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Speaking of Socialism…….. August 12, 2016

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………as a sort of companion piece to the preceding post, Venezuela, once a relatively prosperous Latin American state, one with enormous natural resources, is rapidly starving to death after 15 years of socialist rule:

You name it, Venezuela is short of it: Meat, fish, fruits, sugar and bread. The government just doesn’t have enough money to pay for them.

It’s created a staggering humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, where citizens don’t have enough food to eat. Looting and riots have rocked the country. The declines in exports of certain food categories are staggering.

Bread shipments to Venezuela fell 94% in the first half of 2016 compared to the the same period last year. That’s $216,000 worth of bread this year, versus $3.5 million last year.

Meat imports declined 63% to $127 million, from nearly $350 million last year

Imports of fruit such as bananas and strawberries plunged 99%, to $159,000, from $21 million

Fish imports dropped 87%

Sugar fell 34%……..

……Venezuelans “can’t buy bread and meat and all you can really get is cereals — the really, really basic stuff,” says Chris Rogers, a research analyst at Panjiva…….

……..Venezuela has denied food and humanitarian aid from groups like Amnesty International and the United Nations. Amnesty officials contest that the government doesn’t want to accept aid because that would make the government look inadequate. [This is how evil an ideology can be, and how it can blind: the communist kleptocrats running Venezuela would rather their people starve rather than admit, even indirectly, that their ideology is bankrupt in every sense]

Despite its focus on debt payments, Venezuela is actually struggling to pay those bills too. With oil prices having plunged in the last two years, Venezuela’s state-run oil company, PDVSA, is next to broke. In April, Schlumberger, which provides oil-drilling equipment and technology, said it would lower its services to Venezuela due to unpaid bills. With less drilling capability, Venezuela’s oil production has fallen to a 13-year low.

Now Venezuela’s government, led by President Nicolas Maduro, is trying to revamp the country’s agricultural sector, which long lacked significant investment, to address the food shortages, experts say.

Maduro issued a decree in July that would force citizens to work on state-owned farms for up to 60 days and perhaps longer “if circumstances merit.” So far, there have been no cases of forced labor, but Amnesty claims the decree amounts to “forced labor.”

Slavery, actually.  Venezuela will be lucky not to be the Western Hemisphere’s North Korea.  All because a disaffected, uneducated section of the population chose to believe a corrupt ideologue’s lies that a human paradise could be constructed if they just stole a whole lot more from other people.

Coming soon to a North American republic near you?

DONE: Half of Americans Willing to Vote Socialist August 12, 2016

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I suppose I could comfort myself a bit in knowing that probably the vast majority of those claiming they’d be perfectly comfortable voting for a socialist have no idea what that means, generally or individually, but, in the end, it doesn’t matter. More to the point, it is because these people have no idea what socialism means, and the misery it always brings, that they are willing to support it.

The end-goal of the federalization of the education system is in sight: a population so dumbed down, so ingrained in leftist propaganda, that they are unable to defend themselves, intellectually, from those who would make them slaves.  Even more, they welcome the enslavement, having been taught it is “freedom.”

Then there is the second data point, which is even more troubling, and more revealing. USA = toast.

Americans say they are more likely to support an atheist than a socialist for president next year, according to the latest Gallup survey, released Monday.

Just 47 percent of Americans would vote for a socialist if their party nominated one, while 50 percent said they would not, while 58 percent said they would have no problem voting for an atheist in their party.

As for how dumb people have become, 26% of self-described Republicans would vote for a socialist.  No wonder the GOP seems doomed.

BTW, self-described democrats prefer an atheist candidate to an evangelical on 82-66.  The party of deviltry, indeed.

This video explores the cultural marxism – which is the vehicle by which leftism has gradually subsumed this nation – in a detailed and effective fashion, but it has a troubling amount of periodic immodesty in describing the ways in which this cultural takeover has manifested itself.  I’m sort of questioning whether to post it or not, if you guys think the downside outweighs the really very good synopsis of the cultural left’s success at subverting this culture, I’ll pull it.  The periodic interviews of traditional Catholic Patrick Buchanan are a real high point, however:

Videos- the Lives of St. Alphonsus and St. John Fisher August 12, 2016

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One short, and one very long, video on the lives of two great Saints, both of which suffered greatly for their love of Holy Mother Church and their adherence to the Doctrine of the Faith.  Saint John Fisher was, of course, persecuted and martyred by protestant heretics, the same heretics the current leadership of the Church apparently sees fit to fete and lionize in the celebration of their diabolical rebellion against Christ and His Church, the 500th anniversary of which will be “celebrated” next year.  Of course, St. John Fisher was one of hundreds of martyrs who died for the Faith in England, it what was the longest, most draconian, and most total persecution the Church has endured in her 2000 year history.

