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Protestantization of the Church Accelerates: German Bishops to Allow Communion for Remarried Divorcees October 6, 2016

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It is amazing the degree to which the program of Francis, Bishop of Rome, follows that of the modernist/progressive elements of Vatican II.  Relative to the statements in the documents themselves, Vatican II unleashed a torrent of changes and chaos all out of proportion to the (I freely admit, and furthermore, passionately argue) rather limited errors that were promulgated therein.  There is not much in Vatican II that can be taken to directly attack belief in the Real Presence, and yet the changes implemented since Vatican II have constituted a full-on assault on that precious belief and have left only a small minority of “Catholics” believing in this Dogma so absolutely central to the Faith.  Heck, it is THE central Dogma.

The revolution was worked, primarily, with small changes.  A shift of emphasis here, a dubious pronouncement there, a wink, a nod, and all of a sudden, we had an entirely new religion.  Please understand, I am not under-emphasizing the importance or the scale of the errors present in most all the documents of Vatican II at all.  I am simply saying, relative to their effects (ginormous), those changes themselves were relatively small.

And we see the same thing at work in the wake of the disastrous 2014/5 synods and the post-synodal exhortation Amoris Laetitia.  Amoris Laetitia is a disastrous document for numerous reasons, it does gravely undermine the sanctity of marriage and the Eucharist to an amazing degree, but most all the well-placed concern over the document has come more from the, by now, all too predictable consequences of what would flow from it.  By leaving the door open to Communion for those persisting in adulterous relationships with a still valid marriage under what were purported to be supposed “special circumstances,” following a “process of discernment and penance,” is now rapidly becoming a de facto acceptance of divorce in the Church and the provision of the Eucharist for those who manifestly and constantly commit adultery in a relationship outside their still-valid marriage.

Already we know that many if not all of the Bishops of the Buenos Aires region, and probably, inevitably, all of Argentina, are intending to implement a very free-wheeling interpretation of Amoris Laetitia – an interpretation provided and reinforced by Francis himself!! –  opening the Eucharist to many divorced and “remarried” people.  And now it seems the German bishops, the ultimate propulsive force behind this radical departure into heresy and schism, are preparing to implement Communion for the divorced and remarried on a grander scale, which will apply to the entire country:

Just after the news about Pope Francis’ support of more liberalizing approaches to the “remarried” question in Argentina and in Rome, news is now coming to us from Germany that other elements of the Catholic Church are moving in the same direction. Stephan Burger, Archbishop of Freiburg, Germany, has just announced that he expects the German Bishops’ Conference soon to allow Communion for the “remarried” throughout Germany.  Katholisch.de, the official website of the German Bishops’ Conference reports on this same news today:

Stephan Burger, the Archbishop of Freiburg, expects a document of the German Bishops concerning marriage and the family and concerning the Church’s dealing with the remarried divorcees. The Bishops’ Conference has seen it as its task to pick up on Pope Francis’ recent explanations and to make them more concrete, said Burger to the Diocesan newspaper Konradsblatt in Karlsruhe.

More importantly, moreover, Burger says that Pope Francis himself wants to allow Communion for the “remarried,” as Katholisch.de also reports:

An essential point of the papal document concerning marriage and the family (Amoris Laetitia) is, in the eyes of Burger, that Francis himself wants to make free the path for the remarried to receive Holy Communion. This is, in individual cases, possible after an ‘in-depth examination and formation of conscience and after a pastoral accompaniment.’ The Archbishop stressed that ‘life is too complicated in order to have at hand a clear and unequivocal solution for everybody and everything.’ [Good Lord, you could justify positively anything with this kind of moral relativism.  Really, amoral relativism.  You  may as well chuck the entire moral edifice of the Church with this kind of attitude, which is exactly what the leftists have always wanted: a totally neutered Church that says nothing of value to anyone, a worldly do-good society that is just another damned NGO jockeying for funding.]

Katholisch.de rightly reminds its readers that the Diocese of Freiburg has already allowed, “for several years now, the giving out of Communion to remarried divorcees and to admit them to the Sacrament of Penance in individual cases.” However, in 1993, the Vatican had condemned a similar decision made by the German Dioceses of Freiburg, Rottenburg-Stuttgart and Mainz. [What is this BS about Confession being “denied” someone.  I mean, the priest may not grant absolution if one continues to manifestly persist in a grave sin without any purpose of amendment or indication of such – like someone living with someone other than their spouse, and engaging in carnal relations with them – but where on earth are such people denied “admission” to the Sacrament of Confession?]

