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Evil Genius Soros Has Been a Busy Man: Buying Episcopal Support, Aiding Planned Barrenhood August 25, 2016

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My my, has the diabolical Nazi collaborator George Soros been busy lately.  Two different reports below, both from the two most reputable pro-life news agencies in the English-speaking world.

First, Soros used a $650,000 donation to influence the US bishops through the mediation of Francis’ right-hand-man Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga.  Soros believes that donation has more than paid off, and is helping to shape the 2016 US election, leaked documents show:

Leaked emails through WikiLeaks reveal that billionaire globalist George Soros – one of Hilary Clinton’s top donors – paid $650,000 to influence Pope Francis’ September 2015 visit to the USA with a view to “shift[ing] national paradigms and priorities in the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign.” The funds were allocated in April 2015 and the report on their effectiveness suggests that successful achievements included, “Buy-in of individual bishops to more publicly voice support of economic and racial justice messages in order to begin to create a critical mass of bishops who are aligned with the Pope.” [We on the right are armed with pea shooters, while the left has tanks, B-52s, chemical weapons, and nuclear bombs – rhetorically speaking]

The monies were granted to two US entities that have been engaged in a long-term project, according to the report, of shifting “the priorities of the US Catholic church.” Grantees were PICO, a faith-based community organizing group, and Faith in Public Life (FPL), a progressive group working in media to promote left-leaning ‘social justice’ causes. Soros has funded left-wing causes the world over and was just found to have been funding an effort to eliminate pro-life laws around the globe. [He is perhaps the most evil man in the world today]

Board Minutes from the May 2015 meeting of Soros’ Open Society Foundation in New York reveal that in the planning stages of the papal visit initiative, the group planned to work through one of the Pope’s key advisors, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, naming him specifically in the report. In order to seize on the opportunity provided by the Pope’s visit to the US, says the report, “we will support PICO’s organizing activities to engage the Pope on economic and racial justice issues, including using the influence of Cardinal Rodriguez, the Pope’s senior advisor, and sending a delegation to visit the Vatican in the spring or summer to allow him to hear directly from low-income Catholics in America.”

In 2013 Cardinal Rodriguez endorsed PICO’s work in a video during a visit from PICO representatives to the cardinal’s diocese. “I want to endorse all the efforts they are doing to promote communities of faith,” he said, “… Please, keep helping PICO.”  [“All the efforts…..”…..including those aligned at demanding government funding of abortion and contraception, eh?]

……..The grant specifically targeted the ‘pro-family’ agenda, redirecting it from defending marriage to being concerned with income equality. “FPL’s media, framing, and public opinion activities, including conducting a poll to demonstrate that Catholic voters are responsive to the Pope’s focus on income inequality, and earning media coverage that drives the message that being ‘pro-family’ requires addressing growing inequality,” says the May report. [The primary source of “growing inequality” stems directly from left-wing policies and the kleptocratic rule of the global left-leaning elite – but never let facts stand in the way of a good narrative]

In terms of the Soros goal of shifting the priorities of the Catholic Church away from moral absolutes, two US bishops stand out as champions of the move. San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy has repeatedly stressed changing the Church’s priorities and has had the backing of Pope Francis’ ‘favored son,’ Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich. McElroy created a furor at the U.S. Bishops Conference meeting last November over his attempt to change a document instructing Catholics on how to vote.

McElroy made a pointed argument that the document was out of step with Pope Francis’ priorities — specifically, by putting too much emphasis on abortion and euthanasia, and not enough on poverty and the environment.  Cupich later praised McElroy’s intervention as a “real high moment” for the conference and supported the move to put degradation of the environment and global poverty on par with abortion and euthanasia.

Concluding their report reflecting on the success of the grant to influence the papal visit, the Soros group was very pleased with the results. Looking to the future, they are excited that the long-term goal of shifting the priorities of the Catholic Bishops in the United States “is now underway.” [How much other funding not yet found in Soros e-mails may indicate further payments, some perhaps made in a much more direct manner, to influence the opinions of bishops and others in the US Church, though, something tells me many of these bishops don’t need a whole lot of conversion on the matter]

Next up, Soros gave Planned Murderhood $1.5 million to help recover from their sale of murdered baby parts for profit:

A leaked document recently revealed that George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center (OSPC), wanted to give $1.5 million to Planned Parenthood for damage control after videos exposed that the abortion giant was trafficking aborted baby parts in the name of research. More leaked documents confirm that the center not only requested, but also received the money.

