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Cardinal Burke Comes Out, Cryptically, for Trump? September 1, 2016

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No, not at all by name, but he does seem to inveigh against -as a matter of prudence – voting for third parties or writing in a name on the ballot.  His comments seem to endorse the position that one is obligated to vote for the best candidate that has a chance to win, not simply the best candidate.  This is his prudential judgment, of course, meaning it is not something that binds on conscience, but it does seem to be the majority opinion among some of the better Catholic leaders – lay and clergy – today:

Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the most outspoken defenders on Catholic teaching regarding life, marriage, sexuality, and the family, weighed in on the upcoming U.S. election, telling reporters that the faithful must vote for the candidate who will do the most to “advance” the protection of human life, defense of the family, respect for freedom, and care for the poor.

“I think that what we have to do in this time is to look at both candidates to see if one of them will not, at least in some way, advance the common good, both with respect to the good of human life, the good of the family, the freedom of conscience, the care of the poor, and to look at that very carefully,” the Cardinal told reporters during an international teleconference conducted by Carmel Communications and attended by LifeSiteNews………

……..“More than likely the judgment will be that neither candidates ideally answers these questions all in the way that we want. But given the nature of our government, can we in conscience support one of the candidates, at least, who, while maybe [he or she] doesn’t support everything that we believe and know is important, will at least support it to a certain extent with the hope that that candidate can be convinced to embrace evermore fully the common good,” he said.

Burke warned Catholics against not voting at all and against the practice of writing in the name of a preferred candidate on the ballot, saying it could inadvertently cause the election of a candidate who does not respect life, family, and freedom. [He seems to be drawing a distinction between the two major candidates throughout, giving something of an endorsement to one, and warning against the other, without mentioning names.  I’m sure you can discern which is which]

“And I understand these sentiments very well. But one also has to be very prudent, and know that by not voting at all you are probably favoring one candidate or another,” he said, adding that even if Catholics wrote in the name of a favored candidate, it would be unlikely for such a person to become elected.

“The moral weight to voting is indeed very heavy. In other words, every vote counts,” he said.

Burke urged Catholics to study carefully the positions of both running candidates before voting.

“Those are difficult considerations, and I don’t say any of this in a kind of easy way. But I do think that Catholics especially need to be very cautious and not simply opting out, or good pro-life people and good pro-family people, simply just throwing up their hands. I would just urge them to study the position of both candidates, to the fullest possible degree, to see whether or not one of them will not advance, at least to some degree, restoration of the civilization of life and love in our country.”

I take this as a call to support Trump. Obviously, Hillary is a non-starter on a whole range of issues, the most horrifying of which is her unlimited support for abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy and possibly with state funding.

I’m sure the Trump fans will be gratified by this.  Since the Constitution Party failed to make the Texas ballot, I really have no choice at this point.


1. tg - September 1, 2016

Mundabor wrote a really good blog on this topic. I agreed totally agreed with him and he expressed it so well and funny as usual.

phlogiston1667 - September 3, 2016

As the object of Mundabor’s rant, I can’t share your enthusiasm for his take. As I stated in the comment that apparently sent the poor man over the edge (that he never allowed to publish), a Catholic is not “derelict” in his duty, or “making the work of the devil in an orgy of selfishness,” or a willing “agent of evil” (as he accused another commenter) simply because he understands full well that Trump will jettison whatever conservative positions he currently spouts as soon as something prettier comes along, just like he jettisoned Marta for his current porn star wife, and jettisoned Ivana before Marta. That Catholics actually think such a man (who also bragged about multiple acts of adultery) is the last best hope of “Christian morality” is only evidence that we are already utterly doomed. (PS – I believe the Constitution Party is now an official “write in” party in Texas. It’s time the republican party died.)

2. c matt - September 1, 2016

Gratified may be a strong word, but the Cardinal does make sense. It is far from ideal, but as he intimates, within prudence to vote Trump. Although I also cannot disagree with those who think abstaining from voting itself (under the current conditions) is also within prudence. What I cannot understand are those who think voting for Hildebeast is within the realm of prudence. It would take someone more flexible than the most limber Hindu swami of all time to contort himself into that position.

