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Priest Martyred by ISIS Gave Land for Mosque August 1, 2016

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While avoiding speaking ill of the dead, especially those martyred, I am overwhelmed with a sense of irony, and a sense that the Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.

Father Jacques Hamel, murdered by crazed islamists (is there any other kind, I ask only somewhat in jest?), ostensibly in retribution for something that happened nearly 1,000 years ago (the Crusades – muslims will never, ever forget the time Christians came in and forcibly pried loose a small part of formerly Christian lands from the islamic death grip – that is such a grave offense to their sense of the “ummah,” and that what “allah” has granted to islam, shall always be a part of it), had donated some land so that a mosque (another one) could be built near his parish.  This can certainly be filed under no good deed shall go unpunished, but I wonder if there isn’t a more important message being conveyed by Him Who is infinitely Just. Not that God would be the author of evil, but………..I’m sure you can discern what I am driving at.

While trying to maintain charity for this poor departed soul, who desperately needs prayers, as do all un-canonized souls, I will say that Father Hamel certainly appears to be a man of his generation, the generation that found Vatican II and the “new pentecost” so intoxicating:

Father Jacques Hamel, the 86-year-old assistant priest at the church in St Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Normandy, met his Creator last Tuesday when two Muslim men armed with knives slit his throat while chanting the Islamic takbir. The killers claimed they were sacrificing blood to avenge the 11th century Crusades. It turns out that Fr Hamel was actually a dear friend to Islam. According to his fellow members of clergy, Fr Hamel helped put aside a plot of land near the church, where he would ultimately be murdered by Islamic jihadists, for the purposes of building a mosque to serve the Muslim community in the area.

“Church authorities facilitated the giving of land beside his church to local Muslims to build a mosque, and they were given use of the parish hall and other facilities during Ramadan,” stated Father Mark Ephrem Nolan, Prior of the Benedictine Monastery of the Holy Cross. [Was this true charity, with the eternal end of souls always in mind, or was this more worldly sentiment?]

Despite the ongoing wave of Islamic terrorism, Christians in the Rouen community where Fr Hamel was killed have made an earnest effort to welcome Muslims with open arms and open hearts.

“Efforts have been made by the Christian community to be welcoming to Muslims,” saidFr Nolan. “The Sisters even give reading lessons to Muslim kids in tower blocks.”

Both parishioners and clergy alike all attest to the fact that Fr Hamel was a humble man who put his life’s work in building personal relationships. “He led a pure, simple life, with an emphasis on building friendships,” added Fr Nolan. [Did he also instill a powerful sense the Doctrine of the Faith, especially the extreme dubiousness of salvation outside formal communion with the Church?]

…….. In the final pastoral letter to his parish before his unexpected death, Fr Hamel reminded the Christian congregation to “accept each other as they are,” without judgment or ridicule. [Even souls bound for hell?  Is that how Saint John Vianney preached, or practically any other Saint one might care to name?]

And still, Islamic terrorists took his life in a fit of hatred and rage.

Well, of course they did.  Expecting otherwise requires willful ignorance, or obstinance, in the face of 1400 years of unequivocal testimony to the nature of islam.  Only a West totally denuded of Faith, aside from a few souls here or there, and so blinded by a false and damnable ideology of “religious tolerance” (a tolerance originally dreamed up to drive the Church from the public square, and assert a permanent ascendancy of the secular state over Her), could think otherwise.

And yet, even in the face of this diabolical act of evil, even as muslims throughout the West throw down the gauntlet of challenge, openly advocating that they will force Europe, and, if possible, the entire West, to submit to their false, demonic cult of violence and cruel repression, Church leaders in France and in the Vatican STILL refuse to see the truth in front of their face. The secular leaders of the West are, if anything, even more blind.  Of course, for partisans of sexular paganism, which is pretty much all elites everywhere, their true enemy has always been orthodox, believing Catholicism.  They are quite happy to submit to the man-made religion of islam if it means seeing their archenemy vanquished.

