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Excellent Video on Ad Orientem Mass September 14, 2016

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Folks, I think I’ve made clear over the past few years that, for myriad reasons, I have come to very firmly believe that the only optimal/truly efficacious/ideal form of the Mass is the Mass of All Ages, the Mass of St. Pius V, TLM, etc.  But having said that, I do believe that distinctions can be made, that some means of offering the Novus Ordo are clearly superior to others, even if the root problems associated with the Novus Ordo will always remain.

Rome was not built in a day, however, and I did not arrive at my present exalted level of Catholic perfection in a day, either.  I try to be very supportive of those who are on the same journey I traveled, but perhaps a bit less advanced on the road than I am at present.  As such, I see things like regular diocesan priests embracing Ad Orientem worship in the Novus Ordo, while also perhaps learning the TLM, as a very positive and happy development.  I pray they are given the Grace, strength, and opportunity to continue advancing to offering the TLM, and pray that offering the NO ad orientem becomes a valuable step in that process.  Ad Orientem is, then, to me, more of a point in a process of development, than it is an end point in and of itself, even though much fruit, I think, would result even if it were.

Of course, many times, good priests who would dearly love to offer Mass Ad Orientem, and move on to the TLM, are blocked by episcopal malfeasance.  Such has certainly been the case in the Diocese of Dallas, something I very fervently hope our forthcoming bishop will change.

In the below, please pray especially for Father Michael Lyons of the Diocese of Victoria, who has been learning the TLM but who is having some health problems.  He is certainly a priest of very good will and disposition and I pray he may remain in active ministry for many years to come and to continue growing in his embrace of the traditional practice of the Faith.

Lots of good priests in there.  Always glad to see Bishop Gracida.  Ad multos annos for that very good bishop who, I believe, offers the TLM exclusively now.  A bit of local color, so to speak.  I am glad Fr. Lyons pointed out that priests who want to learn the great liturgical tradition of the Church more or less have to do so on their own, as it is virtually never taught in diocesan seminaries anywhere in the West.



1. Colleen Hammond - September 14, 2016

Gabriel was at Mater Dei a couple weeks ago shooting this! (See our beautiful parish at the 3 minute mark!

2. NickD - September 14, 2016

I’ve had a few passing encounters with Fr Lyons and I’ve seen him at a TLM in central Texas several times. He seems to be handling his main health issue well, and his love for our Lord and His Bride were obvious

3. DM - September 14, 2016

Any rumors of who Dallas is getting for the next bishop? I hope he’ll at least allow Mater Dei to open a satellite parish sooner now that Farrell is gone. Has the FSSP started discussing this possibility?

Tantumblogo - September 14, 2016

Not to my knowledge. We’ll be lucky to have a bishop as “friendly” as Farrell was, I fear.

One thing I do hear, we’ll get someone who is already a bishop somewhere, either an auxiliary or a bishop of a smaller diocese, not a priest elevated to the episcopate.

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