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Supreme Court Holds Up Transgender Bathroom Regulation – For Now August 4, 2016

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Anthony Kennedy peered into his magic 8 ball again, and this time came up maybe kinda sorta Catholic.  Or at least, not anti-Catholic.  For now.  Both he, and liberal stalwart Stephen Breyer, voted to overturn a lower court ruling – judging Obama’s imposition of regulations (not a law!, regulation!) requiring all schools receiving federal funds in the US to allow kids of either sex to use any bathroom they want – to be constitutional.

The matter will almost certainly be reconsidered by the full court again, after the presidential election and the nomination of a replacement justice for Antonin Scalia, rest his soul.

Transgender teens – all one or two thousand of them (maybe -tops) – were of course displeased, because the world must not only revolve around their whims, but we must all go along with their fantasies:

A Virginia school board may temporarily block a student who was born a girl from using the boys’ bathroom while a legal fight over transgender rights proceeds on appeal, the U.S. Supreme Court said on Wednesday.

The case is the first time the fight over transgender bathroom rights has reached the Supreme Court. The subject arrived in the heat of a U.S. presidential election in which the makeup of the court is a central issue.

In a brief order, the country’s highest court put on hold an order from a lower court that had permitted the high school student to use the bathroom of his choice.

Last year, the American Civil Liberties Union sued on behalf of Gavin Grimm, 17, to challenge the Gloucester County School Board’s bathroom policy, which requires transgender students to use alternative restroom facilities.

A lawyer for Grimm, Joshua Block, said he and his client were disappointed by the order and “disappointed that Gavin is going to have to begin another school year being stigmatized and separated from his peers as a result of this policy.”

Never mentioned, of course, is the stigma and upset boys may feel in having a husky woman enter their restroom.  Even more offensive is the assault on reason, and the left’s increasing demands that all of us share in their dementia.  I’m beyond sick of it.

Heck, even Clint Eastwood is sick of it.  He just gave an interview strongly lambasting this nature and the cultural marxism that is steadily eating away at its marrow at a rate faster than bone cancer.  I can’t recommend you read it, as Clint threw out quite a bit of profanity in his disgust, but I can relate very much to the sentiments he conveyed.  We have become a nation of pansies, of crybaby children who can’t stand to hear a mean word said against us, let alone an honest and thoroughgoing criticism.  No, that’s not all of us, but a large and increasing number, and it bodes very ill for the future.

This decision, of course, has nothing to do with Target or other private entities and their rules regarding who can use which restroom.  That insanity still continues.

So, yes, another issue that puts the 2016 presidential election in stark terms.  Unfortunately, those trying to uphold the moral order don’t have the blanket assurance demonrats have, that any justices appointed to the Supreme Court will vote in lockstep liberal orthodoxy on all important matters.  Trump, if elected, will hopefully nominate solid conservatives, who will hopefully survive the senate, who will hopefully turn out to not be secret liberals on at least some issues, like Sandra Day O’Connor, David Souter, Anthony Kennedy, John Roberts, etc., etc.



1. Judy - August 4, 2016

I just know that if I click on that Clint Eastwood story, Covenant Eyes is going to send me an incident alert.

skeinster - August 4, 2016

Now that’s funny…

Driving him home from PT yesterday, the grandson, 10, asked me if I have ever cussed.

“Mimi hasn’t always been as old as she is now, honey. And yes,
when I was younger, I’m sorry to say that I did.”

Grandson tries to imagine a teen-aged Mimi, fails…

2. c matt - August 5, 2016

Of course they put a temporary hold on it. They don’t want to give Trump any campaign fodder.

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