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Just in time for the Awesome Quincentennial of protestantism, St. Martin Luther Holy Cards! September 21, 2016

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I’m sure these will be a huge draw as the Church – under Francis – prepares to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the man, and his acts, that did more to injure and divide Christianity than any other person in the history of the world.  I mean, what’s not to celebrate?!?  He started up the greatest heresy in the history of the Church, he caused endless self-replicating schisms that continue to this day, he started wars of religion that killed millions and devastated Europe for over a century, he encouraged personal immorality so long as one had “faith,” he started the process of the Christian church submitting to the state, and he paved the way for the entire historical arc, with all its misery, that has played out since.  He is easily one of the most pitiable, ruinous souls ever to afflict God’s creation.

But he certainly has a following in the Church today, and has since the modernists burst forth in full flower in the mid-20th century. The current pontiff seems to believe that the protestant revolt/revolution is something to be celebrated, but he’s hardly the first.  Remember, one of the “great” doyens of the Second Vatican Council had such a deep devotion and reverence for this man, he likened him to another Saint Paul!

In other words, it’s all coming together, just as planned!

St. Martin Luther,  Patron of Heretics and Anti-Popes

St. Martin Luther,
You saw the corruption in the Church,
and had the courage to speak out.
You recognized parts of the Bible that did not belong
and took them out
(even though your followers had to put
some of them back in).
You changed Holy Writ to make salvation
depend on “faith alone.”
You tore the Christian West apart
and gave birth to 40,000 sects.
St. Martin Luther, Pray for Us.


Print your official St. Martin Luther Holy Card picture to the desired size on card stock, then print the prayer on the back of it. Optional: have it laminated at Staples.


Oh, and his personal morality was so corrupted it gave rise to his hatred of Holy Mother Church and his uncountable heresies.

But other than that he was just the very figure of a Catholic Saint, and the movement he inspired completely worthy of Catholic emulation and devotion.


1. Baseballmom - September 22, 2016

Ouch! Fr. Luther should have listened to his father and not become a priest.

2. Bible Belt Catholic - September 22, 2016


I say that as a cradle Catholic having spent almost the entirety of my life here in the diocese of The Buckle on the Bible Belt.

I’m sure many of you don’t think it’s so funny. I think it is because it’s so ridiculous.

You know, there are probably some protestants out there who would take this seriously — especially the part about the 40,000 denominations. They’d think that’s wonderful — freedom of religion, it’s me (Pope Me / Magisterium Me) and Jesus and the Bible and ain’t nobody going to tell me what to believe, my parents let me choose my own religion, we should all follow our (uninformed) consciences, the Spirit led me, hey let’s start a church etc. etc. etc.

Camper - September 25, 2016

I agree. Arguably this would be an occasion of sin for some people!

3. frankljs - September 22, 2016

Absolutely Brilliant!

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