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In France, They Kill Priests and Raze Churches August 4, 2016

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In fact, with regard to the latter, they raze scores a year, at last count.  Fairly convenient and easy for the government to do, given that it owns all Church property, since it was seized in the terrible law of 1905.

With respect to one particular Paris parish (say that three times fast), however, the end was a little more ugly than most, which end more with a whimper and the chomping of backhoes than with the anguished cries of broken-hearted parishioners. But Sainte Rita parish had been used by the Institute of the Good Shepherd, a growing Ecclesia Dei community located in France, and still had many souls attached to the Mass and other Sacraments offered there. That is to say, it was a parish more alive and vibrant than most of the French churches being torn down at an awful rate in these days of no faith, who have few, if any, to mourn over them.  All to make room for a parking lot, which the new owners of the property judged to be more profitable and useful in Paris in the Year of Our Lord 2016 than a Catholic church.  So, Sainte Rita, too, had to go, in spite of its usefulness to souls.

It was a scene of ugliness and brutality.  The faithful made what meager defense they could against the mighty power of the state and its armored security forces, stacking pews near the door, standing and kneeling in prayer at the last TLM offered and Rosary prayed in the church.  Priests were dragged away, altar boys hustled out, and pious souls, some of them quite elderly, were tossed about like ragdolls.  All to make room for a parking lot.

It was a scene we may see repeated all too frequently in the near future, an unbelievably tone-deaf act mere days after a priest had his throat slit by muslims (the “radical” being needlessly repetitive).

The sacking of the church, and the reasons for it, are explained in depth here, but I assume many are already familiar with the situation.  I’ll repeat a bit of the backstory and coverage from Mahound for those who may not be:

It was a scene with which all who attend the traditional Latin Mass are perfectly familiar – except, perhaps, for the fact that most of the parishioners were standing. They were standing because the pews had been removed in order to form a barricade at the entrance to the church. A group of police in riot gear and armed with truncheons and tear gas was outside preparing to storm the building. St. Rita has been slated for demolition since October 2015.

As the police began ripping the pews away from the entrance, the faithful, arms locked, broke out in song. The priest continued reciting the ancient prayers. The altar boy remained at his side. A second priest led a small group kneeling beside the sanctuary in the recitation of the Rosary. Some of the faithful prepared handkerchiefs for covering their noses in the case that the police decided to put their canisters of tear gas to use.

As the police stormed the church, the faithful quickly retreated to the sanctuary, encircling the steps to the altar, using their bodies to protect the priest and the altar boy, who were still celebrating Holy Mass. One by one, they were forcefully torn away. The priest who had been praying the Rosary was thrown to the floor and dragged from the sanctuary and out of the church. Fr. Guillaume de Tanoüarn, still engrossed in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, was pulled from the altar by his vestments and forced outside………

…….And this, precisely one week after another Mass had been invaded, ending with an 86-year-old priest having his throat slit at the altar.

On the sheet metal fence that had been erected outside the Church, someone had sprayed in large letters:

In France, we kill priests and raze churches.        

And then next to it, the Greek words of the traditional liturgy, “Kyrie Eleison!”

Lord have mercy on us! 

Well, the sexular pagan state gonna be sexular pagans.  Their god is the almighty dollar or euro, and a 115 year old church means nothing compared to $3.6 million.

Better even than Mahound’s coverage, some of it originally from One Peter Five, are the scenes captured from the raid in photo and video.  They convey better than thousands of words just what went down at Sainte Rita’s:

Sainte Rita

Sainte Rita

Sainte Rita Fence

Sainte Rita Fence

Pews as Barricades

Pews as Barricades

Dangerous Old Folks

Dangerous Old Folks

Sainte Rita, Ready for the Assault

Sainte Rita, Ready for the Assault

Sainte Rita Priest 2

Dragging Priest Away

Dragging Priest Away

Mass is over for You

Mass is over for You

You can see the whole sordid affair, from the breaching of the steel fence originally intended to keep Catholics out (turned into a defense), to the tearing open of the doors, to the removal of the pew barricades, to the violent dragging away of the faithful and even a priest below.  The video was shot with a phone or tablet and of course jerks and bounces, but it does reveal the entire affair from start to finish:

The reasons may vary in future, but I doubt this is the last such scene we’ll see enacted in a Catholic parish in the relatively near-term.  Heck, they’ve probably played out numerous times in parishes in Iraq and Syria, there just wasn’t a plethora of recording media present, or the recordings were not permitted to survive.


1. richardmalcolm1564 - August 4, 2016

There are, it should be noted, a lot of peculiar circumstances with this particular sttory; but let it also be recalled that France has a rich history of killing priests and razing churches over the past 227 years.

What one hopes now is that Cardinal Vingt-Trois would do the good pastoral thing and provide for this congregation and the IBP another, fitting church in which to worship. There are a few vacant ones in the city, after all.

skeinster - August 4, 2016

48 hour rule.
Even the story in the 1Peter5 post had been corrected.

Not sure we’ve got all the facts on this yet.
Remember Fisher-More?

Tantumblogo - August 9, 2016

What happened?

skeinster - August 9, 2016

Sorry, got busy. Didn’t see this.

Rorate Coeli ran this: http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2014/03/Rorate-Exclusive.html

without doing any due diligence. It spread throughout the Trad blogosphere like wildfire and opprobrium was heaped on Bp. Olson.

Then it turned out that he was not an evil Trad hater and that F-M was a mess in the process of collapsing.

You blogged on this, iirc.

So, it seems now that the priest and “parishioners” at Sainte Rita’s were illegal occupiers, who were removed by the police on a complaint from the building’s owner.
Not targeted as Catholics qua Catholics.

With that revelation, comments at 1P5, dropped off sharply.

I’m all for reporting real outrages- I’m not for manufacturing them. So, 48 hour rule.

2. hiker567 - August 4, 2016


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3. Tim - August 5, 2016

Take notice Catholic “nevertrumpers”……this WILL occur in the USA under a Hillary Administration.

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