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Videos- the Lives of St. Alphonsus and St. John Fisher August 12, 2016

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One short, and one very long, video on the lives of two great Saints, both of which suffered greatly for their love of Holy Mother Church and their adherence to the Doctrine of the Faith.  Saint John Fisher was, of course, persecuted and martyred by protestant heretics, the same heretics the current leadership of the Church apparently sees fit to fete and lionize in the celebration of their diabolical rebellion against Christ and His Church, the 500th anniversary of which will be “celebrated” next year.  Of course, St. John Fisher was one of hundreds of martyrs who died for the Faith in England, it what was the longest, most draconian, and most total persecution the Church has endured in her 2000 year history.

Saint Alphonsus – who might be considered the patron Saint of this blog – was, like many founders of great religious orders, persecuted by those within the Church herself, who, through lack of understanding or more prurient motives felt compelled to obstruct and silence a man of evident sanctity and enormous learning.  There is a certain sad irony in the presentation below – the priest who tells us of Saint Alphonsus’ life has himself suffered greatly for his adherence to the Faith and his unwavering efforts to bring the Truth of Jesus Christ to souls, even those which are unpopular within and without the Body of Christ.  The video below is less a biography than a study of some of Saint Alphonsus’ most important teachings, but it is of perhaps of all the more value for that:

The bio on St. John Fisher comes from the amazing Mike Church Show, and goes into a fair amount of detail on both the Saint and the history of the protestant revolution – a literal revolution of the rich against the poor – in England:

Ah, heck, how about a bonus video. I would think these three would about tide one over for the weekend!  Below is an interview of Dr. Catherine Wilhelmsen, daughter of the great expert on the Spanish monarchy and Catholic Spain Dr. Frederick Wilhelmsen, on the amazing life of San Fernando III, King of Spain. I have heard Dr. C Wilhelmsen, a professor at the University of Dallas, give a talk on this great Saint’s life before, and it is very edifying.  Saint Ferdinand III reconquered more of Spain from muslim oppression than any other Spanish ruler, retaking about half the Iberian peninsula during his long and pious reign.  San Fernando is another Saint canonized at least somewhat, if not primarily, for his martial exploits – another rebuff to the pacifist notions so prevalent in the Church today:



1. virtuouscitizenship - August 12, 2016

Did Elizabeth Barbaric and her minions torture and kill more Catholics than persons tortured and killed by the Inquisition? With all the apologies and reparations going on around the world, why cannot the Catholic Church get back all the land and properties, and golden chalices etc. which the “greatest” monarch and her orcs stole from the Church? Most of it is very identifiable today. The value could offset the now $estimated 4,000,000,000 paid in the US alone to settle claims for the malfeasance of the episcopacy-assuming the English hierarchy would share. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

Tantumblogo - August 12, 2016

To answer your question, absolutely, by orders of magnitude. The numbers affected by the Inquisition has been hideously exaggerated over the years, and that exaggeration started with……..protestant revolutionaries, who, in perfect radical fashion, projected their own crimes and conduct onto the Inquisition. Thus Englishmen were by and large totally convinced they lived in a free and liberal society under the Tudor monarchs, while the Spanish lived under a cruel totalitarian state, when in reality, much the opposite was true.

2. Faith of Our Fathers - August 12, 2016

As someone who comes from the U.K couldn’t agree more with you if Francis wants to be in bed (so to speak ) with the Anglicans he can certainly count me out. As for our Royal Supposed Family they can marry anyone they want ( as long as it’s not a Catholic of course) some of these scroungers would put Bernie Sanders to shame the way they milk the Country. Also over here if your an Anglican Bishop you automatically get a seat in The House of Lords . When it came to a vote to overturn The Homosexual Thingy less than HALF of them turned up to vote. Probably the other half who were there voted for The Homosexual Thingy anyhow ( can’t bear to even call it M.). We have enough scandalous Priests without joining up with these weasels. Can even mind talking to an Episcapallion who went to their Church every Sunday but said they didn’t believe in God . The mind boggles but obviously not hers.

3. Baseballmom - August 12, 2016

Looking forward this Sunday to listening to these 😀

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