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Islam doubles in US in Seven Years July 29, 2016

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Picked this up from Mahound’s Paradise.  The percentage of Americans citing islam as their religion more than doubled in a mere seven years, outpacing any other religion save for militant atheism.  Not good, really not very good.  BAD:

Religious Numbers

Some commentary from Mahound:

The survey relied on similar interviews conducted in the two different time periods. Roughly, people were identified as what they said they were or what they want to be identified as, without going into what being a member of X religion actually meant to them, or whether they were “practicing,” etc.

I’m not surprised that the Christian numbers went down. Nor am I surprised that the Muslim numbers went up. But I was very much surprised that the Muslim numbers more than doubled in just seven years.

I was surprised that Mormonism went down. I had always assumed that the exponential growth of that group was unstoppable. [Nah. They have huge turnover.  Only so many people can be convinced to believe in unspeakable blasphemy (I’m “god!”) and magic underwear] I was also surprised that Judaism went up.

As you can see, the “Asian” religions – Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism – are now roughly tied in numbers, though Islam has moved ahead, almost certainly to stay. Hinduism went sharply up, though not as much as Islam, while Buddhism held the line………

…….obviously the momentum is with Islam. The proportion of Muslims in the United States more than doubled in seven years. I would assume the absolute numbers (given the increase in total population) came close to tripling in the last ten years.

Well, it’s been deliberate government policy, throughout the West, to import as many militant jihadists muslims as possible.  AND, this mass importation began under Bush ’43, so party has little to do with it.  The elites have decided multikulti is a positive good, it gives them their good progressive feelz, and if a few thousand bible-thumpers have to die for those feelz, so be it!  It does get a bit inconvenient, however, when the muslims attack the wrong sorts.  Bah!  No matter, never let a crisis go to waste, so it’s all good in the end.

If trends continue, in about 40-50 years, more Americans will be atheist or belong to a heathen religion than Christian.  And that’s ultimately what’s dooming this nation, and the entire West.  Western Civilization was built on a Christian (Catholic) basis and will not survive long apart from that basis.  There is no political solution for a fundamentally moral/cultural crisis.


1. Daze Inde - July 29, 2016

Well, the number will more than quadruple when Hillary’s globalists win the election because pathetic “principalists” voted a third party or sat out the election to let the Democrats win. They may as well cast their vote for Hillary and let the good times roll right out of the country, making way for pure evil.

2. RC - July 30, 2016

I’m moving to Russia

3. Dymphna - July 31, 2016

It’s almost like they are building an army. Hopefully they will suffer from the viper as much the rest of us.

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