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Some Good Local Catholic Art…….. September 30, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, Art and Architecture, awesomeness, fun, General Catholic, Glory.

……and then have a nice weekend.

Reader SL is also an artist, a couple of whose works I have posted before.  He has a new one I like quite a bit:


And a previous work:


I’m off.  I pray you have a blessed weekend.


1. The Lord's Blog - September 30, 2016

Love beauty. Religious beauty.

2. The Lord's Blog - September 30, 2016

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog and commented:
There is nothing like the beauty of art especially that of religious art.

3. Margaret Costello - September 30, 2016

Pretty:+) Here is a HT article for you. I got sick just reading it. But thought you might want to comment or post on it. Up to you:+)


God bless~

dthy - October 2, 2016

I read much of the article, it’s too pathetic to finish really. Such women are the result, most likely, of the women’s liberation movement and widespread promotion of birth control. Pathetically, they probably wouldn’t even consider that with such an attitude they should simply have remained single and chaste. I encountered many such women in a neighborhood I lived when I was a young mother. But fortunately, I moved to another neighborhood with an active rosary group. In my first encounter with the group one of the women was talking about the joys of motherhood and raising children. I thought, wow, what a welcome difference in attitude.

4. skeinster - October 2, 2016

Well, look at you, being all famous on the Ace of Spades Sunday Book Thread!


Tantumblogo - October 4, 2016

Heh. Then he dissed me by noting “don’t send so many pics or bad ones.” Which I freely admit to, I stink at taking pics. I only sent several so he could pic the best.

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