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Already Problematic Nashville Bishop Makes Explicit Sex-Ed Mandatory in Schools September 22, 2016

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Pretty much just a link and a copy paste job, but look how he uses the very disconcerting new sex-ed standards Francis pushed last summer to justify his assault on the innocence of the children in his charge.  Innocence is infinitely precious – once lost, it can never be regained.  Anything that shatters the innocence of a child is gravely offensive to the moral order and should be fought tooth and nail.  Parents have objected vociferously, but the bad bishop has basically told them to stuff it.

Look folks, while a bare handful of exceptions exist, if you want your child to keep the Faith for their entire life, Catholic schools are the last place you want to send them.  Even 40 years ago Bishop Sheen declared that Catholic schools were the worst places to send your kids if you wanted them to grow up to be pious, devout, observant souls.  I mean, if you’re going to instill a different religion, you kind of have to seize control of the education system at the start, haven’t you?  And nothing insures indifference in religion than deep attachment to the sins against the 6th and 9th Commandments, which are what prompted Luther’s original revolt, after all.  If you want someone to have a lifelong attachment to vice, it’s best to get at them when they’re young, no?

Bishop Choby has always been a disastrously liberal prelate.  Misery loves company.  Capiche?

A U.S. Catholic bishop has explicitly refused to allow parents to opt their kids out of a diocesan-run school’s sex-ed program deemed by parents to be “erotic” and “salacious,” calling the program a “legitimate requirement” for graduation.

Instead of listening to the parents’ concerns, the bishop has cited the Vatican’s newly minted and problematic sex-ed curriculum as a way to evaluate the school’s program.

In a letter dated September 2, Bishop David Choby of the Catholic Diocese of Nashville, Tennessee, told parents opposing the sex-ed program that while he “wholeheartedly support[s]” their right as “primary educator,” nevertheless, when they send their children to school, they no longer exercise that right when it comes to school “requirements.”………..

……….The “Human Sexuality” course taught as part of the Father Ryan High School’s theology course offers graphic images and erotic sexual details concerning male and female body parts, including highlighting the pleasure points of the male and female reproductive organs and describing the lengths of an “aroused” clitoris and penis. Students learn 10 different forms of contraception. An outline of the course’s problematic content as well as a link to the program can be found in LifeSiteNews’ previous coverage here[On the basis of the promotion of contraception use alone, the course is contrary to the Doctrine of the Faith.  There is no need to discuss different types of contraception unless there is a desire for people to avail themselves of them. To oppose contraception, you don’t need to discuss the different types, especially not in a class taught to teens who are still children]

Parents say the course could be spiritually harmful to their children, calling it a “near occasion of sin.” [Could be?  It sounds like a certainty to me] James Bowman, whose stepdaughter [umm…] attends the school, has joined a coalition of parents opposing the program, telling LifeSiteNews that some of the material present in the sex-ed gives too much detail for so young an audience……….

………..Canon law expert Fr. Gerald Murray told LifeSiteNews in an earlier report on the matter that “any sex education program that is not in accord with the convictions of a child’s parents cannot be made mandatory without violating ‘the right and duty’ of the parents to control what their children are taught in this delicate and sensitive matter.”

Canon lawyer Philip Gray, president of the St. Joseph Foundation, also told LifeSiteNews in a previous report on the matter that competent authorities are “not in line with Church teaching” when they refuse to allow parents to opt their kids out of school programs that parents find objectionable.

Rather than listening to the serious objections to the sex-ed course raised by the parents, Bishop Choby in his letter instead pointed to the Vatican’s recently released sex-ed program, telling parents that it shall be used as an “instrument to evaluate” the school’s own course.

Hichborn noticed the implications of the bishop’s reference to the Vatican sex-ed in relation to parental rights.

It seems that the publication of the Vatican’s new sex education is emboldening a radical departure from traditional means of educating children where parents played the part of primary educator. It appears that the Vatican sex ed is now being used to trump those rights,” he said. [Different religion, anyone?]

The Vatican sex ed, released in July during World Youth day in Poland, has been criticized by international life and family organizations and leaders for being contrary to previous Church teaching, for subverting parents, and for corrupting children…….

……….Bishop Choby concluded his letter by chastising the parents for raising their concerns and gaining “notoriety,” stating that it puts their children attending the school in an “awkward position.”

“Students, I am sure, will or have already seen news stories on television and the Internet about all of this. They will undoubtedly make the connection and conclude who among them is at the heart of this controversy. That will be unfortunate,” he wrote. [What is he, a mafioso?  He’s pretty much saying, it’ll be a shame if something happens to the children of you rabble-rousing parents. Sheesh.]