I fear – or perhaps I should say, the evidence strongly indicates – that applies equally if they wear a red- or pink-piped cassock, or a Saville Row suit.

Lord, have mercy on Your Church. We are in desperate need of it.


1. Faith of Our Fathers - August 2, 2016

One of the things that gets me over here in U.K. is Why -Why is it always one way traffic so to speak. Our local monstrosity of a Mosk was built by 50 % money from the E.U. To my mind am waiting on a Catholic Church being helped 50% by The E.U. I expect al have to wait a very long time .

reader - August 2, 2016

So Islam is the new C of E (state church) ?

reader - August 2, 2016

Oh wait. It just occurred to me, since Br-Independence Day, will the EU still send ya’ll money ? Maybe not, except for “mosk” – building…

2. John Moore - August 2, 2016

Sadly, the murdered “priest” was a heretic, and therefore not a martyr. Only Catholics can be martyred, unless you adhere to the Vatican 2 sect.

3. oakesspalding - August 2, 2016

I’m slow. What is the source of your purple excerpt? Did I miss the link? Apologies if so.

Jim in Seattle - August 2, 2016

I guess this brings to mind a couple of questions… who owned the land given away? I thought in France churches were ‘owned’ by the government. Also, would the same generosity be extended to other groups, say… the SSPX? Just wondering…

Tim - August 2, 2016

The SSPX……keep dreaming!!!!…..they’re EVILLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

Tantumblogo - August 2, 2016
4. reader - August 2, 2016

Sorry for this long response. I’m trying to think through this. I don’t know if the moslems who got the land were Ahmadiyya, but I thought I saw them mentioned in a media report (not the following one but I couldn’t find my previous reference).


“Many of the Muslims who attended the service in Rouen — including those with the banner — were Ahmadiyya Muslims, a minority sect that differs from mainstream Islam in that it doesn’t regard Muhammad as the final prophet.”

Who are they ? —


Ahmadi thought emphasizes the belief that Islam is the final dispensation for humanity as revealed to Muhammad and the necessity of restoring to it its true essence and pristine form, which had been lost through the centuries.[11] Ahmadiyya adherents believe that Ahmad appeared in the likeness of Jesus, to end religious wars, condemn bloodshed and reinstitute morality, justice, and peace. They believe that upon divine guidance he divested Islam of fanatical and innovative beliefs and practices by championing what is, in their view, Islam’s true and essential teachings as practised by Muhammad and the early Islamic community.[12] Thus, Ahmadis view themselves as leading the revival and peaceful propagation of Islam.[13][14]

Some Ahmadiyya-specific beliefs have been thought of as opposed to contemporary mainstream Islamic thought since the movement’s birth, and some Ahmadis have subsequently faced persecution.[10][19][20][21] Many orthodox Muslims consider the Ahmadiyya either kafirs or heretics.[22][23][24][25]

example of persecution —


“Murder accused Tanveer Ahmed, 32, from Bradford, said in a statement he killed 40-year-old Asad Shah as he had falsely claimed to be a prophet.

Mr Shah was an Ahmadiyya, a group known for its peaceful interfaith concerns.

Ahmadiyya Muslim leaders in Glasgow have now called for other Muslim leaders to condemn the statement.

In a statement issued on Wednesday through his lawyer, Mr Ahmed said: “Asad Shah disrespected the messenger of Islam the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Mr Shah claimed to be a Prophet.”

He added: “If I had not done this others would and there would have been more killing and violence in the world.”


And for what it’s worth —


According to Fox News one of the French nuns said she has read auras. Sounds kind of new agey; auras could be rooted in science, I don’t know.

“Then the men started talking about religion, asking the nun if she was familiar with the Koran.

“Yes, I respect it like I respect the Bible, I’ve read several suras. And those that hit me in particular are the suras about peace,” Sister Helene responded.”

5. Branch - August 2, 2016

Ecumenism, encounter, and dialogue – the smiling demons.

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