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Our Sick Culture – STD Rates Skyrocketing Among Seniors August 19, 2016

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Remember the days of restraint and self-respect?  Neither do I, but my parents do, sort of. I’m sure my grandmother did.  I can’t imagine old Aunt Mirandy making the swinger’s scene.  Certainly, people have always sinned, but sexual profligacy among elderly folks did not used to be much of a problem.  It seems, based on the report below, fornication is rampant in retiree communities.  STD rates are rising steeply.

If the elderly are supposed to be the holders and transmitters of the morality and piety of a bygone age, we’re in serious trouble.  Of course, for a lot of these folks, the bygone age was the 60s, and these people are just reliving their “glory years:”

But according to the CDC, in some instances the rates of STD infection for people over 65 rivals that of people in their 20s.

“Everybody always talks about the joke of going to The Villages, and the Senior STD rate being so high there,” says fourth year med student Cody Davis, who visited a friend’s grandmother at famed central Florida retirement community The Villages.

“They’re at a constant senior spring break sort of thing, so they’re always partying and who knows what’s going on there, but their STD rate for seniors is very high in The Villages,” Davis says.

The Villages considers itself “Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown,” maybe even a little too friendly — but there’s no denying that seniors are having sex.

“There’s the effect of Viagra, which is extending the sexual activity of many men,” Davis says. [Which shows how technological progress is so often twisted into the service of grotesque activities.  I have little problem with the taking of Viagra in the confines of marriage, though I do find it a bit unnatural for 85 year olds to be getting their freak on.  But it is apparently used a great deal to fuel fornication and/or adultery, which is manifestly immoral and a thoroughly ugly thing.]

But when it comes to STDs?

“I think that it’s not something they think about, they don’t worry about sexually transmitted diseases,” Davis says…….[God’s justice can fall on anyone, regardless of age.  Not that contracting an STD is always a sign of God’s justice, but He does allow our sins to become our chastisements]

………”If you go to the Florida Department of Health website or the Centers for Disease Control, you would notice an alarming trend,” Dr. Merritt says. “Thirty-five percent of HIV cases are now on people 50 years and older.”

Now hold on a minute. In the US, well over 95% of new HIV cases occur in men.  That increase, if it is one, in people contracting HIV above the age of 50 is virtually entirely occurring only among those inclined toward male-male sodomy.

Whatever happened to growing old with dignity? I’m not saying people have to maintain a Victorian stiffness, but it’s a bit disconcerting to me to read about elderly people behaving like rutting animals.

Remember being told to “act  your age” when you were younger?  Do we now have to lecture hyper-sexed boomers to the same end?

This is what comes from the cultural glorification of – worship would be more like it – youth and a kind of wanton sexuality totally detached from any moral moorings.  Heck, I used to worship at that altar myself.  How many of us lament the passing of another year at our birthdays?  Should we not rather rejoice at what God has given us?

Some of the best, most stable societies the world has seen have been those where a strict moral decorum was maintained and where being possessed of many years was something to be venerated as worthy of great dignity.  Not anymore.  Now even octogenarians are convinced they can act like they’re 22 forever (and not a good 22).  No one says as much, but this cult of youth revolves around an enormous fear of death, fear for what will come after.

Well, we don’t have to fear.  We know.  After death comes judgment, then Heaven or hell, for all eternity.  For the worldlings, this is a terror, something to be fled.  For those who know and love Jesus Christ, it is a comfort, and, for those possessed of great sanctity, even something to be longed for, as so many Saints did.

At any rate, it’s the total opposite of what we see in the world around us in these sad, last days.


1. Tim - August 19, 2016

I remember Rush Limbaugh calling the baby boomers the most selfish generation ever. He was right. However, will the narcissistic millennials surpass them….if they make it to that age?

2. aroamingcatholicny - August 19, 2016

Like the “Baby Boomer” Era & “The Greatest Generation” are trying to stay Youthful, even when Physically Breaking Down. Now, even The Morals are gone.

3. tg - August 19, 2016

You are so right in everything you wrote. It’s the fear of death and wanting to stay young forever. It’s no longer just movie stars obsessed with looking young. I am all for taking care of yourself and exercising but there is a limit. I tell everybody I would never have plastic surgery, I’ll just wait for the Resurrection. I think if some of the women were to tell the truth, they probably don’t want sex anymore but feel they have to in order to stay young. God allowed menopause for a reason.

dthy - August 20, 2016

One other thought about plastic surgery to erase the effects of aging or some other perceived minor flaw–it’s really wasting what just might be a great gift from God given as a means to make reparation for sin. How much better if we can offer up a few wrinkles now, and hopefully, spend less time in Purgatory.

4. LaGallina - August 19, 2016

Living in “Winter Texan” land (old folks come down from the North to escape their cold winters) my husband and I have definitely noticed a huge change in the old folks coming down in the past ten years. They used to be regular old Old Folks, who shuffled, and had canes, drove extremely slowly, and gave you advice.

Now you could almost confuse them for the spring breakers! It is pretty disgusting.

5. Young Curmudgeon - August 19, 2016

I have relatives living in The Villages (McVillages is what I call it). It’s not a healthy environment. Endless pleasure is what they are selling. The fornication going on there is well-known among the residents.

The Catholic church there is just what you would expect: lots of hand-holding, chatting, bad architecture, a whole squadron of “Eucharistic Ministers,” and horrendous Protestanty hymns sung very badly. Most of the older generation of Catholics in the U.S. have made peace with the world. Peace is flowing like a river, don’t you know?

6. patt - August 20, 2016

“NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL.” How fruitless to fight aging–and to try to be young when you are not.

7. Baseballmom - August 21, 2016

You nailed it. It is all about the fear of death. If I act like I’m 25 or 30 then I won’t die. But, of course, you will die. And you will face the Just Judge.

8. David - August 21, 2016

A friend of mine has a wife who used to work at a nursing home, and she has had to hear arguments from residents regarding lovers quarrels. Thirty or forty years ago, this would have been unheard of.

I also know a good priest who has had to ask older couples to cease living in sin. It’s surprising that many widows and widowers are doing this. Many older couples look at it as a new morality, or its no big deal because pregnancy will not result. I commend those good priests for putting their foot down.

Another problem unfortunately has to do with government. Some older couples are living in sin and not getting married because marriage would result in a loss of pension plans being received (i.e. many widows receive their deceased spouse pension, including social security), and a second marriage would change this.

9. Dymphna - August 21, 2016

It shouldn’t be surprising. The same Boomers who let sex rule them when they were young are going to resist normal aging until they die.

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