Saint Alphonsus – who might be considered the patron Saint of this blog – was, like many founders of great religious orders, persecuted by those within the Church herself, who, through lack of understanding or more prurient motives felt compelled to obstruct and silence a man of evident sanctity and enormous learning.  There is a certain sad irony in the presentation below – the priest who tells us of Saint Alphonsus’ life has himself suffered greatly for his adherence to the Faith and his unwavering efforts to bring the Truth of Jesus Christ to souls, even those which are unpopular within and without the Body of Christ.  The video below is less a biography than a study of some of Saint Alphonsus’ most important teachings, but it is of perhaps of all the more value for that:

The bio on St. John Fisher comes from the amazing Mike Church Show, and goes into a fair amount of detail on both the Saint and the history of the protestant revolution – a literal revolution of the rich against the poor – in England:

Ah, heck, how about a bonus video. I would think these three would about tide one over for the weekend!  Below is an interview of Dr. Catherine Wilhelmsen, daughter of the great expert on the Spanish monarchy and Catholic Spain Dr. Frederick Wilhelmsen, on the amazing life of San Fernando III, King of Spain. I have heard Dr. C Wilhelmsen, a professor at the University of Dallas, give a talk on this great Saint’s life before, and it is very edifying.  Saint Ferdinand III reconquered more of Spain from muslim oppression than any other Spanish ruler, retaking about half the Iberian peninsula during his long and pious reign.  San Fernando is another Saint canonized at least somewhat, if not primarily, for his martial exploits – another rebuff to the pacifist notions so prevalent in the Church today:

How a Miracle from Our Lady Helped St. Maximilian Kolbe Start His Apostolate August 12, 2016

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A nice little story about an intervention from Our Lady that provided critical financial assistance to the struggling Militia Immaculata started by St. Maximilian stmaxfriar-212x300Kolbe in the early 1920s (he actually conceived the idea in 1917, but because of the war and other factors the group did not start in earnest until a few years later).  It’s one of those little events that might seem small at the time but which help yield great dividends later on.  That so specific a need was met so precisely, and in so mysterious a way, seems to strongly indicate Divine intervention to me, as it did to the Saint.  The heritage of St. Maximilian Kolbe’s original apostolate had been carried forth – or reignited – by the Franciscans of the Immaculate, at least until the disastrous intervention of Rome against that formerly rapidly growing order.

kolbeA bit more background: one of the primary ways Kolbe wanted to carry out his evangelizing efforts was through the use of media, specifically, print media, state of the art for the time.  He wanted to produce faithful Catholic publications to counter the lies and false propaganda of many secular publications that frequently attacked the Church.  But money in post-war Poland, so recently liberated from Russian domination, was very hard to come by.  The primary publication, called The Knight of the Immaculata, was produced on a shoestring budget, but after the first issue was published there wasn’t even enough money left to pay off the debt incurred.  Without an infusion of what was then a substantial amount of cash the publication would almost certainly fold.  We’ll take up the story from there, from the book St. Maximilian Kolbe, Apostle of Our Difficult Age:

The situation facing Father Maximilian after the publication of the first issue of The Knight was extremely difficult.  The debts he had contracted were so high that the initiative was in danger of falling at any moment.  Fortunately, a good priest, Father Tobiasiewicz, pastor of St. Nicholas’ Church in Krakow, was inspired to help.  He understood the holiness of the initiative and the financial difficulties of Father Kolbe and gave a generous donation.  Following in his footsteps, other priests gave contributions.  It was thus possible to collect half the amount needed Kolbe (1)to defray the expenses of the first issue.  But what of the other half, which according to the sources was about 500 marks?

Father Maximilian decided to appeal to his Lady.  Kneeling at her altar he invoked her with fervent supplications.

After he had ended his fervent prayer, a true outburst of the heart of a son who sought shelter in the heart of the Mother full of love, he was starting to leave when his eyes saw a non-liturgical object lying on the altar cloth.  He went closer.  It was an envelope. In his love for order and harmony and the decorum of the church, he ascended the steps and to his grateful surprise read – written on it, in very small letters – ‘For You, Immaculate Mother.’ He opened it, and marvel of marvels, he found inside the exact amount of the remaining debt for the printing of the first issue of The Knight of the Immaculata.

He understood everything, and in an outburst of tears knelt in grateful adoration.

———-End Quote———-

Possibly simply a coincidence, or the pious act of some noble soul, but, then again, possibly not. Saint Maximilian Kolbe certainly understood. Let those with eyes to see, see……..

Saint Maximilian Kolbe, pray for our beloved Holy Mother Church, in this time of desperate need.