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The Question Is Who Is To Be Master, That Is All September 29, 2016

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So said Humpty Dumpty in the child-predator Lewis Carroll’s fantasy Alice in Wonderland.  This thought sprang into my head, after being sent the following link from regular reader RDLG, which demonstrates that now that devotees of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah have achieved what they wanted in the culture using the “born that way” argument, they are now proclaiming sexual orientation to be “fluid,” probably because they think that will prove convenient and beneficial to their cause.

At least as far as the socio-political Left has been concerned  – and many with same-sex attraction fall under this banner – this movement has been primarily about power.  “Born that way” was an incredibly convenient defense, intended to appeal entirely to emotion rather than reason, while the sexual revolutionaries were in the process of making their next big “advance.”  Now that they have it, either they feel “fluidity” serves their ends better now, or they feel there is little harm in the real truth coming out.

I’d say that even more than sexual orientation being fluid, for a certain time in some people’s lives (though in most people’s, especially those living in the state of Grace, the natural orientation is very much fixed), there is almost a push, a drive, a peer pressure towards at least experimenting with the same-sex, most especially among young women but as a growing phenomenon among boys/young men, as well (which……ick).  Early and frequent exposure to porn can certainly cause children to develop such disordered appetites that even coming to have a certain curiosity or attraction for the same sex cannot be ruled out.  And, we’ve all probably known a few kids growing up who, for various reasons, usually related to issues with the father or some trauma, but sometimes also, inexplicably, who seem to have a hard time figuring out who and what they are.  A certain professor at the University of Texas at Dallas Department of Arts and Humanities, at which my mother worked for over 20 years, derailed his career for preying on just such a confused young boy.

Anyway, it seems that now that they have what they want, the truth can now be told:

A top researcher with the American Psychological Association (APA) and lesbian activist has acknowledged that gays are not “born that way.”

Dr. Lisa Diamond, co-editor-in-chief of the APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology and one of the APA’s “most respected members,” says sexual orientation is “fluid” and not unchangeable.

As clinical psychologist Dr. Laura A. Haynes summarizes Diamond’s APA Handbook chapters, her book and YouTube lectures, “The battle to disprove ‘Born that way and can’t change’ is now over, and (Diamond) is telling LGBT activists to stop promoting the myth.”

Contrary to the typical argument that homosexuals are “born gay” as “who they are” and cannot change, the APA officially recognized sexual orientation change in 2011.

Diamond summarized relevant findings in a lecture at Cornell University (2013), stating that abundant research has now established that sexual orientation — including attraction, behavior, and self-identity — is fluid for both adolescents and adults and for both genders.

This flies in the face of recent laws promoted by gay activists and passed in several states banning “reparative therapy,” which seeks to help patients experiencing same-sex attraction to change.

The stated justification for anti-reparative therapy laws is that anyone who experiences same-sex attraction is not only gay and born gay, but his/her homosexuality is unchangeable and so “reparative therapy,” it is argued, is not only unfruitful but cruel.  The argument goes, “You can’t change who you are.”

Additionally, many gay activists call sexual orientation “the civil rights issue of our time,” and analogous to race. Diamond and the APA, however, refute this argument.

Fr. Johannes Jacobse, founder of The American Orthodox Institute, called Diamond’s “course correction” a “stunning reversal” of oft-repeated gay justification. “Sexuality desire is fluid, homosexual desire is not ‘hard-wired;’ that ‘born that way and can’t change’ is a myth; feelings don’t overrule volition (behavior is a choice, one does not need to act on every feeling — especially sexual feelings); the ‘born that way’ argument is political, not scientific; sexual orientation is subject to change among others.”

“The idea that what a person feels defines who he is — who God created him to be — is false,” Fr. Jacobse wrote. “If a person feels homosexual desire, it does not mean he is created homosexual.”

We can surely expect this “revelation” – which is no revelation at all – to be hotly debated and vehemently opposed by the promoters of the sexular pagan revolution.  Should this fact gain broad acceptance – how can I even have to say that! – it could obliterate moves for things like banning “reperative therapy” and really destroys the fundamental argument in favor of pseudo-sodo-marriage (how can you be so mean as to deny someone “born that way” of the right “to be happy?!?”)

I’m sure we’ll hear a great deal, both ways, depending on who is speaking and what their agenda is.