…….The Francis Revolution keeps showing its disastrous effects. Another example of just how damaging the effects of this papacy actually are can be seen in a report by the Italian journalist Marco Tosatti. He reports today that the Belgian Bishop Johan Bonny – appointed by Pope Francis himself – has now proposed in the form of an indirect question “whether it would not be possible to establish a new rite to celebrate homosexual unions as well as cohabiting couples.”

They will leave nothing left.  Look, I use the term “different religion” as a kind of catch-all for the modernist/leftist influences in the Church, and there are certainly many arguments, some quite persuasive, that the Novus Ordo establishment-types have constituted a new and different religion since Vatican II, but this here……..this is making the tattered fig leaf of unity whither to nothingness.  If Communion becomes a free-for-all, then it means nothing – read my previous post from St. Justin Martyr, on adherence to Doctrine, practice, and eschewing of all sin that contradicts same, as being a prerequisite for reception of Holy Communion.  And that was written almost 1900 years ago!

I’ve always been very reticent to draw the most obvious conclusions from the experience of the Church in the past 50+ years since the Council, because the implications of such considerations are soul-crushing.  Under Benedict (boy, was I fooled – well, kinda), that fig leaf of unity seemed to have a little bit of realism to it, we, or I, could fool ourselves that the worst was over and things would improve, at least after a fashion, and maybe many years down the line.  That is obviously not the case.  Apparently, these guys are absolutely determined to force the issue.  You will either submit to the new religion and all that implies, or…….you can go through many months or years of agonizing existential angst, at the least, that’s for sure.

I don’t let myself think about this stuff much because the answers are all very bleak and none too comforting.  But, like I said, they appear absolutely determined to make those who take this “stuff” – this religion, this Faith – seriously think about constantly.

I’d probably be better off if I just totally unplugged.  Yellowknife, here I come!


Saint Justin Martyr Proves Ancient Church Belief in Real Presence – ca AD 150 October 6, 2016

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Saint Justin Martyr was a cultured man of letters and one of the first great post-apostolic apologists for the Faith.  He carried on a unique and extensive correspondence with the 15th Emperor of Rome, Titus Fulvus Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, commonly %d0%b8%d1%83%d1%81%d1%82%d0%b8%d0%bd_%d1%84%d0%b8%d0%bb%d0%be%d1%81%d0%be%d1%84_%d0%b0%d1%84%d0%be%d0%bdknown as Antoninus Pius, who reigned from AD 138-161.  This correspondence is well known among those with more than a very limited knowledge of early Church history, and is one of numerous testimonies from the earliest Church Fathers that prove, without equivocation or the slightest doubt, that the Faith of the Catholic Church of Rome is the exact Faith that was practiced by the earliest Church.  This is confirmed in numerous doctrinal beliefs, but one of the most important, and, concomitantly, easiest to confirm, is the total belief in the Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar held by the early Church.  This is confirmed by numerous writings dating to the earliest part of the 2nd century (over 200 years before Constantine supposedly “corrupted the Church,” according to protestants) from St. Ignatius of Antioch and others on (adding to several FIRST century references a la Pope Saint Clement’s Epistles to Corinth, among others) to the best of the 2nd century, Justin Martyr.

You have to understand the context in which Saint Justin Martyr was writing.  Christianity was still almost entirely a secret religion due to persecution.  The Mass was not open to the public. As part of the persecution, and partly due to human nature when encountering anything new and different, wild, calumniating rumors flew regarding what went on during the Mass, which was known to feature a Sacrifice.  Many of these wild rumors and innuendo’s were started by the earliest Church’s first enemies, the Jews.  Jews claimed that stjustinmartyrChristians sacrificed babies and ate their bodies during the Mass, mixing up scattered bits of the Nativity and Easter narratives, or just being plain malicious.  These rumors added further fuel to the already extant persecutions, making them much more severe.

At any rate, the educated, urbane Justin set out to set matters straight, and rather than mess around with middlemen, went straight to the top man himself.  He used his connections to establish a correspondence with the Emperor Antoninus Pius.  The critical part of the exchange, quoted by St. Alphonsus Liguori in the Victories of the Martyrs (but far more and better coverage is in either Jurgen’s The Faith of the Early Fathers Volume 1, or the The Anti-Nicene Fathers by Roberts and Donaldson but beware the anti-Catholic notes in this Anglican work):

