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DONE: Half of Americans Willing to Vote Socialist August 12, 2016

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I suppose I could comfort myself a bit in knowing that probably the vast majority of those claiming they’d be perfectly comfortable voting for a socialist have no idea what that means, generally or individually, but, in the end, it doesn’t matter. More to the point, it is because these people have no idea what socialism means, and the misery it always brings, that they are willing to support it.

The end-goal of the federalization of the education system is in sight: a population so dumbed down, so ingrained in leftist propaganda, that they are unable to defend themselves, intellectually, from those who would make them slaves.  Even more, they welcome the enslavement, having been taught it is “freedom.”

Then there is the second data point, which is even more troubling, and more revealing. USA = toast.

Americans say they are more likely to support an atheist than a socialist for president next year, according to the latest Gallup survey, released Monday.

Just 47 percent of Americans would vote for a socialist if their party nominated one, while 50 percent said they would not, while 58 percent said they would have no problem voting for an atheist in their party.

As for how dumb people have become, 26% of self-described Republicans would vote for a socialist.  No wonder the GOP seems doomed.

BTW, self-described democrats prefer an atheist candidate to an evangelical on 82-66.  The party of deviltry, indeed.

This video explores the cultural marxism – which is the vehicle by which leftism has gradually subsumed this nation – in a detailed and effective fashion, but it has a troubling amount of periodic immodesty in describing the ways in which this cultural takeover has manifested itself.  I’m sort of questioning whether to post it or not, if you guys think the downside outweighs the really very good synopsis of the cultural left’s success at subverting this culture, I’ll pull it.  The periodic interviews of traditional Catholic Patrick Buchanan are a real high point, however:


1. richard - August 12, 2016

Put the video up. Also, would be interested in reading material regarding your mentioned of enslavement by socialism, and the youth’s having been taught it is “freedom.

2. Speaking of Socialism…….. | A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics - August 12, 2016

[…] ………as a sort of companion piece to the preceding post, Venezuela, once a relatively prosperous Latin American state, one with enormous natural resources, is rapidly starving to death after 15 years of socialist rule: […]

3. c matt - August 12, 2016

Ahhh, if only PB would have made one more run.

4. TLM - August 12, 2016

ABSOLUTELY keep the video up!!! One of the most excellent laying out of the destitute culture we are now living through and exactly how we got here. As for the immorality we see in the video? We don’t see that and even worse every single day? Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to completely avoid. The video is an excellent evaluation.
How can you not love Pat Buchanan? Such an intelligent articulate description he gives on the state of the state and the whys and the wherefores. Thanks so much!!

5. c matt - August 12, 2016

It seems the cultural marxists have crossed a certain bridge they will regret. In the attempt to once and for all eradicate Christianity, they have invited the serpent of Islam into our midst to do their dirty work. What they don’t realize, or more likely simply don’t believe, is that Islam won’t succumb to their CM mind tricks like the average, over-pampered baby boomer. The true Muslims, evil as they are, are also made of far sterner stuff, and will eventually turn on them.

I think one strategy for us to consider is what I like to call the hockey referee strategy: Let the players beat themselves to exhaustion and then step in – and not a second before.

6. c matt - August 12, 2016

Latest Rihanna video: approximately 500,000,000 views
Why are We in Decline: 785 views

Do the math. Done indeed.

7. Daze Inde - August 12, 2016

If you don’t vote for Trump, you are voting for Communism. .George Wiegel, the Catholic Radio hosts, the bishops, who refuse to come out and support him are all part of the problem. The pro-lifers endorsed him, but I do not see them at rallies supporting him. As a result, I shall support those groups no more. They just love to whine, When there is a chance to do something, they have excuses. Not my firs experience with this. But shocking to see such enormous scale of traitors…in conservative circles.

8. Tim - August 13, 2016

Full version:

Camper - August 15, 2016

Most of society has been desensitized to stuff like this. Please take it down.

9. voter - August 14, 2016

Under thirty years of age are more likely to vote diversely overall — that’s what I wondered. Basically those born since the Berlin Wall fell are more open to socialists/commies because a) they didn’t live through the Cold War, or b) nobody bothered to teach them about that era, or c) someone tried to teach them and they didn’t listen. Also, at least socialists are at the bottom of the list of diverse candidates people would vote for.

Interesting that the age groups both older and younger than myself (50 – 64) are actually LESS likely to vote for a black candidate than is my generation — maybe because we were kids during the civil rights era. That pattern seems like it holds true for the “aggrieved minority” movements for the younger generations – -they are more likely than older voters to support “gays,” “atheists,” and “moslems.”

Also surprising to me is that the cohort just below mine is less likely than mine to vote for a Catholic, an evangelical, and a woman — I expected the younger generations to be more open and liberal to “otherness.” But then I remember that modern liberal tolerance is neither liberal nor tolerant. So also surprising is that the youngest group is MORE likely than anyone else to vote for an evangelical although they are still one percentage point more likely to vote for a moslem than for an evangelical or an atheist. And Bernie millennial support nothwithstanding, seven percentage points more likely to vote for a moslem than for a socialist…

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