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Mass. to Force Church to Implement Transgender Bathrooms September 8, 2016

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What was I just saying yesterday?  That the official state religion was coming hard for the damnable heretics of the Christian church?

Yeah baby……here we go:

Under a Massachusetts civil rights agency’s interpretation of new anti-discrimination law, churches can be forced to let biological males who identify as transgender women use the women’s bathroom.

Recently passed legislation amending the state’s anti-discrimination law to include protections for “gender identity” will take effect Oct. 1.

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, which enforces the state’s anti-discrimination laws, recently published a “Gender identity guidance” that lays out what will be legally required of employers and “agents of places of public accommodation.” [I thought churches had ALWAYS been held to be private locations, not places of “public accommodation?”  But you can see what end the creeping expansion of public accommodation has always been about, gradually forcing Christianity entirely out of the public sphere even in the sense of private gatherings (but held in an open way), and back into the catacombs]

The guidance was published Sept. 1 but has gone unreported by the media until now. The commission confirmed that the version of the guidance online is the “final edition.”

The guidance notes that Massachusetts law defines “public accommodation” as “any place, whether licensed or unlicensed, which is open to and accepts or solicits the patronage of the general public.” (Restaurants and hotels, for example, are generally considered public accommodations.) Violators of the law face up to one year in jail………[A year in jail – for each violation?  For refusing to buy into the deranged fantasies of a tiny few and expose women and girls to greatly increased chances of being sexually assaulted?!?]

……The guidance suggests that Massachusetts may force churches to comply with the new legislation.

“Even a church could be seen as a place of public accommodation if it holds a secular event, such as a spaghetti supper, that is open to the general public,” the guidance notes. [Entirely consistent with the novel, and altogether reductive, view the Obama administration has advocated regarding “freedom of worship” versus “freedom of religion.”  This has a double effect: curtailing fundraising efforts, and greatly diminishing outreach to others, as anything open to the public – evangelization efforts? – can now be used to try to force churches to comply with gravely immoral things, like buying into other’s fantasies regarding their sex]

The guidance does not specify what criteria the government would use to determine whether or not church events are considered “secular.”

The piece goes on to note that people claiming a certain gender identity do not have to provide any proof of holding that identity, only a “sincere belief,” which, I’m certain, the state would be perfectly fine with even if it changes day to day or hour to hour.  Thus, a sexual predator can feel like a woman when he wants to get his child rape on, and then not so much later on.

Anyone who thinks this will end in any other way than disastrously is deluded.  Of course, the media will likely do all it can to bury all instances where their fervent religious beliefs have resulted in heinous crimes and irreparable personal tragedies.

My personal belief, supported by a not-inconsiderable amount of evidence, is that this is all part of a deliberate process to eventually make Christianity all but illegal, at least outside the confines of the home, and perhaps even there.  If you haven’t read We by Yevgeny Zemyatin, I strongly suggest you do.  It wasn’t written as a critique of the ultimate Orwellian communist super-state, but in breathless anticipation of it.  That’s the kind of world the Left eventually wants to create.

But they must know, the more the persecute the Church, the more martyrs that are raised up, the stronger the tree of faith will grow.  Perhaps this will be God’s way of cleansing and converting this wicked, lost culture.



1. MFG - September 8, 2016

If this diocese’s Bishop were solid and astute he would dust off Popes Leo XIII and Pius XI’s social encyclicals and take advantage of the Church’s new “public” status and assert the Church in the public sphere by requiring the state render the worship to God that He is due from states. If he were solid that is…

2. Carl - September 8, 2016

A clarification. Your title is misleading. The state has not forced any church yet to do this.

Tantumblogo - September 8, 2016

Fair enough. Will add ? to end.

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