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Adios July 29, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, General Catholic, Saints, sanctity, The End.

It is with all my heart, I say the word, “Adios.”  To God (A Dios) may you ever belong in this life, serving Him faithfully in the midst of the pains we all have in carrying our crosses, and in the immortal life, blessing Him eternally with all the celestial court.  The greater good of our souls is to be with God; and the greatest good, to be with God alone.

He who is with God alone, is never sad, unless for having offended God, and his sadness then consists in a profound but tranquil and peaceful humility and submission, after which he rises again in the Divine Goodness, by a sweet and perfect confidence, without chagrin or vexation.

He who is with God alone seeks only God, and because God is no less in tribulation than in prosperity, he remains in peace in times of adversity.  

He who is with God alone thinks often of Him in the midst of the occupations of this life.  He who is with God alone would be glad that everyone should know he wishes to serve God, and to be engaged in exercises suitable to keep him united to God.  

Live then entirely to God; desire only to please Him, and to please creatures only in Him; and for Him.  What greater blessing can I wish  you?  Thus, then, by this continual wish I make for your soul, I say: Adios.

To God let us belong, without end, without reserve, without measure, as He is ours forever.  May we always unite our little crosses with His great one.  

To God let us live, and to God without anything more, since out of Him, and without Him, we seek for nothing; no, not even for ourselves, who, indeed, out of Him, and without Him, are only true nothings.

Adios.  I desire for you the abundance of Divine Love, which is and will be forever the only good of our hearts, given to us only for Him, who has given His Heart entirely to us.

Let Jesus be our crown!  Let Mary be our hope!  I am, in the name of the Son and the Mother,

Sincerely yours,

Tantumfrogo Francisco de Sales



1. Woody - July 29, 2016

This is a keeper! Thank you.

2. Teresa Flick - July 29, 2016

what is the meaning of this??? you’re not leaving us, are you? please stay


3. tg - July 29, 2016

Are you not blogging anymore? If so, I’m going to miss you.

Baseballmom - July 29, 2016


4. Edison Frisbee - July 30, 2016

Ending your blog without one last “Flight-line Friday”? Disgraceful.
If you have achieved “burn out” given the current situation, I completely understand. I do find it cathartic to hear like minds though….will miss you.

5. Liguorina Maria - July 30, 2016

I peruse your blog now and then and I appreciate your posts. I can imagine that the current situation in the Church cause us to be perplexed and sometimes discouraged or eager to be in solitude, silence and prayer, not to mention the lack of spare time to fuel a blog on a daily basis. In any event, I thank you for your service. Perhaps you need just some “sabbatical period” to recharge batteries and come back again in a better emotional shape. We all need some break at times.

God bless you and guide you to do His will.

Greetings from South America!

Camper - July 31, 2016

I am from Brazil and I would like to get in touch with you. I read this blog a fair amount. Please email me. I would like to know where you are from.

6. NickD - July 30, 2016

Say it ain’t so! Does this truly mean we won’t be hearing from you on this blog? I will sorely miss your perspective. You’ll be in my prayers and I’ll keep my ears open for such time as you may begin again

7. DFW area Catholic - July 30, 2016

Thanks for taking comments and providing a local place for discussion. I wondered how you had time to work, raise a family, and maintain this site. If you don’t, I don’t blame you…

8. Camper - July 30, 2016

Will definitely miss this blog if you go.

9. Maggie - July 30, 2016

Are you calling it quits???

10. RC - July 30, 2016

You’re not leaving us are you??

11. damselofthefaith - July 31, 2016

I enjoyed your blog, Tantum! You’ll be missed! God bless you!

12. Baseballmom - July 31, 2016

Had to email TB on this one as I was confused by it as well…. I was assured by our fearless leader (well, one of His servants 😉) that he was simply in a hurry and will be back to blog another day…. A blessed Sunday to all of you! 😀

13. Margaret Costello - July 31, 2016

O I love these posts of yours:+) Thank you for sharing such lovely reminders of how things should really be in life. God bless you for it, my brother. Adios to you too:+)

14. Elizabeth - August 1, 2016

Oh my gosh, are you leaving us?

15. Gary - August 4, 2016

You would be sorely missed😿

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