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Best Analysis I’ve Read on the “Deaconess Commission” August 9, 2016

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I finally took the time to stop down by Unam Sanctam Catholicam, and was rewarded as usual.  Some have argued strenuously that merely creating a committee to study the issue of “female deacons” doesn’t imply an endorsement of such or any kind of move towards making deaconesses a reality, and could even be an ingenious method to bury the issue!  Of course, there have been preceding commissions, preceding studies, and they failed to do so.

Anyone who knows how politics work, however, knows that nothing is more important to a fringe issue than keeping it alive.  Nothing is more vital than getting the seeming acceptance of the powers that be by having them create some committee to study your nutty fringe issue.  Suddenly, it’s not so fringe, it’s become mainstream, it’s part of the process!  It has momentum. And allowing highly contentious politicized issues to gain momentum in the official sphere can often have enormous unintended consequences, even those quite contrary to those who may have intended to kill a matter by consigning it to committee in the first place.

So opines Boniface at USC, and I am strongly inclined to agree (my emphasis and comments):

……But the thing to realize is the mere fact of opening a subject to discussion makes it appear that its open for discussion. Even if there’s no money for the project and it literally cannot happen, the fact it is being discussed makes people think it can[Absolutely]

[The most important part…..] And the impossibility of the project coming to fruition does not stop its partisans. They use the commission as a means of propagating their ideas and refining their arguments – of networking with the right people and putting the right mechanisms in place to further their agenda. Of putting out whatever message to the public they wish. Of building public support and leveraging pressure on those in charge to bend to their wishes.

In other words, they might know they are not going to get what they want, but they create a momentum towards it.[!!!]

Why create momentum when they know it literally can’t happen? Well, in politics nothing is ever ultimately impossible. But in the Church, literally women can never be ordained to the diaconate. It simply cannot happen any more than a woman could be ordained to the priesthood. But that does not mean its proponents – who think it is possible – will not try to create the momentum. And the momentum is what is so dangerous,  because even if we never have women deacons, the momentum is like a huge net that will drag all sorts of souls into error on this point, create dissension, false expectations, schisms, scandal, confusion and chaos. And the chaos itself is detrimental, whether or not we ever get women deacons. [And so, Francis committees, and the ones that have come before, rehashing an issue already settled centuries ago, are, at best, huge prudential mistakes, if not at times worse than that]

People who think this is “no biggie” just because it “won’t happen” don’t understand the way people hijack parliamentary procedure and the commission-committee system to foment chaos to create momentum towards their goals. It is all destabilizing, and ultimately destabilization of the traditional Church structure is what the progressives are after. [And you have to keep in mind, though you or I may know deaconesses in the modern sense to be impossible, the supporters of women’s ordination do not know that.  They think it not only possible, but inevitable.  They’re on the “right side of history,” and all that.  Even more, many of their allies in the hierarchy also think it quite possible.  From that, all kinds of dire outcomes are possible]

The pope ought to have said, “There is no point in a commission to study. This can never happen, and if so, there’s no point in studying it. I don’t want to give Catholics the impression something could change when it can’t.” But by allowing a commission to “study” the question, Pope Francis is opening the door for partisans of women deacons [no, women “priests,” that’s always been the goal] to start building that momentum towards a female diaconate; whether they get it or not it irrelevant. The fact is, the traditional exclusion of women from Holy Orders is now open for discussion, and that fact alone – regardless of what conclusion they come to – is dangerous. 

I agree.

With the Left, whether secular or ecclesiastical, it’s always about moving the ball forward.  Once moved, it’s like a new point of departure,; there is no going back.  Anything that serves to move their agenda forward, they will take with great cheer.  Even synods that don’t go nearly as far as some might have liked.  And they can be very patient in pursuit of their agenda.

I’ll admit – there are times when committees are used to kill certain issues.  But rarely do they succeed with regard to sacred shibboleths of the Left that involve cultural hot-button issues.

Boniface has been in politics.  It shows.


1. Brian Springer - August 9, 2016

It’s basically Humane Vitae all over again. I wouldn’t be surprise if, after the final report is published, that various dioceses and bishop conferences go ahead with their designs in spite of what Rome says. And like Humane Vitae, I don’t think it will be enforced at all, which means that the faithful will all be on their own.

In addition, something tells me Francis wants female deacons and what Francis wants, Francis gets as the recent exhortation proves.

2. Baseballmom - August 9, 2016

Female “priests” are like sodomite “marriages.” Phony from the get go and lacking anything genuine. I guess I could call myself a 22 year old hot celebrity chick…. But I’d still be a 60 year old grandma of 10…. (Wait! I like that better 😀)

3. Mrs. Maureen Avila - August 10, 2016

The confusion over women’s ordination was sorted out by Pope Saint John Paul II who fortunately did not share the mental distortions that many members of the clergy and hierarchy quite obviously have about the nature of men and women.

4. cenlacatholic - August 10, 2016

Pope Francis announces commission to study the possibility of adding the Virgin Mary to the Holy Trinity.

Tantumblogo - August 10, 2016

Heh. Why stop there?

cenlacatholic - August 10, 2016


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