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Not satisfied with your guns, they’re coming for your knives August 31, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in asshatery, disaster, error, firearms, foolishness, General Catholic, horror, It's all about the $$$, persecution, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sickness, Society, unbelievable BS.

Proof that the “gun control movement” has never been about mass shootings or reducing crime, but about disarming the populace? As if we needed more? The Obama administration has apparently been using executive fiat to achieve what unpopular, unpassable legislation cannot – punishing those in the firearms industry by pressuring banks and other financial institutions to “divest” of any involvement with such evil, icky enterprises.  But not satisfied with going after firearms-related manufacturers, they are apparently moving onto those who make knives, because knives kill, dontcha know.  Be especially afraid of the deadly assault knives!:

Operation Choke-point is the scandal-ridden Department of Justice’s initiative aimed at punishing making business difficult for those industries they don’t like. Payday lenders (ok, these can be dicey but are still better than loan-sharks), coin dealers (precious metals throw a wrench in their fiat currency scam), and firearms manufacturers and dealers (because…guns are icky and stuff) have all been targeted by the Obama’s highly-politicized DOJ. Since the Administration’s frontal assaults on the Second Amendment have not yielded the results they want, they have resorted to Executive Branch action to try to move the ball. In this they are pressuring financial institutions to deny banking services to the targeted industries.

While Congress is trying to put an end this abuse, Operation Choke Point is expanding into new realms. This past Friday Hogue Inc. announced that Wells Fargo has refused to do business with them, because they ostensibly manufacture “weapons”.


…….It is bad enough that the Executive Branch uses the levers of government to target their political enemies. What makes this situation worse is that these companies are not just engaging in legal commerce, they are producing and selling products that are not only legal but actually specifically protected under the Second Amendment.

The DOJ  didn’t see fit to stop at guns, they are now going after knives and knife companies. Why stop there? Why not go after automobile manufacturers? Any tool can be used as a weapon. An ISIS terrorist killed more than 80 people with a truck in Nice……..

……..Congress is attempting to right this wrong, but the wheels grind slowly in Washington. There have been hearings on Operation Choke Point and a bill has passed the House which would stop this abuse and discrimination, but it is bogged down in the Senate. Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are leading the effort try and fix the problem. [Even if they can get it to pass the Senate, Obama has already indicated he would veto any such legislation that attempts to curb his preference to rule by decree.]

It’s always been about power.  A well-armed populace is at least a latent threat to the dreams of the planners and schemers who so fervently believe they know much better than the rest of us.  One can imagine just how far the sexular pagan left wants to carry its power into the daily lives of citizens by their intense compulsion to deal with this threat.  It has nothing to do with mass shootings or concern over a safer world, and everything to do with dealing with threats to unlimited power.

For a bit more on Operation Choke Point, which is blatantly unconstitutional, I would think (where are the lawsuits?!?), see below:

So, how do you think our dear, departed Bishop Farrell would come down on this?  To ask the question, and all that…….


1. Woody - August 31, 2016

Too late. TSA already got mine. Man, I really liked that small Swiss knife.

Tantumblogo - August 31, 2016

Dude I got a b@#%hin’ one from SOG. Not Swiss Army knife, but sharp as hell and really holds its edge. Expensive, but very nice.

2. richard - August 31, 2016

Nice to hear someone acknowledge the real reason behind the gun control lobbies. I rarely, if ever, have heard it.

As I read, I was thinking the same thing; where is the discriminatory law suits??? This case seems identical to the type of law suits brought from the homosexual movement, specifically targeting small business (bakers and photographers etc.) who would not participate in actions, their deeply held religious believes, deems immoral. What about the pressure brought on by large corporations, (Apple, Coke, Disney etc….) on Governors, whereby threatening to not sell their products to whole state. Why didn’t the perspective attorney generals pursue discriminatory law suits against the leviathan’s??? This will likely, just be another case, where the moral majority, once again, sits silent and lets the revolution advance without resistance. The revolution is more passionate, aggressive and determined to get what they want. Those are traits that win wars. God is allowing this chastisement. It is fixing to get dicy real soon.

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