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Most Convincing Ad For Trump I’ve Seen Yet September 22, 2016

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I guess we can write off all those “Robert Downey Jr. is a secret Catholic/conservative” memes now:

Of course, Hollywood has never, ever before pretended that failure to vote for their preferred left-wing candidate would result in national disaster:

So couple the first few seconds of this one (don’t recommend going beyond about 20 seconds, because gratuitous, lazy use of vulgar language ensues):

With this:

And basically the same message was conveyed in 2008.  Vote for Obama or America dies.

I think more and more people, however, have had more than enough of being told what to do by high school drop outs with beautiful faces who can read a teleprompter (marginally well).  A lot of Trump’s rise, for good or ill, has to do with telling off this segment of the population, which is why their endorsement this time is all the more desperate and apocalyptic-sounding.  If Trump wins, it’s a massive shot at their credibility.  They are not the only ones, however.

For someone like me, who choked on Hollywood’s smug superiority and sneering condescension about age 19, the more they freak out, the more the BLM types and all the other leftist’s, genuine and otherwise, lose their minds over Trump’s rise, the more I think…….maybe there is something to this guy.  I am far from alone.

Or, if brevity is the soul of wit, I could simply say to Downey Jr and the others……….your ad is your failure.  There’s no better ad for Trump than these sorts of messages.



1. Margaret Costello - September 22, 2016

The 1st video: “It’s for the children” *cough* *gag* Umm…you mean the ones you want to cut up into pieces, burn alive with chemicals and suck out a vacuum tube just so you can poke everyone you want? How is protecting our borders from people who A) want to blow us up and B) want to steal from us a bad thing?

I consider it a very hopeful thing that I did not recognize a good chunk of the so called “actors” in this piece. And of course, they had to offer nudity to our sex addicted culture as a carrot. Martin Sheen…thought he was pro life? And what’s with the Avengers cast?

The 2nd one was so stupid and leftist I didn’t bother finishing it.

The 3rd? Ugh. How those people sleep at night knowing they endorsed such a nightmare as President is beyond me.

Lord have mercy on us all. God bless~

2. oakesspalding - September 22, 2016

Say it ain’t so, Captain Reynolds.

3. oakesspalding - September 22, 2016

Sorry. I hope it’s okay to put up a second post to make a serious point. In fairness, the pro-Trump/anti-Hillary side is pretty apocalyptic as well about this election (arguably with good reason). But the guys and gals in the above video are just so gross, for lack of a better word, about it. And the diversity of hipster personas is annoying and obnoxious.

The thing is, there’s obviously a segment of voters that digs this sort of thing–including the **** joke (the first * is a d). And the purpose of the video is clearly to induce people in that segment to get out of the coffee bar and into the voting booth. For all I know it might work, or at least work just as much as anything else will.

But I think it does show that the electoral divide is as much cultural as anything else. For some, it’s irony and **** jokes vs. flags and patriotic baseball caps. And, actual policies aside, isn’t it just so obvious (to them) what is superior?

The “LGBT” thing is a case in point. Trump is more pro-gay in pretty much every sense than any Republican and arguably any democratic candidate ever has been (and Catholics and Conservatives should understand that). But for many “LGBT” people, being pro-LGBT is REALLY about being against a whole set of things that don’t have much to do with gay issues. So, for example, that Trump can occasionally say some nice things (sincerely we hope) about faithful Christians completely invalidates everything else in their eyes, and makes him a fascist monster.

Which I think is one reason we don’t like the other side. It’s not just that we disagree about key issues. it’s that we perceive them as DEMANDING agreement on every damn thing. if you don’t agree on every damn thing, then you’re completely beyond the pale and deserving of being called out, banned from Twitter, fired from your job, etc. We like, if that’s the right word, Trump because we perceive him as fighting against that.

Sorry to rant. I hope that makes sense. 🙂

Tantumblogo - September 22, 2016

Dude, I’ve not been a Trump supporter. I’ve gotten absolutely clobbered on here doubting whether I would vote for him. The option I hoped would materialize in my state didn’t so I’m down to either vote Trump or not at all. Interestingly, it seems a lot of Texans are pretty cool on Trump, as his margin here is a lot smaller than it is in some other conservative states.

The post was sort of tongue in cheek. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that. And, you’re exactly right, the same thing occurs among conservativish people. So many are voting for Trump because the alternative is the end of life as we know it, or pretty close. Which, it may be, but if we’re that close to the end, I don’t think a politician can save us.

I may yet vote Trump, but it will be very unenthusiastically.

oakesspalding - September 22, 2016

That’s okay. We’ll take your unenthusiastic vote. It works just as well. 🙂 I’ve gone 180 degrees on the man, which may not be good, and it says something, though I’m not sure what. I’ve always thought people that were “undecided” close to election day were stupid. But I’ll tell you, on primary day my pin hovered over FOUR people (and 2 had already dropped out). Interesting times.

4. c matt - September 23, 2016

There will always be a few who vote for someone. Most vote against against someone. Seriously though, someone who would be swayed by an actor’s endorsement (especially actors who don’t even look old enough to buy a beer) shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Their livelihood depends upon a culture mired in muck, who else would they support but a Democrat?

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