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How a Miracle from Our Lady Helped St. Maximilian Kolbe Start His Apostolate August 12, 2016

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A nice little story about an intervention from Our Lady that provided critical financial assistance to the struggling Militia Immaculata started by St. Maximilian stmaxfriar-212x300Kolbe in the early 1920s (he actually conceived the idea in 1917, but because of the war and other factors the group did not start in earnest until a few years later).  It’s one of those little events that might seem small at the time but which help yield great dividends later on.  That so specific a need was met so precisely, and in so mysterious a way, seems to strongly indicate Divine intervention to me, as it did to the Saint.  The heritage of St. Maximilian Kolbe’s original apostolate had been carried forth – or reignited – by the Franciscans of the Immaculate, at least until the disastrous intervention of Rome against that formerly rapidly growing order.

kolbeA bit more background: one of the primary ways Kolbe wanted to carry out his evangelizing efforts was through the use of media, specifically, print media, state of the art for the time.  He wanted to produce faithful Catholic publications to counter the lies and false propaganda of many secular publications that frequently attacked the Church.  But money in post-war Poland, so recently liberated from Russian domination, was very hard to come by.  The primary publication, called The Knight of the Immaculata, was produced on a shoestring budget, but after the first issue was published there wasn’t even enough money left to pay off the debt incurred.  Without an infusion of what was then a substantial amount of cash the publication would almost certainly fold.  We’ll take up the story from there, from the book St. Maximilian Kolbe, Apostle of Our Difficult Age:

The situation facing Father Maximilian after the publication of the first issue of The Knight was extremely difficult.  The debts he had contracted were so high that the initiative was in danger of falling at any moment.  Fortunately, a good priest, Father Tobiasiewicz, pastor of St. Nicholas’ Church in Krakow, was inspired to help.  He understood the holiness of the initiative and the financial difficulties of Father Kolbe and gave a generous donation.  Following in his footsteps, other priests gave contributions.  It was thus possible to collect half the amount needed Kolbe (1)to defray the expenses of the first issue.  But what of the other half, which according to the sources was about 500 marks?

Father Maximilian decided to appeal to his Lady.  Kneeling at her altar he invoked her with fervent supplications.

After he had ended his fervent prayer, a true outburst of the heart of a son who sought shelter in the heart of the Mother full of love, he was starting to leave when his eyes saw a non-liturgical object lying on the altar cloth.  He went closer.  It was an envelope. In his love for order and harmony and the decorum of the church, he ascended the steps and to his grateful surprise read – written on it, in very small letters – ‘For You, Immaculate Mother.’ He opened it, and marvel of marvels, he found inside the exact amount of the remaining debt for the printing of the first issue of The Knight of the Immaculata.

He understood everything, and in an outburst of tears knelt in grateful adoration.

———-End Quote———-

Possibly simply a coincidence, or the pious act of some noble soul, but, then again, possibly not. Saint Maximilian Kolbe certainly understood. Let those with eyes to see, see……..

Saint Maximilian Kolbe, pray for our beloved Holy Mother Church, in this time of desperate need.



1. Baseballmom - August 12, 2016

I have read this account many times, and never tire of reading it. Our Lord and His Mother are more powerful than all the powers of the world that were, are, and are to come.

2. Faith of Our Fathers - August 12, 2016

Tantum on a story about M.K.– I received a booklet beautifully wrote about if M.K. gave up his life through his own eyes to not only benefit the man in the concentration camp who’s place he took ,but to also boost his ego with his fellow inmates. Just at the time I had read this and got a real insight into the man and the Saint I went to holiday on my own to the Island of Malta . Now Malta as you probably know is very Catholic and one night on my way back to my Hotel ,and as it was a lovely evening I decided to take a longer route. I had just turned a corner whe I looked up and there was The Church of Saint Maximilian Kolbe . This was on a Saturday evening so I decided next day Sunday to go to Mass there. In Malta there are lots of Catholic Churches who say Mass in English due to lots of British Tourists this unfortunately was not one . As the Mass started off in Maltese I wasn’t really concerned as I could follow it anyhow. Now it came to the homily and as I was listening to the Priest in Maltese which I couldn’t understand I wished that I could just understand him a little . As God is my judge the words that came very clearly from that Priest who was Indian by the way we’re ” all you need is positive thinking ” as clear as anything then nothing back to Maltese. I tried to get to the Priest after Mass to see if he actually said those words ,but was told he was away and that he was an Indian Missionary. To this day I believe those words were meant for me . God Bless You I love your Blog even if I sometimes get on your nerves.–J.Doy.

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