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A bit of anecdotal data on Gomorrist Simulation of Marriage September 14, 2016

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Sometime ago, I read a report on the divorce rate among women simulating marriage in Holland and, I believe, Denmark, where this gross affront to God and nature has been imposed by government for 10 years or more than in the US.  This report made clear that the vast majority of these fake marriages ended in divorce, and that right quick.  If memory serves, the median duration of them after nearly 10 years of data was 30 months.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the article again.  More than likely, it was memory-holed as being entirely inconvenient to the successful prosecution of the left’s war on all decency and morality.

So, I must make due with anecdotal data for the time being, and here are a couple of anecdotes that confirm what I read.  Two different lesbian couples, one of them a veritable poster girls for the movement, divorced after a scant year of marriage, with both relationships collapsing in acrimony and general ugliness.

Relationship 1:

A mother-of-two who repeatedly posted naked pictures of her ex-wife on social media to “scorn her for finding a new partner” has been given a restraining order……..

…….Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard the couple, who married in January 2015, split up before the offences in March this year.

The “marriage” lasted for less than a year.  Two children were involved, either the product of one of the women’s previous relationships or perhaps conceived via the time-honored and always edifying turkey baster method.

Relationship 2, the poster girls:

For ten of the past eleven years, my family stood on the front lines of the marriage equality movement. Starting with my marriage to Tracie — with our firstborn attending in my belly—at San Francisco City Hall, during the Winter of Love 2004; through the ups and downs of California’s Proposition 8 campaign; to the celebration of our legal marriage, with our two children as witnesses, in 2008; to this final SCOTUS decision — we have marched, campaigned, donated, and spoken with media, domestic and international, radio, film, and print.

And now marriage equality is the law of the land.

And Tracie and I are starting divorce proceedings. . . .

When Tracie and I first decided to separate a year ago, I felt an acute sense of failure

This couple exceeded the over-under by a good amount, but one has to wonder how much of that had to do more with advocacy and serving as avatars for a corrupting and socially destructive movement, and how much was based on real compatibility and happiness.

From my limited knowledge of human psychology, I don’t think there is any combination more unstable than a female-female relationship.  Male-male have their own hideous foibles, but the men pass over much of the melodrama through emotional distance and an overarching selfishness that permeates both halves of the relationship.  Men are able to compartmentalize, emotionally, far more than women.  My wife briefly worked for a consulting company dominated by young women, and it was a disaster.  The cat-fighting, undermining, passive aggressive attitudes, and general ugliness were all-pervasive.  She shakes her head at the concept of two women trying to live together as fake husband and fake wife.

In this second instance, once again, children are involved, in this case, two boys, conceived through methods that would have made Dr. Frankenstein blush.  Is it all skittles and beer with these boys being raised by two severely disordered women?  No, it is not:

But sometimes the learning curve is steep, like when my son was being bullied by a girl . . . at school. . . . I knew she said mean things to him. I knew she had shoved him a couple times. But it wasn’t until I saw tears in my son’s eyes that I really got it: she was bullying him, he was asking teachers and playground supervisors for help, and no one was stepping up for him.

The likelihood that these two boys will grow up self-loathing, unable to ever feel properly masculine, and most likely very confused in their sexuality is exceedingly high.   In fact, it is almost a given.  These boys weren’t conceived out of a well-ordered, natural extension of the love between as a man and a woman, but, as much as anything, as a political stunt, as a three year old’s endless tantrum at being told no, you may not.  They will continue to bear the scars of decisions they never had a voice in their entire lives, and it will be a miracle if those scars do not overwhelm the better angels of their nature and take them down very dark, very painful paths.

In all the sexular pagan “triumphs” of the past 50 years, it has been the children who have born the cost disproportionately.  But, hey, a small price to pay for a satanic movement to prevail.


1. Margaret Costello - September 14, 2016

Please, please keep my sister and my two nephews in your prayers. She and her lesbian “wife” have been “married” now for 12 years. They used the turkey baster method. Articles and stats of them breaking up give me hope that it will happen in their case…that and prayers to the Blessed Mother:+)

God bless~

2. SoccerMom - September 15, 2016

Margaret, that is so unfortunate, we will keep your sister and her nephews in our prayers.

My son had a soccer teammate with two “moms” who are divorced. I didn’t ask for details, but their oldest child was 5, youngest 3. If I had to make a guess, looking at the children, they were each born from one of the mothers, and share no biological connection. Nevertheless, the mothers have encouraged the children to call one another “brother” and “sissy”. Only anecdotal, as you said, many straight couples separate soon after marriage as well.

One author that would agree with your wife on the difficulty of women forming true friendships is Monsignor Landroit. In a book published in 1872, he writes:

“It is asserted that a woman rarely, I do not like to say never, finds a true and steady friend in the heart of another woman. Moral philosophers explain this difficulty by numerous considerations of natural antipathies and secret causes of vanity, for it is rare to find two lights shining with equal brilliancy at the same moment and because of that indefinable something of fragile which exists in flowers and all constructions of glass. “There is an immense amount of friendship necessary between two women,” says Madame Swetchine, “to prevent the weakness of jealousy in her who is the inferior.” We admit that you may meet with steady female friends, but we must add, to speak truly, that they are rare.”

pg. 178 of The Valiant Woman

3. Margaret Costello - September 15, 2016

Thank you SoccerMom:+) Wise words from the book you referenced. I’ve come to realize more and more that most of my previous friendships weren’t really friendships at all, since they didn’t have Our Lord in the center of them and were mostly based on bonds created due to circumstance. I’ve lost many old “friendships” since discovering the Truth of Traditional Catholicism and Christ. I hope to find that rare gift one day:+) God bless~

SoccerMom - September 16, 2016

Margaret – I also have realized, with heavy heart, that besides mutual good will there is not much left of the friendships that I had before embracing the Catholic faith and like you said, they were more circumstantial. I hope that you will find a friend or two that you really connect with (there are so many amazing women out there at traditional chapels, with all different personalities). Thankfully, Our Lord and Our Lady are so close at all times that perhaps they are giving you this time in order for you to draw closer to them.

When we moved to Dallas I lost a really close friend and have yet to find another like her. I’ve asked Our Lady to help me if it would be good for me, but so far I have yet to find that here. Thankfully, I feel closer to my husband than ever and that is always a good thing.

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