3. Richard Petersen - September 1, 2016

Even Cardinal Burke is a victim of Ecclesial Political Correctness and it’s associated Ecclesial Lockjaw

Why can’t he speak clearly on this topic as Bishop James Conley of Lincoln NE recently did

However, as I read the article the following hit my heart hard, “Conley, who was arrested with Operation Rescue in the pro-life movement’s early era, said the right to life is the most important political issue he considers when voting for a candidate for public office.” . Additionally he commented, “… and a candidate’s understanding of marriage and human sexuality is crucial … Also “integral to the life issue” is contraception …What Pope Paul VI predicted Humanae Vitae, in his encyclical upholding the Catholic Church’s opposition to artificial contraception, is “happening now,” Conley said. “Widespread divorce, abuse of women, pornography, and state-controlled population growth” have been brought about thanks to contraception.”

4. bluebird4458 - September 1, 2016

Cardinal Burke makes a good point. There is so much at stake including Supreme Court appointees, funding planned parenthood, ….. Do you remember the 5 non-negotiateables from the last election? I haven’t heard anything about them this time around from our prelates.

5. Baseballmom - September 1, 2016

Yes, I recall those…. Honestly, does anyone listen to these tired old CEO’s anymore? They have lost all moral authority and credibility. Dawned on me today, that for them, like so many other CEOs, all you have to do is follow the money. They are getting millions in government grants with illegal immigration, they will not bite the hand that feeds them.

6. Blaine - September 2, 2016

Yeah because our last republican president did so well with the supreme court picks. I’m sorry but that’s a naive argument given recent history.

Honestly I think this is the very year to vote third party. First off, HRC will be the next president. It’s been ordained. It doesn’t matter how much of the vote she gets, the count will come out for her. It’s her time. She’s worked so hard. Glass ceilings. Blah blah blah. I think we all need to just get with it. Why do you think this clownish act was allowed to be nominee in first place?

The Republican Party needs chastising. They need to learn what conservative means. They need to learn about conservation, subsidiarity, solidarity, tradition, non-intervention, peaceful diplomacy, American interests before all others. Oh and how about some morality and ethics thrown in. That’s why I’m voting with my heart, not some cold calculation that will waste time and aggravation and be a tremendous letdown.

Also, I wouldn’t vote for either major party candidate who hadn’t served at least one enlistment in the armed forces. I don’t need them to be a general/flag officer, or even an officer. Just one enlistment would do. I would never give the title and responsibility of Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of these United States of America to someone that didn’t go through boot camp.

Only Darrel Castle fits the bill on the Florida ballot.

7. MrT - September 2, 2016

I just read a blog earlier today reminding me that we live in a representative democratic republic. It works best when you vote for candidates that represent your views, not for someone just because they can win and thereby make the other candidates lose. Also, since when does not voting for President mean that you’re not voting? Take His Excellency Bp. Gracida’s advice. The top four candidates are not morally acceptable. Don’t vote for them. But be sure to look at the down-ballot races and vote morally.

Tim - September 2, 2016

Hillary MUST be stopped. She is a clear and present danger. We must vote for Trump to prevent this diabolical woman from attaining the presidency.

8. Christopher Ekstrom - September 2, 2016

You are permitted to request a write-in ballot. That enables you to vote for the Constitution Party (specifically THE PARTY, not so much this candidate). We need a NEW SECOND PARTY for 2020…it’s not so implausible. The Whig’s found that out. Now it’s the Republicans turn!

9. David - September 6, 2016

Bluebird makes a good point – I have heard very little in this election cycle on responsible voting and the non negotiables, although Catholic vote did have a link to a protest in front of Tim Kaine’s parish in Richmond to show that Kaine is pro abortion and a supporter of pseudo marriages.

I did some campaigning in 2012 for Santorum, but this cycle I have done very little, and have watched my donations. I am not excited about Trump, but he is the lesser of three evils – I would vote Trump before Hilary and the New Mexico pot farmer.

For what its worth, I do figure Trump will get Texas, and if I could vote in the Northeast, the Great Lakes region, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, or the Left Coast, I would definitely vote for Trump to cancel out the two others.

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