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Polish Bishops Report: Francis Plans to Devolve Doctrinal Decisions on Episcopal Conferences August 3, 2016

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You can imagine how that will turn out.  Hey, I needed a quick post, no better place to turn than good ‘ol Life Site News:

The head of the Polish bishops conference says that in a private meeting this week Pope Francis held with the country’s bishops, he spoke of allowing local bishops conferences to make decisions about the controversial practice of giving Communion to those who are divorced and remarried.

“The Holy Father says that general laws are very hard to enforce in each country, and so he speaks about decentralization,” Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki told reporters after a July 27 closed-door meeting with the Pope in Krakow. The pope had traveled to Poland for World Youth Day.

The pope related that in a decentralized Church, bishops’ conferences “might on their own initiative not only interpret papal encyclicals, but also looking at their own cultural situation, might approach some specific issues in an appropriate manner,” Gadecki said.

Which few, if any, expect would actually manifest as a MORE rigorous approach.  The episcopal conferences of almost all Western countries – which I remind, have no real authority even in their unanimous decisions, if that decision contradicts the Doctrine of the Faith – could be expected to use this permission to gravely undermine the sanctity of marriage and the entire moral order, which is crafted around the marital union and its incredibly important realization with regard to Christ’s relationship with the Church.

Doctrinal devolution, even through a fig leaf of pastoral care, would be devastating for the Church.  It’s the short road to Anglicanism, or could be potentially even worse than Anglicanism.  Imagine what episcopal conferences that pretend that Ad Orientem worship is forbidden (or requires special permission), that Communion on the hand is the universal norm, and who have all but buried Catholic Doctrine on contraception, divorce, and a dozen other issues, would do if given a free hand with regard to doctrinal matters.  How much of that devolution would actually be thought out by bishops, anyway, and how much by unaccountable, charism-less lay bureaucrats in the Church?

Vox, who has written some very powerful stuff lately, had this to say:

There can be no denying that Jorge Bergoglio’s hints at the Synod and in Amoris Laetitia will now come to pass, at least, so long as he is alive and in the Chair of Peter.

Catholics, get your heads out of the sand! This is the most dangerous threat to the Catholic Church since Arius.

Cardinals and Bishops, will you stand by and allow this?

You will go to Hell.

So will Bergoglio!

A little strong?  I do wonder if we’re not a bit beyond even the Arian heresy in today’s Church, and that extends far beyond Francis.

Gotta go.


1. Joseph D'Hippolito - August 3, 2016

This is nothing but a cop-out. Francis is allowing the bishops’ conferences to decide so he doesn’t have to deal with the flak.

2. Warren Memlib - August 3, 2016

A new version of “cuius regio, eius religio”? – A Latin phrase which literally means “whose region, his religion”, meaning that the religion of the ruler of a region was to dictate the religion of that region. At the Peace of Augsburg of 1555, which ended a period of armed conflict between Roman Catholic and Protestant forces within the Holy Roman Empire, the rulers of the German-speaking states and Charles V, the Emperor, agreed to accept this principle – Wikipedia.

Thus, the bishop(s) of a region or a diocese determine whether or not adulterers and other public sinners may receive Holy Communion – for example, in countries such as Germany the bishops would say “Yes,” while in Poland they would say “No”; or in dioceses such as Chicago where Abp. Cupich has no problems with couples in adulterous or sodomite unions receiving Holy Communion as long as they do such in “good conscience.”

3. Brian Springer - August 3, 2016

Francis sets the standard for a crisis, I think. I guess if it’s any consolation, generations after us can say that their troubles don’t exceed what those who had to put up with Francis did. I’m mostly kidding, but hey!

Anyway, Francis has made this a major theme in his Papacy and has spoken about it pretty frequently since he pretty much occupied the chair of Peter. So, this news does not surprise me. The Holy Father is basically kicking things into high gear because he knows that most people won’t do a thing about it. Many of our good bishops, I think, miss the forest for the trees. They focus too much on Francis’ latest gaffes as isolated incidents and forget to look at them in the context of his entire papacy. If they did, I think they would more easily perceive the danger he poses. As I said, this papacy is characterized by certain themes which are at odds with the Catholic faith. The overall picture is what is important, and from the looks of it, it isn’t good!

Camper - August 4, 2016

Those in good standing with PF are not doing anything about it, but I did! I joined the SSPX, like St. Athanasius did. One cannot be in communion with heretics, so that orthodoxy will survive. Anybody in good standing with Rome is part of the problem.

4. Maggie - August 3, 2016

Well allowing for each bishop’s conference to pick and choose what they like would mean there is NO universal truth at all. Just Protestantism voting on what is their ‘doctrine’ this year. May Our Lord prevent this from happening and protect His Bride.

5. Gary - August 8, 2016

Are we close to calling Francis schismatic or something else; I mean seriously he is destabilizing the Church like Ozero is America!

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