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An Interesting Commentary on hell’s Hatred for the Mass……     July 21, 2016

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…….and some implications that might be drawn from this hatred with respect to the revolutionary changes made to the Liturgy 50 years ago.  I won’t draw those implications out, but leave them for you to do so on your own, if so motivated.

The excerpt below also shows how the modern world works in concert with satan’s loathing to attack the Church and try to do away with the Mass as it was offered for so many centuries.  Gueranger’s prophecy regarding how this will all play out is not a happy one.   The world must hate the Mass.  The world has invaded the Church.  Thus, much of the Church, even (or especially) its hierarchy, hates the Mass as it was and indeed must be.

Pretty deep stuff, if you think about it, and one of the best little bits of Gueranger I’ve ever had the privilege to read.

From The Liturgical Year Vol 10 pp. 356-7:

…..Hell, from its deepest depths, trembles at the Mass; and raging as it does against God, and vowing vengeance against man, it holds no object so hateful as this Sacrifice.  What untiring efforts has satan been making, what artful designs has he planned, in order to make this much-detested Sacrifice cease!  And alas! There has been, even in the very heart of Christendom, some partial success to those efforts and designs: there has been the protestant heresy, which has destroyed thousands of our altars, especially in our own dear fatherland; [that fatherland for Gueranger was France. For us, it is the Church herself] and there is still the spirit of revolution, which is spreading as our modern times grown older, and whose avowed aim is to shut up our churches, and do away with the priests who offer sacrifice!

So it is: and therefore our world, which heretofore used to be set right again after the storms that swept its surface, now complains that the impending ruin is a universal one, and one wherein there is no strength, save in the very chastisements sent by God.  It vainly busies itself with its plans of safety, and, at each turn, feels that the human legislation it would trust to is but an arm of human folly stretched out to support a decrepit age of proud weakness.  The Blood of the Lamb, once the world’s power, no longer flows upon it with its former plenty.  And yet the world  goes on; it does so, because of that same Sacrifice, though despised, and in many lands totally suspended, is still offered in thousands [hundreds, perhaps, today?] of happy spots around the world, and on the world will go, for the time yet to come, until, in a final access of mad frenzy, it shall have put the last priest to death, and taken away from every altar here below the eternal Sacrifice. 

———End Quote———-

Shades of Fatima there at the end, no?  And Our Lady of Good Success and La Salette, too.

We are plainly living through those times.  They may yet persist for 500 years, but we are living through them.

May God have mercy on His Church, and on us all.  I thank Him for giving us prophetic voices like Dom Prosper Gueranger to steel us for these times of suffering persecution.



1. Baseballmom - July 21, 2016

Sobering reflections. Thank you.

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3. MFG - July 22, 2016

We’ve heard accounts from saints (perhaps even from Dom Prosper Guaranger) about the angels surrounding the altar at the Holy Sacrifice. It would be even more interesting if we knew the spiritual warfare occurring between the angels and demons either at Mass, or surrounding it.

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