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“Practicing” Catholic Joe Biden Officiates Pseudo-sodo-wedding August 2, 2016

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So Joe Biden pretended to marry two men recently.  Will any bishop have the temerity to not only perhaps say a vague word of condemnation, but to actually ban the VP – who travels all over the country regularly – from receiving the Blessed Sacrament in his diocese?  We had the scandal of Biden receiving the Eucharist here in Dallas a couple of years ago, of course, no one at the chancery said anything, publicly, at least.

Vice President Joe Biden can now add “wedding officiant” to his resume.

Biden married a same-sex couple — both White House staffers — on Monday.

He tweeted: “Proud to marry Brian and Joe at my house. Couldn’t be happier, two longtime White House staffers, two great guys.” [So will your endorsement be so strong when they “divorce” in 27 months?]

According tomediareports, it was Biden’s first time officiating a wedding.

Jill Biden tweeted, “Love is love!” [No, lust is lust, and sentimentality is sentimentality, but neither are love]

Biden officiating a same-sex wedding shouldn’t be surprising.

“This is all about a simple proposition: Who do you love?” Biden said during an interview on “Meet the Press.” “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying are entitled to the same exact rights.”

Is there anything leftist pretend-Catholics could do to fall out of “communion?”  Of course not…….unless they should convert and start exhorting souls regarding Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus or the virtues of the SSPX.  But don’t think it’s cowardice that keeps bishops from excommunicating the likes of Biden.  That’s the case with a few, they may hold orthodox views but too fear the secular power to take public action against manifest heretics, but most don’t use ecclesial sanction against Biden for being pro-abort or supporting pseudo-sodo-marriage because they share the exact same views.

Biden, of course, is just one of many self-described Catholics who continue to undermine the moral order and attack the Doctrine of the Faith, not all of which carry a “D” after their name.  Probably no single Catholic in the US has done more to injure the Church and the good of souls than Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, appointed by “Saint” Ronald Reagan.  He has single-handedly kept abortion legal, struck down common sense health and safety requirements for abortion mills, declared sodomy to be legal, and then imposed pseudo-sodo-marriage at the federal and state levels.  He’s a regular Catholic superhero.  And yet, fully in communion, or so it appears.



1. Faith of Our Fathers - August 2, 2016

Did this Guy actually do the so called ( I can’t call it mar–ge) the act . What a deviant surely he should have been telling these guys that forby Sodimy being a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance. It is obviously not the most healthy of activities.

Tantumblogo - August 2, 2016

Go to the link. He performed the ceremony, there is video.

2. c matt - August 2, 2016

It should be “Whom do you love” Mr. VP. And apparently it is not God Whom you love.

3. Mrs. Maureen Avila - August 2, 2016

Knights of Columbus pays raises money to pay seminarians tuitions…. also without any ‘discrimination’, and they ‘defend’ clergy likewise without ‘discrimination’ , so there is little chance of any discipline or reform of their members.

4. Baseballmom - August 2, 2016

TB! You are slipping… You forgot to refer to the VP as “devout.” Have you not noticed? All the apostate Catholics are referred to as “devout.”

Tantumblogo - August 2, 2016

Dangit. Must be my old age.

5. Paul Z - August 2, 2016

Vice President Joe Biden is the reason I dropped out of the Knights of Columbus. The Knight will not allow any political discussion about the Democrat Party Platform and that the Democrat Party supports so called gay marriage, the insanity of transgenders in women’s restrooms & showers (ignoring the fact that young girls use them) and their undying right to abort as many unborn children as they want. In my opinion the Democrat Party is the party of the Devil!

6. MrT - August 3, 2016

Will anyone who believes in the teachings of the Catholic Church leave it because of the modernism rampant in the hierarchy? Then I will not leave the Knights of Columbus, a good bunch of Catholic men overall, just because the national organization causes scandal by not enforcing its Charter Constitution Laws pertaining to membership. The Knights of Columbus is a corporation whose laws require members to be practical Catholics in union with the Holy See. The corporation exists to render aid to members, their families, and beneficiaries, promoting good works among its members and their families, and public welfare and relief. The Knights of Columbus is not an institution of the Catholic Church. The Knights of Columbus merely reflects the culture of the church to which its members belong. I believe the Knights of Columbus indeed belongs in a traditional parish, because the men in a traditional a parish uphold the standards represented in the laws of the Knights of Columbus, and of its founder, Servant of God, Father Venerable Michael J. McGivney. In fact, the Knights of Columbus belongs in a traditional parish most of all. The Knights, like the Church, needs active traditional men.

7. MrT - August 3, 2016

(Supreme Knight) Carl Anderson:
“Generally, we don’t comment upon membership status, but Sen. Biden is not a member of the Knights of Columbus, and in terms of pro-life matters, the National Right to Life Committee has rated him as 0.” (August 28, 2008)

8. Catholic Populist - August 3, 2016

Joe Biden is not a Knight. I am James Bell, the KofC insurance agent at Mater Dei in Irving. Before working as an agent (or becoming a Latin Masser), was a member of Joe Bidens home parish St Joseph on the Brandywine in Wilmington Delaware when I used to work for a proliferation group there. The Knights were very hostile to his membership due to his prochoice views even before he became an advocate for homosexuality. Why did you say he is a KofC stalwart?

Catholic Populist - August 3, 2016

*prolife not proliferation. Liberal autocorrect.

9. MFG - August 3, 2016

As a trad and a Knight I get why some aren’t Knights. However there are some good men trying to promote tradition and the TLM within the KofC and try to improve the Knights from within. Will it work? I don’t know but we should try. Many Novus Ordo Knights are rediscovering tradition/TLM and traditional councils are an excellent evangelization group to the Novus Ordo community.

The group is http://www.KofClatinmass.org

Also the trad Knights near Pittsburgh, PA got their Mayor to consecrate their city to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. The well isn’t dry just yet…


10. Joe Biden NOT a Knight of Columbus | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - August 3, 2016

[…] apologize for the error and the post in question will be updated/corrected immediately with references to the KoC […]

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