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Speaking of Socialism…….. August 12, 2016

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………as a sort of companion piece to the preceding post, Venezuela, once a relatively prosperous Latin American state, one with enormous natural resources, is rapidly starving to death after 15 years of socialist rule:

You name it, Venezuela is short of it: Meat, fish, fruits, sugar and bread. The government just doesn’t have enough money to pay for them.

It’s created a staggering humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, where citizens don’t have enough food to eat. Looting and riots have rocked the country. The declines in exports of certain food categories are staggering.

Bread shipments to Venezuela fell 94% in the first half of 2016 compared to the the same period last year. That’s $216,000 worth of bread this year, versus $3.5 million last year.

Meat imports declined 63% to $127 million, from nearly $350 million last year

Imports of fruit such as bananas and strawberries plunged 99%, to $159,000, from $21 million

Fish imports dropped 87%

Sugar fell 34%……..

……Venezuelans “can’t buy bread and meat and all you can really get is cereals — the really, really basic stuff,” says Chris Rogers, a research analyst at Panjiva…….

……..Venezuela has denied food and humanitarian aid from groups like Amnesty International and the United Nations. Amnesty officials contest that the government doesn’t want to accept aid because that would make the government look inadequate. [This is how evil an ideology can be, and how it can blind: the communist kleptocrats running Venezuela would rather their people starve rather than admit, even indirectly, that their ideology is bankrupt in every sense]

Despite its focus on debt payments, Venezuela is actually struggling to pay those bills too. With oil prices having plunged in the last two years, Venezuela’s state-run oil company, PDVSA, is next to broke. In April, Schlumberger, which provides oil-drilling equipment and technology, said it would lower its services to Venezuela due to unpaid bills. With less drilling capability, Venezuela’s oil production has fallen to a 13-year low.

Now Venezuela’s government, led by President Nicolas Maduro, is trying to revamp the country’s agricultural sector, which long lacked significant investment, to address the food shortages, experts say.

Maduro issued a decree in July that would force citizens to work on state-owned farms for up to 60 days and perhaps longer “if circumstances merit.” So far, there have been no cases of forced labor, but Amnesty claims the decree amounts to “forced labor.”

Slavery, actually.  Venezuela will be lucky not to be the Western Hemisphere’s North Korea.  All because a disaffected, uneducated section of the population chose to believe a corrupt ideologue’s lies that a human paradise could be constructed if they just stole a whole lot more from other people.

Coming soon to a North American republic near you?


1. c matt - August 12, 2016

All because a disaffected, uneducated section of the population chose to believe a corrupt ideologue’s lies that a human paradise could be constructed if they just stole a whole lot more from other people.

Hmm… does sound familiar…can’t quite put my finger on it….something I heard in Philly last month?

2. oneholyapostolic - August 12, 2016

If you want to see what the globalist oligarchs are planning for us take a look at what they are doing to small farming communities like Twin Falls, Idaho. 1,000 syrian aka Muslim refugees and counting. Crime is up 800% this summer. Not 1 of them documented or investigated. City officials receive boat loads of $$$ and so does College of S. Idaho that is taking them in. Just saw where Obama is paying US carriers to fill international flights with refugees on return flights to US. Couple reported plane from Dubai to Chicago filled with Syrian refugees. Ask flight attendant what was going on and was told they have been doing it for months. At O’Hare refugees were escorted to processing room for next flight to……….maybe your community????

3. Camper - August 15, 2016

Sorry if I shouldn’t be doing this, but I have a question. I was trying to organize a petition at my SSPX chapel to comment publicly on the NIH’s new rule allowing human-animal hybrids. I have been silenced by the pastor and the lay coordinator. Any idea why this would have happened? I am inclined to be really angry about this. No reason has been given, though I haven’t asked the pastor.

4. Tim - August 16, 2016

It could happen here…..

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