continue their duties while the military attempted to take over bridges and airports. [This is most damning. It indicates either the total ineptness, or the falsity, of this supposed coup. Given Erdogan’s past penchant for false flag, I know where my money is]
  • The statement read on TRT [Turkish state television, which then resumed normal broadcast, hostile towards the coup]was completely anonymous and gave no names, with no details emerging in regards to the Peace at Home Council
  • The Government did not declare martial law and a curfew. [to the contrary, they encouraged people to take to the streets. Amazingly, for a coup with supposedly thousands of armed soldiers running around, only a few dozen were killed]
  • The coup attempt was largely confined to metropolitan areas and soldiers were told to hold key bridges ‘until further orders’, which never came.
  • The privates and corporals holding bridges and airports were not aware of their involvement in the coup attempt and no senior ranking soldiers were seen during the events.
  • Only 16 soldiers were sent to take over the Presidential Complexin Ankara, which is the largest palace in the world, only to be immediately overpowered by police forces.
  • The whole coup appeared to have been organised on WhatsApp
  • Media outlets such as CNN TürkDoğan Holdingwere taken over by the military but were still allowed to continue their operations.
  • TRTwas able to resume normal broadcast as soon as the junta statement had been read.
  • Armed soldiers were consistently overpowered by and surrendered to groups of protestors, many of which were armed only with knives or bats.
  • Electricity cuts in several provinces where no military action was taken, followed by calls from Mosques for people to take to the streets.
  • The coup attempt was launched at prime time when everyone would become aware of the events, rather than at a more inconspicuous time in the early morning.

One final damning quote:

The sheer number of these arrests made at such a such a speed could only be done so if the “Turkish government had all those lists ready”, as suggested byJohannes HahnEuropean Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, on 18 July 2016. Hahn also claimed that because these lists were already available immediately after the coup, the “event was prepared” and the lists were to be used “at a certain stage”.

Far from weakening Erdogan, this “coup,” then, is actually intended to secure him in power for life, and make the islamization of the Turkish government/state inevitable.

And if a few thousand have to die to complete your play, well, omelettes don’t get made without breaking a few eggs, do they?


1. Baseballmom - July 18, 2016

Yes, I am hearing this more and more. Completely orchestrated to purge possible opposition. Turkey is now secured for radical Islamists. Things are getting more interesting by the day…sometimes by the hour.

2. aquinas54 - July 18, 2016

Agreed. No other scenario makes any sense. Your Thai friend’s advice mirrors the comments I’ve heard privately from a retired Marine who served in southeast Asia during the time she served in Thailand. You can’t topple a government without killing its head and silencing its voice.


3. c matt - July 18, 2016

False flag in a sense – , I think most likely some of the organizers probably were sincerely attempting the overthrow, Erdogan knew it was coming, was prepared for it, and suckered the leaders into going forward. Possibly had a mole/plant keeping tabs if not running the thing.

Tantumblogo - July 18, 2016

Smart. Very likely.

4. Observer - July 18, 2016

Turkey is now heading down the Islamist path, and as such is unlikely to be admitted into the EU. The grave danger for Europe is the EU intention to grant Turkey membership on the basis that it is a ‘progressive secular state’. That bit of fiction can now be seen as typical liberal wishful thinking.. Despite Kemal Ataturk’s best efforts secularism was less than skin deep even among the educated elite.

Tantumblogo - July 18, 2016

Which they have revealed on a number of occasions in the religiously motivated pogroms they have carried out against Christians, Kurds, and others.

Good point.

5. ms. dhimmi but no dummy - July 18, 2016

“…just like in the bad old days, facing a decadent, faithless, and fractious West.”

Western “immorality” is just an excuse, especially for the radicals. Islam would persecute Christians in any case. Their religion provides for example for “dhimmi” or second class citizen status for us. Plus those extra taxes for Christians. Plus believing that lying to us is okey dokey if it promotes the spread of their religion.

I keep hearing even in the secular media at least briefly about the Wonderful Morality of these terrorists who have perpetrated attacks in Europe and the US — sexually promiscuous with both sexes, porn users, probably drug users, who knows what else.

Speaking of the First Reading at Mass this Sunday where Abraham entertained angels unaware… If you look previous to this, Genesis speaks of Ishmael, his son via a maidservant and forebear of the moslems from what I understand — “He shall be a wild ass of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him; in opposition to all his kin shall he encamp.” Gen. 16:12

Of course Sarai was behind the plan for the maidservant Hagar the Egyptian to have Ishmael, but said servant “looked on her mistress with disdain” after becoming pregnant since Sarai had not yet had Isaac. Sarai in turn “abused” the maid and she fled to the wilderness. God told her to return and submit, and said the above with regard to Ishmael.

I suppose we could say that ISIS, Al Quaeda, etc. are actually the result of a giant ancient cat fight… First Eve, now this.

Tantumblogo - July 18, 2016

Yes the head of the NSA recently said that over 80% of the content found on ISIS computers taken in territory recaptured from them is porn. Muslim men throw homosexuals off of rooftops and then turn around and rape little boys. It’s a perfectly satanic religion.

6. Faith of Our Fathers - July 18, 2016

The only good thing that’s come out of this Comedy Act is that it will effect their Tourism big time and this Sh-t Muslim Country depends a lot on the western tourists bringing money in. Also Merkel has said there’s now no chance of them getting into the E.U. as for myself I still haven’t forgiven them for Gallipoli.

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