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Dear Readers, Could You Help Local Catholics in Grave Need? – UPDATED August 23, 2016

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My mom, in spite being 80 herself, volunteers at the Plano Community Home-East.  This is a home for elderly and disabled individuals who need affordable housing.

There is a crisis among some of the elderly there, and it is most heartbreaking.  There is a group of 1o or so Catholics there who have no way to assist at Mass.  They have been unable to attend Mass for months or even years, in some cases.  These are people on decidedly fixed incomes who both cannot afford, and in many cases no longer have the ability, to drive a car.  They have asked for help from local parishes and even the dioceses to provide transportation for them to Mass, or even look into finding souls who might help, but they have received a decidedly cold response (especially from the diocese).

Also, it seems these folks never have priests (or any others) visit them to bring the Blessed Sacrament.  More than the infinite Grace of the Eucharist, however, they long to assist at Mass, any Mass, and partake in the Source and Summit of our glorious Faith again.

I am praying volunteers who live in the Plano area can be found to make arrangements with these souls to provide transportation to assist at Mass.  I know bringing 10 or more souls to Mass may seem a logistical problem, but if even a few could be brought to Mass each week, over a month over a few weeks all could assist at Mass.  Or maybe you have a large van that could take all at once?  A further suggestion might be to see if these souls have any desire to assist at the TLM again, as they did in their youth.  Many Mater Dei families live in the Plano/Allen/McKinney area – perhaps some rides could be arranged that would have minimal impact on everyone’s schedules?

The good news is that all of these people are generally ambulatory, though some need a cane or a walker.  There is no need for wheelchair accessible transportation.

If there are any readers who live near the Plano area who think they could help, please contact me directly at larryr103@gmail.com.  If you belong to a local Catholic e-mail list like PARCH or whatever please consider sending out a link to this post!  The Plano Community Home is located at Ave L and 18th Street, so it is about 5 minutes from St. Mark or maybe 8-9 minutes from Mission of the Sacred Heart, though I imagine the elderly would feel more comfortable at the former.  The desire is most especially for SUNDAY Mass, though there may be an interest for weekday Mass at some point if arrangements could be made.

If any interested parties will get in touch with me, I’ll arrange contact with those needing help at the Plano Community Home to work out arrangements.  God bless you and thank you so much for your consideration.  You would be helping in a spiritual and corporal work of mercy of the highest magnitude.

UPDATE: As often happens when a large number of people are involved, especially elderly people, messages sometimes get confused.  Some people at the home are now claiming a priest DOES come to offer Mass weekly, while others continue to maintain that doesn’t happen.  I am trying to dig through this and find out the truth.  I am waiting for clarification from site staff/management.  However, it seems that even if there is a Mass offered there, some of the elderly are deeply dissatisfied with it, for what are probably the usual reasons.  There may be some interest in the TLM.  Stay tuned, I’ll get back with more details next week, God willing.


1. Magdalene - August 23, 2016

I visit a senior center every week and a van will take people who want to go to Mass, to Mass. So many have seen ALL their children and grandchildren leave the Church and do not care to take them to Mass. Also they need to be concerned as to have a Catholic funeral Mass when the family does not care. Anyway….the local parish absolutely should be caring for these souls! We have a priest to come once a month for Mass and sometimes hears confessions or does anointings. The Legion of Mary volunteers bring Holy Communion once a week. This is not something that should ever be neglected.

2. Judy - August 23, 2016

Any idea whose parish they are in?

Tantumblogo - August 23, 2016

St. Mark.

3. dfw - August 24, 2016

I would agree that they should look into Legion of Mary. Our local group takes Communion to several places including nursing homes, residences for the elderly, private homes, and hospitals. (We’re not anywhere near Plano though.) Also, re: Magdalene’s comment about seniors not having practicing family members — often too true, although not always. I helped take Communion to a nursing facility as a safe environment “buddy” accompanying the Eucharistic Minister (two people required for visits as required by church policy). You may also have to remind the residents/families that the anointing of the sick is available. Explain it’s not just “last rites” anymore so you won’t upset the resident. If the resident is not capable of dealing with this themselves, what usually works is to ask the practicing or non-practicing adult children (hopefully you’ll run into them at least once during your visits) if they think their parent would like to receive anointing. Almost Inevitably they’ll say yes. Depending on your local pastor or ministry, the family or person if they are capable may be required to request the sacrament themselves. Otherwise the Eucharistic minister may be able to put in the request. Sadly, even the non-practicing adult children who assist with getting their parent anointed often won’t have a Catholic funeral Mass, just some kind of memorial service or funeral. I assume there aren’t any or enough Catholic family or friends to make a Catholic Mass or even some sort of Catholic service worthwhile, even if their parent was Catholic. It’s pathetic.

dfw - August 24, 2016

P.S. I don’t know how good your local residence is about tracking peoples’ faiths, but always be on the lookout for those who fall between the cracks, i.e. Catholics who may be there who nobody knows is Catholic. The nursing home I went to kept a record of a person’s faith when they entered, but that didn’t always get communicated to us, even if we asked admin. periodically if there were any new Catholics. I think we had a good relationship with the activities director, who we reported to as volunteers and who informed us of any new Catholic arrivals. I don’t think she was trying to hide people from us. Turns out though she was one of those raised Catholic in the northeast U.S. but was currently attending a different type of Christian Church. It was nice that the guy who was in charge of the place for awhile was a Catholic. — Also from the northeast originally but practicing. Sometimes you have to be a good detective. One man we discovered was Catholic because he was wheeling down the hall in his wheelchair with a rosary around his neck…Then there are the fallen away Catholics you may run into and find out who they are by accident. My point is there may be more than your ten people…

4. David - August 25, 2016

Down the street from my parish is a nursing home/assisted living. The nursing home owns a bus, and every Sunday they will bring a group to the 9:00 a.m. Mass.

It would be nice if more parishes could set up a relationship like this.

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