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If I didn’t have responsibilities towards my wife and children……. August 11, 2016

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……….reports like the one below, which just completely suck the life-force out of me, would strongly encourage me to start imploring God to release me from this life.  I’m kidding, but not much.  I find these reports so devastating. I think of the little boy, raised apparently by a single mother, perhaps a single mother with a great deal of anger for her ex or men in general, who now wants to become a girl – at age five.  FIVE!  Think about the trauma that must have occurred for a boy that young to reject his own nature and seek to become something else, something opposite, something more like mommy, so maybe mommy will love him just a little bit more.

You may find the last bit somewhat strong, even unfair, but wait until you read the mother’s own words (my emphasis and comments):

The mother of a 5-year-old transgender child is fighting the Pearland Independent School District in Texas to allow her child access to the girls’ bathroom.

Kimberly Shappley — mom of soon-to-be kindergartner, Kai Shappley — said her fight against the school district started in May. The district allows students to use gender-neutral bathrooms, found in some areas of the school, but the mom says that isn’t enough.

“I went to the campus and approached the school district to try and work with them,” she told ABC News today. “I wanted to make sure Kai wouldn’t be discriminated against and be able to use the girl’s bathroom, but it soon became very apparent that the superintendent has a very strong, prejudiced stance against the LGBTQ community.” [Keep that phrase in mind as you read along]

The Pearland School District issued a statement to ABC News explaining that its “stance on transgender students remains” and all “Pearland ISD kindergarten classrooms have a private, gender-neutral bathroom within the classroom for student use.”

But Shapply wasn’t happy with just a gender neutral bathroom. [Strongly implying an activist bent, otherwise, why would not having the same restroom standard as all other students not work?]

Kimberly Shappley told ABC News today that she was still concerned her daughter, Kai, would feel alienated and discriminated against if she wanted to use the girls’ bathroom during recess, physical education, or assemblies — times she might not have access to a kindergarten classroom where a gender-neutral bathroom is available. [At a minimum, if this was really based in reason, you would wait for the problematic situation to develop, rather than just assume it will off the bat.  But an activist, someone looking to fight and win a cultural battle, would make a point of arguing an in extremis situation like this from the start, because they are demanding a desired outcome/seeking cultural change]

[Now get this…….]“I am a devout and conservative Christian and an ordained minister,” she said and explained that she tried to “make” her child behave like a boy when he was a toddler. [Then again, some 12-15% of “conservatives” report they always vote democrat, so……]

“I knew my kid was different before the age of 2,” Shappley said. “My child was very feminine, flamboyant and dramatic. No matter how I tried to punish, reshape or discipline her, she continued being very feminine.” [Uhh huh]

Kai, who is named Joseph on his birth certificate, was suicidal. “Kai was begging the Lord to let her die,” she said. “My child would pray and ask the Lord to let Joseph go to heaven and be with Jesus.”

You buying that a five year old was suicidal because of “gender dysphoria”?  You buying there isn’t some really severe mental pressure being exerted on poor Joseph?  Where is dad, by the way?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is probably all you need to see of poor Joseph:


That’s a soul that will likely never be right. I have known some “transgender” types.  They were amazingly, unbelievably messed up, unstable people.  Like driving their car into the NA building because someone said something they didn’t like. Like literally messing their own pants when they didn’t get that last cigarette. Being even more slavishly needy of being the object of male sexual gratification to make up for their own lack of masculinity.  Unbelievably narcissistic and screwed up.  Which is why they make such nasty opponents, there are no lengths to which they will not stoop in pursuit of whatever it is they want.

I don’t believe for a moment this boy arrived at this choice on his own, truly independent volition. What a devastating tragedy.


1. Tim - August 11, 2016

““I am a devout and conservative Christian and an ordained minister,””

In other words you are a heretic.

2. Tim - August 11, 2016
Tantumblogo - August 11, 2016

Eh, it’s not a general sense. But I do find things like that distressing in the extreme, since I’ve seen how they almost invariably play out. It’s a ruined life, and absent some miracle in that boy’s life, his fate is already decided, and it will be a horrific one.

It could be just as the mother says, that she’s tried to boy him up and hasn’t steered him through bias or abuse in that direction at all, but then I have to ask once again, where is dad?

3. Brian Springer - August 11, 2016


I saw this article earlier today and did not read it. It’s sickening that children are becoming immersed in this perverted movement at an increasingly younger age. How do they even find out about this stuff? Do their parents let them have accounts of social media sites? Do they learn it from other kids at school (I know in some cases, they learn it from teachers who are bent on indoctrinating kids into the LGBT movement as early as Kindergarten).

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