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Shocking, or not at all? Oregon PUBLIC schools to open satanic clubs October 5, 2016

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As if we needed more confirmation that the supposedly sacrosanct “separation of church and state” was really just “get out Christofascists” all along, this report from Oregon that the Parkrose PUBLIC school district have approved the opening of a “satanist club” for children aged 4-12 at Sacramento Elementary School (blaspheming the Blessed Sacrament, of course the satanists would push to have this fireball nightmare evil be first installed there):

The first “After School Satan Club” has just received approval to operate at Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.  According to The Oregonian, the Satan Club will begin activities on October 19, 2016.

The Satanic Temple wants to open at least nine Satan Clubs, which would expose young and impressionable children, ages 4 to 12, to the greatest possible spiritual danger — the destructive influence of Hell.

These After School Satan Clubs propose to teach children to:

  • Deny the existence of God
  • Reject the idea of eternal punishment for evil or reward for good
  • Foster unconcern for sin and Hell
  • Replace Christian charity with atheistic humanitarianism
  • Oppose Christian clubs in public schools

There are in Oregon some after-school clubs run by evangelicals.  Whether this Sacramento Elementary has such a club is uncertain.

But that doesn’t mean that my lede was wrong.  There has been a special and particular onus against the presence of Christianity in public schools, whereas other religions such as Mohammadism are given much more latitude.  Now satanists get to open a club and try to such children into a life of hatred, self-abuse, and self-degradation few if any will ever recover from.  Those sins embraced very early are the most difficult to overcome.  Beliefs instilled by authority figures in very young children rapidly form the entire moral-intellectual framework of a child.

God knows what kind of parent would allow their children to be exposed to this, but it’s not a fake.  And the satanists are trying to open as many as a dozen such clubs around the country, in particular, along the West Coast where the process of de-Chrisitianization is as advanced as anywhere in the country.

There is a petition you can sign to oppose this, if the Spirit so moves you.

And as a further sign that the forces of darkness continue to gain more and more power over the populace of this nation, and especially its young people, Columbia University is instituting “no whites allowed” leadership retreats.  So this is what BLM essentially boils down to?  Reverse Jim Crow?  Judging by their rhetoric and actions, it would not be completely surprising:

The “Students of Color Leadership Retreat 2016” is open to students within the Columbia University undergraduate community, including its all-women’s Barnard College.

Slated for the weekend of Nov. 12 at Greenkill Retreat Center at the New York YMCA Camp, the event is billed as “an intensive weekend of personal development, empowerment and community building for student leaders at Barnard and Columbia who identify as African/African-American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, Asian/Asian-American, Pacific Islander, Arab and Middle-Eastern, Native & Indigenous, and Multiethnic/Multiracial,” according to the university’s website as well as the retreat’s online application form.

“SOCLR is designed for students who identify themselves as a person of color as a primary identity,” Columbia’s website adds.

The application asks students to state their gender identity/expression, their gender pronoun, their racial identity, and also answer a few questions on what they plan to gain from attending the retreat, paid for by the private, Ivy League institution. Lodging, food and transportation are provided, the application notes………

……..Asked for additional information, such as whether white students may attend…….

The leftist director of multi-culti indoctrination and forming the vanguard of the proletarian revolution issued a stream of never-ending BS that never explicitly said that whites are not allowed to attend but made clear this event is not for them.  He then also listed a bewildering array of specialized campus support groups for every conceivable aggrieved minority under the sun (including populations that have very little cause for grievance), but there are of course no such groups for whites and especially white males, who everyone knows are responsible for every conceivable evil in the  universe, and without which the earth would instantly revert into a verdant Eden-like paradise.

Yeah baby.  Tell me about my privilege.  How my great-great paternal grandparents lived in a cave for 20 years while homesteading our farm.  How my great-grandfather grew up there breaking new ground with a horse-drawn plow in soil frozen by -10 degree weather.  How my daddy grew up without electricity or running water.




1. The Lord's Blog - October 5, 2016

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog.

2. Baseballmom - October 5, 2016

Sadly, “not at all.”

3. c matt - October 5, 2016

As to the Columbia story – what if you are “trans-racial”? That is, you were born white, but self-identify as black, american indian, etc.? Or are they anti-diversity?

4. Camper - October 5, 2016

Can’t the Oregon public schools be sued for allowing Satanism into schools under the theory that religious stuff in schools isn’t allowed?

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