The horrifying part is how this revolutionary advocacy plays out in the lives of real people.  Lives are ruined.  Families are torn apart.  Souls are lost, sometimes, in an unbelievable tragedy, forever.  And even in lives that are not “ruined,” a relatively brief youthful error, a falling into the wicked ways of this perverse and darkened world,  can lead to a lifetime of regret and self-loathing.

And it’s happening to families very close to many of us.  May God have mercy on them, and all of us, in these despicable times.  Please pray for those undergoing this terrible suffering.  I also pray I may never be put in this awful position, of having to choose between endorsing a child’s wickedness and having a relationship with them.

My wife and I have discussed, and we know which way we shall choose:




1. Unsettled - September 30, 2016

So basically what you’re saying at the end there is: you’d cut off your own kid for being homosexual and refusing to abstain from sex and relationships? Before, or after the kid reaches adulthood? What would you do if they were still under your roof?

Tantumblogo - October 5, 2016

I’m not certain what you mean by “cut off.” I would not demand they leave, they are my child and I will love them forever no matter what they do, but I would not countenance any behaviors associated with this lifestyle choice under my roof nor would allow any of the people they act out with around my house or other children. A great deal would come down to circumstance, as in how they acted out, how they behaved around my wife and I and our other children, whether they attempted to undermine how we are raising our other children, etc. Again they would always have my unconditional love and fervent prayer and sacrifice for their conversion.

But this is strictly academic. If we have issues, it’s in the opposite direction. Same things apply there, of course. I would not tolerate any acting out with a daughter’s boyfriend, any declarations regarding such in front of my other kids that were contrary to the Faith, nor allow a BF in the house if I had knowledge of fornication or things like that. I would expect my kids to remain chaste and practice celibacy until married, whether living at home or not. If they did not, it would be very bad but I’m not going to kick a child out of the house while I will seek to constrain their access to sin as much as I can while still a minor. It’s my duty as a parent to protect and uphold their moral standing, for which I am accountable to God, so long as they live. If they depart my house and do their own thing, they would always have my prayers, regardless.

Angelic Doctor Games - October 5, 2016

Cross posted comment follows. Just seemed appropriate here as well…

For those looking for emotional and spiritual support regarding the subject matter noted in this post, I invite you to look into the Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of Encourage, dedicated to families whose loved ones identify as SSA. Please know and take comfort that you are not alone.


They meet every evening for prayer for their same sex attracted loved ones, for fellowship and for study.

For those individuals themselves struggling with matters associated with SSA, I would ask you to prayerfully consider locating and getting in touch with a chapter of Courage operating in your area in Texas:


2. Barbara Hvilivitzky - September 30, 2016

This not the question. The question arises when parents tell a child the truth, even if it hurts that child. For most in this position ‘the truth’ comes out of left field. No one else, except these poor parents, tells this child that acting on feelings alone can be sinful. So, yes, it seems harsh and goes against the prevailing culture.

From personal experience it’s not the parents who shun the child. It’s the child that moves out, goes on the street or moves in with a friend or another more ‘tolerant’ family, and stops talking to the parents.

As for a young person who must remain under the parents’ roof the parents are in no way to facilitate the sinful behaviour. That means no allowance, no internet, no car, nothing that would allow the young person the freedom to act on perverted desires. That is the hardest thing to do but the most necessary.

If the child is in a sinful relationship that child is always welcome to come home and visit, but ‘partners’ are NOT welcome.

This is also a martyrdom.

3. tg - September 30, 2016

I pray you don’t ever have to make that decision, Tantaum. I pray for the protection of my grandchildren from that curse too. (I call it a curse.) But if it did happen, I would chose God, too. At least with a sinful natural relationship, there’s hope to amend the situation but not with an unnatural one, it’s more difficult. St. Anne is the saint I turn to for my grandchildren and great nephews and nieces. By the way today in the new calendar, it’s St. Jerome’s feast day. So all you hot heads, say a prayer to him today. I know I am.

4. Angelic Doctor Games - October 6, 2016

We are reading “Making Gay Okay; How rationalizing Homosexual Behavior is Changing Everything”

In 1991 Eric Pollard former member and cofounder of the militant homosexual organization ACT UP admitted “I have helped to create a truly facist organization. … we subscribed to consciously subvert modes, drawn largely from the voluminous “Mein Kampf” which some of us studied as a working model. As ACT UP grew we struck intently and surgically into whatever institutions we believed to stand in our way.”