The bishop suggested that parents standing up for their rights could have the “unintended consequences” of compromising the “spiritual, academic, and social formation” of their children in the school. He also suggested that if parents could not agree to let their children take the sex-ed course that they could choose to opt out of the school. [SAVE YOUR MONEY.  Homeschool.  If 100 kids dropped out over this policy tomorrow, I can guarantee there would be major panic and he would fold.  But few, it seems, have the gumption for such bold action in today’s Church.]

Hichborn called the bishop’s closing words to the parents “disturbing.”

“He suggests that the parents will be to blame for causing difficulties for their children by fighting against the school’s mandatory sex-ed program when, in fact, it is quite the opposite: It is the school backed by the bishop which is forcing parents to either violate their consciences or to leave the school. The parents are not being the bullies here.”

The revolutionaries in the Church have always been the bullies, since they seized power in a bloodless coup 50 years ago.  No one is more enamored of his power, more willing to use it, nor more annoyed at having in questioned, than a progressive churchman.  Having encountered more than a few of these guys, they are all the same: bullies.  But like a lot of bullies they are not nearly so strong or powerful as they like to pretend.  They’re rather like cheap Chinese vases, one good blow will cause them to shatter.

Well, I guess I’ll go home and look forward to another evening’s entertainment of rioting and looting.

How much do you want to bet that both the Black Lives Matter’s movement, and all these riots and uprisings, will come to a screeching halt the day after the election.  Like the “war on women” in 2012, this has always had the smell of a demonrat electoral tactic.


1. Gc5341 - September 23, 2016

My immediate gut instinct was an overwhelming desire to beat the tar out of this bishop. As I calmed down and came to mu senses I know that would be wrong. Yet still isn’t this a call to action for faithful Catholics to organize and confront this Bishop? Something must be done. I don’t know the correct answer.

Woody - September 23, 2016

I liked your first answer. Always follow your gut instincts.

DM - September 23, 2016

Agreed. If I had children at that school and gotten that response back I think I just might have done it. What a truly disgusting man Choby is.

2. Joseph D'Hippolito - September 23, 2016

And you were questioning why the laity has to take it upon itself to save the church?

Tantumblogo - September 23, 2016

Rhetorically, yes. The question answers itself.

3. Joseph D'Hippolito - September 23, 2016

“If you want someone to have a lifelong attachment to vice, it’s best to get at them when they’re young, no?”

Perhaps this is part of a long-range plan to provide more young fodder for the Paul Shanleys of the future?

4. Richard Malcolm - September 23, 2016

“….while a bare handful of exceptions exist…”

Though it should not be forgotten that the exceptions DO exist – not very many of them, to be sure, but they are out there. The Cardinal Newman Top 50 List of Catholic High Schools, for example, is usually a good place to start. And if you’re in the unusual instance of having one of the good ones near you, it’s worth prayerful consideration to make use of them (if you can afford it).

So long as we have Bishop Chobys leading our dioceses, however, I fear that list will continue to remain a short one.

NickD - September 23, 2016

This is a good point. I recently graduated from one of the Top 50 schools (not for all 4 years, for whatever reason). It wasn’t perfect by any means, and there were some very amoral, godless students. However, we had many opportunities to grow in the Faith. Mass on campus everyday, schoolwide Mass once a week, confessions &spiritual direction available, and religious clubs. It was an environment in which a person *could* be well formed and keep the Faith, even if not everyone did

5. C@seydoodle111 - September 23, 2016

I thank the Lord we homeschool!

Catechist Kev

Tantumblogo - September 23, 2016

Good to hear from you! Pray your are well!

6. Magdalene - September 23, 2016

He suggests that the parents will be to blame for causing difficulties for their children by fighting against the school’s mandatory sex-ed program …

This is, literally, damnable! “Sex-ed” is how to. Teaching about contraception and so called safe sex is how to have pre-marital sex. The bishop and those who go along with this should note that the Lord mentioned something about a millstone for those that corrupt children.

7. Mary - September 25, 2016

I think I would first try to get enough parents together to insist that program be removed from the school, who is paying whom, anyway? And if that didn’t work, I would pull my kid out and they just either graduate from somewhere else or we homeschool the rest of the way. And please don’t tell me it will ruin their chances for college. Most college degrees just verify that your child completed four years of Sexular Paganism. Remember you are responsible for your child’s soul. No college degree is needed for entry into heaven.

8. Camper - September 25, 2016

This bishop can’t believe that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by Sulphur as reported in the Bible. Heretic.

9. Camper - September 26, 2016

It’s hard to believe that after all this, people still won’t join the SSPX.

10. Gary - September 28, 2016

The Mason’s used to be the greatest threat to Catholic schools; now it’s the Bishops!!! Time to cut off the funding👍

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