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Trump Brings Out Shocking Classism of Republican “Elite” August 11, 2016

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Via Rorate, a really interesting post by Dalrock, examining how conservative elites (well, two prominent ones, anyway) now chastise blue-collar whites for falling into the moral morass the self-anointed elites of both parties themselves created.  From serial divorce and concubinage to casual drug use (leading to addiction) to contrabortion and now redefining marriage, wealthy elites have by and large been able to escape the painful economic and social effects of the immoral culture they have created.  Meanwhile, they castigate blue collar folks “failure” to uphold the very standards the elites themselves have successfully destroyed.  Trump’s success is a sign of the peons revolting against those who view themselves as masters:

Love him or hate him, Trump has managed to bring the Republican elite’s seething contempt for the working class to the surface.  Back in March, Kevin D. Williamson at National Review wrote that white working class communities deserve to die:

If you spend time in hardscrabble, white upstate New York, or eastern Kentucky, or my own native West Texas, and you take an honest look at the welfare dependency, the drug and alcohol addiction, the family anarchy—which is to say, the whelping of human children with all the respect and wisdom of a stray dog—you will come to an awful realization. It wasn’t Beijing. It wasn’t even Washington, as bad as Washington can be. It wasn’t immigrants from Mexico, excessive and problematic as our current immigration levels are. It wasn’t any of that…

The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible…[I have liked a great deal of what Williamson writes, but never saw this before.  As someone who visits these kinds of locales regularly, several times a year, and has family scattered throughout them, I find this gravely offensive and about as backwards as one can get.  What is the greatest predictor of economic disadvantage, tendency towards crime, and drug addiction?  Growing up in a single parent (mom only) household.  But it wasn’t the working class whites of Muleshoe or Watertown or Harlan County that clamored for divorce on demand, it was the white upper and upper middle classes.  The working class have embraced the false freedoms imposed by the sexular pagan elite, to their shame and great self-injury, but they didn’t create this mess, in fact, in many cases they were some of the most stalwart opponents of the agenda the elites insisted on imposing, and yet now they are being blamed for it as is it were their own.  Surely there is enormous blame to go around, I’m not giving those folks a pass, but I will say that, even to this day in the small towns I visit regularly, there is far less divorce, concubinage, and drug addiction than there is in the “sainted” big city.]

Trump’s focus has been on the elite’s policy of driving down the wages of the working class through lopsided trade deals and flooding our economy with cheap foreign labor.  Williamson ironically disregards the economic crisis faced by the working class by accurately noting that our elites have done even more damage by creating a new family model that only works for the upper middle class. [It doesn’t even work for them, the children are devastated and eventually enough will be brought low by this that whole families will sink from “upper-whatever” to “lower-whatever” class. But the upper classes generally have the financial wherewithal, the reserves, to weather the devastation of frivorce and other ails better than the lower classes]

The callousness on display here is breathtaking, yet it is commonplace amongst Republican elites. [Is it?  My gut says yes, certainly, Republican elites have always been disdainful of social conservatives and our concerns, preferring to please the donor class. Not sure how much more evidence there is, however, of a bias specifically against icky lower middle class blue collar types]  Much of the contempt for Trump stems from the contempt the elite have for the segment of society that he is reaching out to, a segment the Republican elites have done their best to ignore for decades.  This shines through even when members of the elite try to learn from Trump’s example…….

[Now another damning quote from another conservative writer]………They will have to go to the Fishtowns of America, to the forgotten and shuttered places, and by word and deed show the people there, however backward they might be, that they can rebuild their lives and their communities, and that they aren’t alone anymore…..[Wow]

………This attempt by the Republican elites to minimize the plight of the white working class is not only foolish politically, but is also built on moral quicksand.  It is true that the dysfunction we observe typically involves poor choices by all involved.  But it is also true that these same elites have reworked marriage to a model that only works for the elite.

That is, one not built around the father-provider and mother-nurturer, but basically eliminating the father from the family and replacing him with Uncle Sugar, the surrogate provider of the state.  That method denies an increasing number of children, tens of millions of them, a father, almost insuring future poverty, joblessness, poor education, and a profound tendency towards crime.  It gravely wounds society from a moral standpoint, of course, but also produces young people of weak moral fiber and with little work-ethic, helping insure the economic malaise Williamson, et. al., claim to find so damning.

I’m still not terribly down with Trump, but I have zero problem understanding why so many are.  I’m far from certain he’s the right answer to the problems crises so many face, but I can understand why folks would be willing to take a shot on the perceived outsider, no matter how dubious that perception may be.

It’s amazing how far we’ve fallen.  Can you imagine Ronald Reagan, or William Safire, arguing to just write off all the small towns and rural districts of America?  THEY ARE YOUR NUMBER ONE BASE!!!!!! No group votes more consistently “(R) than rural whites. What kind of idiot would think something like that, let alone write it?!  What an amazingly tribalistic, classist notion.

But that’s where we’re at.  I really fear this country is way beyond any political savior at this point, the moral rot is too deep, the evil too widespread.  The center cannot hold, the best lack all conviction, and all that.  Perhaps I’ll be surprised, however.  We’ll see.


1. John MacGovern - August 11, 2016

Trump is a rude bully, a coward, with a screw loose. He is not a moral man.

Do you support him?

John 802-238-3970


Baseballmom - August 11, 2016

Yes. Because the alternative is a woman possessed by a demon.

Tantumblogo - August 11, 2016

I don’t support him, but at this point on the ballot in Texas there are two options, Trump, and Hillary. I’d not be voting for Trump but against Hillary.

c matt - August 11, 2016

What moral man or woman has run for President?

Tantumblogo - August 11, 2016

Alf Landon?

Baseballmom - August 11, 2016

Ellen McCormack (sp?). Ran in 1976 I believe, as a Right to Life Party candidate. Don’t recall if I voted for her…

2. Deborah Cole - August 12, 2016

Thanks for this post. It reveals once more that our divide is not Left and Right but patrician vs. plebs. It explains why Republican patricians have announced their support for Hillary. The so-called “conservative” think-tanks, foundations and publications are fully on board with this patronizing attitude toward the lumpen population they have helped to create.

Trump is a manifestation of the understanding and fury of the unwashed masses at the abyss of contempt these people feel for them. He is a symptom and the instrument of their anger.

3. aroamingcatholicny - August 13, 2016

Conservatives? These are Neocons, especially in National Review. These are the guys who play along with the Academics & Assorted Elitists.

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