Why would the APA give into pressure? This was revealed in an interview with Journalist Alex Spiegel granddaughter of Dr. John Spiegel who was president-elect of the APA in 1973. She said:
“To hear my grandfather tell it, it was he alone who banished those 81 words from the DSM… because he was a big-hearted man unfettered by prejudice
who worked in behalf of the downtrodden. My grandfather was not president of the APA. He was president -elect. He didn’t singlenhanded change anything. Our family went on vacation to the Bahamas to celebrate my grandfathers 70th birthday.

. He stepped out from his beach front bungalow on that first day followed by a small well-built man, a man that later during dinner my grandfather introduced to his shocked family as his lover. It turned my grandfather had gay lovers throughout his life…” My grandfather.. was a closeted homosexual with an agenda.

Dr Spiegel had a small group of psychiatrists called the “young Turks” gather in his home. They were all members of the APA and all liberal-minded Easterners. They decided to reform the APA from within.

This “inside” group worked along with an outside group of agitators.

Tantumblogo - October 6, 2016

All true, and vitally important to know, but it’s almost entirely been flushed down the memory hole as far as 99% of the population is concerned.

Angelic Doctor Games - October 6, 2016

We are being led like sheep to the slaughter. This next account is evidence that the decision to remove homosexuality was done more out of advocacy than for any actual science. The fact remains that SSA is a mental disorder. Psychologists have yet to produce evidence contrary from a scientific perspective though we have heard much lately how science does not support the ‘born that way’ theory.

The following describes the night the words used to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder by the American Psychological Association (APA) were written. It involved changing the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual). As you will see, it was not a very scientific decision. It took place in a bar, over drinks, in Hawaii and was later drafted that night in a hotel room.

The radio program of Alix Spiegel explains what happened within the APA

Alix Spiegel: According to Ronald Gold, what finally convinced Robert Spitzer to sit down and redraft the words in the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual took place in a bar later that night in one of those crampy Hawaiian lounges with bamboo furniture, grass skirted waitresses and a three page menu of exotically colored drinks This is where the GayPA decided to hold it annual party.

Ronald Gold: I got invited to the party but I was told keep it all very quiet and don’t say anything and just come to this bar and we’ll be there. So I decided to invited Spitzer to come to this because he had told me essentially that he didn’t know any gay psychiatrists and wasn’t quite sure there were any. And I said you just come along.

Alix Spiegel: Ron warned Spitzer not to say anything, he was instructed not to speak, or stare, or indicate in any way that he was anything other than a closet gay man.

Ronald Gold: But once he got there and saw that the head of the Transaction Analysis association and the guy who handed out all the training money in the United States, and the heads of various prestigious psychiatry departments at various universities were all there, he couldn’t believe it. And he started asking all these dimwitted questions.

Alix Spiegel: At the time members of the GayPA were still completely hidden. They hadn’t been active in the struggle to change the DSM,; they were too fearful of losing their jobs to identify themselves publicly. So when Robert Spitzer, an obviously straight man in a position of power at the APA appeared at the bar the men of the GAYPA were completely unnerved.

Ronald Gold: So the grand dragon of the GayPA, whoever he was…sad “Get rid of him, get him out of here! You’ve got to get rid of him!” And I said : “I’m doing nothing of the kind, he is here to help us and we are not doing anything.

Alix Spiegel: And that’s when it happened There in front of Robert Spitzer and the grand dragon of the Gay PA. There in the midst of neon coloured drinks and grass-skirted waitresses a young man in full army uniform walked into the bar. He looked at Robert Spitzer, he looked at Ronald Gold, he looked at the grand dragon of the GAYPA. And then the young man in uniform burst into tears. He threw himself into Rons arms and remained there sobbing.

Ronald Gold: Well I had no idea who he was. It turned out he was a psychiatrist, an army psychiatrist based in Hawaii who was so moved by my speech, he told me, that he decided he had to go to a gay bar for the first time in his life. And somehow or other he got directed to this particular bar and saw me and all the gay psychiatrists and it was too much for him, he just cracked up. It was a very moving event. This man was awash in tears. And I believe that was what decided Spitzer right there to say let’s go write the resolution. And so we went back to Spitzer’s hotel room and wrote the resolution.

Alix Spiegel: That night?

Ronald Gold: That night.

Tantumblogo - October 6, 2016

All emotion, zero science. Yep, that about sums it up. Thanks for the very meaningful contributions.

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