With the $1.5 million, OSPC, one of the U.S. branches of Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF), funded Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s “Fight Back Campaign” as an “urgent response in defense of women’s health” – in other words, as a response to the Center for Medical Progress’ videos released last summer.

The documents came from thousands of hacked Soros files published online Aug. 13 by a group called “DCLeaks.” And while The Free Beaconand other conservative outlets covered OSPC’s  $1.5 million request, they couldn’t confirm “whether the funds were ever actually disbursed.”

But there is proof that Soros’ network did provide cover-up money for Planned Parenthood.

You can read the link for that proof.


I know Soros only cares about money and power, unlimited, Nazi-like power, but do those in the Church who want to see her reduced to some pathetic worldly NGO ever stop and think what that will really mean?  A very small church, more like a social club than anything else, a poor church, a church with almost no political influence……….do they care?  Is that what they want?  Are they so blinded by their true religion – left wing ideology – that whatever happens outside of that is completely immaterial?

And don’t they know they must fail?  Not only in the supernatural sense of Christ’s promise to His Church, but even in the natural sense?  There will always people who will crave and seek out the Truth, and the Church will remain the place where it can be found, no matter how well hidden or buried some may try to make it.  Ultimately, the church of man must fail, as all human things fail.  Eventually, if the Church be the Body of Christ, and it indisputably is, she will come back to her true nature (provided we aren’t headed to the Parousia), and all this worldly orientation will be repudiated and even hated in some future, reconstituted Church.  These men, to the extent they are remembered at all, will be reviled and pitied for the wounds they have tried to inflict on Christ and His Church.  Do they ever stop to consider that, or are they simply too good of foot soldiers for the modernist left to bother with that?  Are they too enthralled with their new religion to care?  Are they just plain evil?

What do you think?



1. DM - August 25, 2016

Is anybody else having problems seeing the blog? Most of the posts or comments have lines crossing them out, and the indented portions of Tantum’s posts are cut off along the right side?

Tantumblogo - August 25, 2016

I just fixed the most recent post. Blogspot has never worked well with WordPress. It screws up the format. I don’t see any other problems with posts but let me know if they persist.

NickD - August 26, 2016

Still having trouble with the paragraphs after the Darth Soros photo. The right-side margin cuts off at least one word per line

2. Magdalene - August 25, 2016

I have a nominee for most evil woman….
Anyway, all their monies, and machinations, and evil doings will not fool God. And we little people, we have our weapons too: the rosary, the sacramental life, etc. And we are using them. We are little Davids against the Goliaths of this world but you know what happened to Goliath. And the corruption in the Church….no surprises there anymore. We know already those who do not care for the salvation of souls. It shows what they are and we see their colors. So does God.

Baseballmom - August 26, 2016

Yes, you are spot on. Death, the great equalizer…. Money, spin, influence…. None of it will matter when every soul faces the Just Judge.

3. c matt - August 26, 2016

I did notice some font size issues.

To the topic, is it just me, or do these two (Bergoglio and Soros) at least seem to be in the running for pre-cursor to and anti-Christ, respectively?

If they are not at least in the running, what would the real ones do differently? How do you say satan in Hungarian?

4. MrT - August 26, 2016

Pure and simple, these evil doers inside and outside the Church do not love or know Christ.

5. RC - August 26, 2016

How much are you willing to bet that Soros had an influence ($$) over the conclave of 2013 that elected our dear Pope Francis. Let’s not forget that Soros is just as active in Europe as he is in the U.S

Ana Milan (@ana_milan9) - August 26, 2016

I think you are right & has controlled the Vatican since.

TLM - August 27, 2016

Absolutely!! If you read the article at the Remnant (written by Elizabeth Yore) I believe she mentions the past relationship of Soros and Bergoglio in Argentina. It just may be that that they both go back a long way.

6. TLM - August 27, 2016

If you hop over to ‘The Remnant’ there is a very enlightening article on their site, detailing proof of the direct ties of Soros to the Pope and his closest advisors. Very frightening indeed! Soros is the most dangerous and EVIL man in the world and now……..he’s in the Vatican and calling the shots for the man who sits in the Chair of Peter. Can’t get any worse than this!

7. Branch - August 29, 2016

If true, the bishops who took his money would be the most evil of men, wouldn’t they?

8. Gary - September 1, 2016

Many Judas out there… We must pray 🙀😿

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