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Kinda Non Sequitur – An Interesting Biopic on William Colby August 10, 2016

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William Colby was Director of Central Intelligence from 1973-76.  He was one of the last of the old-line Office of Strategic Services WWII vets to run the Agency.  He served in Norway and France in WWII and killed quite a few Germans.  Later, under CIA, he helped keep Italy from falling to the communists (a lot of people forget CIA’s many, many early successes, before it became bureaucratized), then got sucked into the quagmire that was Vietnam.

He was also a devout Catholic and father of 5, having a child baptized in St. Peter’s and another two receiving First Communion there.  He also tragically seemed to have gotten caught up in the post-conciliar zeitgeist, leaving his wife of over 40 years in 1984 to marry someone much younger, and kinda-sorta falling away late in life.

The conclusion of the documentary below is somewhat controversial.  Carl Colby’s, the late director’s son, felt his dad was wracked by guilt over some of the things he had done, or ordered others to do, in his tenure at CIA, had grown tired of living, and thus committed suicide somehow while out canoeing.  Many others who knew Colby well dispute this, claiming he was never suicidal and was not overwrought with guilt over his CIA activities.

At any rate, early portions of the film show some nice (if unfortunately partially cropped) scenes of the pre-conciliar Church, including Pius XII on sede gestatoria and various scenes of Catholic Italy.  I know some of you are interested in history, and especially the clandestine activities of the US which some believe continue to this day in the form of trying to construct a “New World Order.”  I thought it worth posting, since this is kind of a slow news day:



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William Colby formerly of the CIA

2. MFG - August 11, 2016

Don’t forget to mention Bill Casey, who was Reagan’s CIA Director and a devout Catholic. Carl Bernstein’s Holy Alliance article goes into detail about how he and Reagan worked with JPII to undermine the USSR. Sadly at his funeral Mass in 1987, the priest was a liberal and gave some leftist sermon as a means to disrespect Casey.

Another good mention is Ambassador at Large, Vernon Walters who was another devout Catholic and anti-communist. There could be a book written about all the pious souls who helped the U.S. government.


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