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Vet Obliterates Hillary Over Classified Document Felonies September 8, 2016

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I’ve heard from probably scores of people who carry or have carried security clearances over the past 18 months or so, that if they had done a tiny fraction of what Hillary has so apparently done they’d have been successfully prosecuted for multiple felonies and probably have spent most of the rest of their life in a federal pen, if not all of it.  A Navy veteran at a recent Hillary “public forum” – usually these things are so scripted and all present so vetted that all questions and answers are rehearsed in advance – amazingly got to ask the first question, and challenged Hillary on this very point.  How is it possible, per the law, that her blatant compromise of reams of the most sensitive, classified data around could not have been prosecuted?  The law doesn’t say anything about intent, if you carry classified data in an unsecure way, you have committed a felony or felonies.  And she did just that literally thousands of time, with the knowledge and connivance of her entire staff, all so that she could enrich herself selling US influence for vast sums free from the scrutiny that might come from using a more secure server:

Julian Assange claims to have thousands of documents marked classified from the Hillary e-mail server.  It is also known she directed staff to remove the classified headers from documents in a deliberate attempt to get around the law, which makes this a conspiracy and something much more serious.

But we all know that, increasingly in this country, the degree of freedom you have, the rights one enjoys, even almost total immunity from prosecution, depends on what political party you support and how high up in the socio-political food chain you are.  The FBI has shredded its credibility pretending that Hillary didn’t break the law by having no “criminal intent” – which, again, makes absolutely no difference in this case – demonstrating yet again the degree to which more and more supposedly impartial bureaucracies have been thoroughly penetrated and politicized in the Left’s long march through the institutions.

If you take the last three posts as sort of a three part series, think of where this is leading:  the left forcing its mammoth insecurities and inadequacies upon the country/world as a sort of new anti-Christian religious dogma, the state, under dominion of left-leaners (or all out leftists) implementing policies (for these are generally not laws) that make apostasy from the one false religion of leftism heresy punishable by jail, and governmental institutions, up to and including law enforcement agencies like the FBI, ATF, and IRS,  becoming compromised and thoroughly given over to leftist viewpoints and holding all the leftist shibboleths like received dogma, and tell me………where is all this headed?





1. The Lord's Blog - September 9, 2016

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog.

2. c matt - September 9, 2016

This is probably the main reason I am leaning towards voting Trump. Generally agree with Zippy’s take that US democracy is a farce at best, and I also tend to agree that Trump is a crapshoot at best, but even if voting for Trump is like shooting an arrow with a cracked shaft in the dark with a blindfold on trying to hit a dime flipped into the air 30 yards away, it is basically all we got short of divine intervention (which through prayer, is not mutually exclusive).

Tantumblogo - September 9, 2016

You stated where I’m at about perfectly. Still absolutely no fan of Trump, though my wife kind of is, but at this point I have no alternative. The third party I hoped for never materialized in Texas and those that are on the ballot are worse than Trump. So, retching all the way, I shall go to the polls…….

Tantumblogo - September 9, 2016

To add a bit to my previous comment. I was a bit taken aback by the degree to which I was attacked, here and elsewhere, for questioning whether Trump really deserved my support. At this point, I think whoever is elected, even reincarnated Ronald Reagan or 1964 Barry Goldwater, is just changing the window dressings on a sinking ship. I came to the conclusion, however, that those who are so passionate about having to vote for Trump, on pain of sin (which is patently ridiculous, given his prior positions), simply haven’t accepted that this country is almost certainly done. The US we grew up in no longer exists and will not come back. Without a massive spiritual awakening/conversion, that is, which there is absolutely no evidence for, at present.

I also think there is a certain personal factor, in how much Hillary is reviled. I have gently tried to get some folks to check their conscience a bit on this (not here, elsewhere) but I met with a disheartening reaction of self-satisfaction and unthinking slogans.

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