Wherefore having explained the sacred ceremonies of baptism, he proceeds to speak of the Eucharist in the following terms: “He that presides in the assembly is presented with bread and a chalice of wine, mixed with water; whereupon, in the name of the Son and the Holy Ghost, he renders glory to the Father.  And by these gifts doth he make thanksgiving, which all the faithful confirm by the word ‘Amen.’  The prayers, praises, and thanksgivings being terminated, the deacons take of the bread and the wine, mixed with water, over which all these holy prayers have been recited, and having distributed them among those present, they carry some to the absent also.
[Liguori here notes that these men would have been the equivalent of today’s full deacons, acting as delegates of the priest or, as he was then called, the presbyter.  They were considered separate and “above” lay persons and had received consecration for the task of handling the Sacred Species.  The circumstances of the Church under justin-martyrpersecution made recourse to use of deacons (and, yes, sometimes lay people) commonly to distribute the Eucharist necessary, and are not an endorsement of lay handling of the Blessed Sacrament as per modern practice.  By the late 4th century, doctrine had clearly evolved, as demonstrated in the Spanish Council of Elvira, against ANY lay handling of the Blessed Sacrament.  This Doctrine came into place as soon as the period of vicious persecution ended] This food is by us called Eucharist; of which no one can partake who believeth not our doctrines, and who hath not been cleansed from sin in the laver of regeneration.  This is not common food or drink; but as Jesus Christ our Savior was, for our redemption, by virtue of the Divine Word, composed of flesh and blood; so we are aware that, by virtue of the prayer containing His Divine words, the food by which we are nourished is the Flesh and Blood of the Word Incarnate.”  [This is really our Faith in a nutshell.  From the Eucharist, everything else flows.  That is why the protestants had to turn the Eucharist into a symbol, because with the Eucharist intact, all their changes to the moral law and claims of private interpretation would, in time, crumble upon themselves.  And this is no outlier.  From the early Fathers you can find confirmation of virtually any Catholic Doctrine you choose, almost always directly but occasionally by inference.  Confession?  Absolutely.  Works vital for salvation?  Certainly.  Communion/”membership” in the Church necessary for salvation.  Heck yes.  A hierarchical Church with the pope at its head?  You bet.]

Thus we see that the present doctrine of the Catholic Church is that which was believed and practiced in the apostolic times, in which our Saint flourished.

———-End Quote———-

Unfortunately, Saint Justin failed to convince the obstinate infidel “Pius.”  He also got his head lopped off for his trouble.

There you go.  You get a double-dose of catechesis today.  Perhaps this bit of knowledge might come in handy when dealing with protestant family and/or friends.


Gueranger: islam Has Long Been a Scourge Against Unfaithful/Heretical Christians October 6, 2016

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We human creatures seem to have some built in flaws we are simply unable to overcome.  Or we refuse to do so.  One of the most critical of these is our steadfast refusal to learn from the lessons of the past.  This applies in all imaginable fields – economic, political, military, technological, spiritual, you name it.

Dom Prosper Gueranger gives us a little bit of a history lesson from Vol. 4 of The Liturgical Year, pp. 168-9, concerning God’s permitting islam to be the punishment visited upon Christians who fall into persistent error and schism.  While written 150 years ago, it may as well have been written for today, when, I am quite certain, Dom Gueranger would be mortified into shocked silence by the specter of a Christendom so utterly devoid of faith and already deeply into the process of being overrun by islam in its very heartland:

When, later on, the Christian nations of the east had lost the Faith which they themselves had transmitted to the western world; when they had disfigured the sacred symbol of faith by their blasphemous heresies; the anger of God sent upon them, from Arabia, the deluge of Mahometanism.  It swept away the Christian churches, that had existed from the very time of the Apostles.  Jerusalem, the favored Jerusalem, on which Jesus had lavished the tenderest love, even she became a victim to the infidel hordes.  Antioch and Alexandria, with their patriarchates, were plunged into the vilest slavery; and at length Constantinople, that had so obstinately provoked the divine indignation, was made the very capital of the Turkish empire.

And we, the western nations, if we return not to the Lord our God, shall we be spared? Shall the floodgates of of Heaven’s vengeance, the torrent of fresh Vandals, ever be menacing to burst upon us, yet never come?  Where is the country of our own West, that has not corrupted its way, as in the days of Noah?  That has not made conventions against the Lord and His Christ?  That has not clamored out that old cry of revolt: “Let us break their bonds asunder, let us cast away their yoke from us?” (Ps ii:3).

Well may we fear lest the time is at hand, when, despite our haughty confidence  in our means of defense, Christ our Lord, to whom all nations have been given by the Father, shall rule us with a rod of iron, and break us in pieces like a potter’s vessel (Ps ii:9).

Let us propitiate the anger of our offended God, and follow the inspired counsel of the royal prophet; Serve ye the Lord with fear; embrace the discipline of His Law; lest, at any time, the Lord be angry, and  ye perist from the just way (Ps ii:12).

———–End Quote———–

Heavy, heavy stuff. But none too remote a prophecy, I fear.

My brethren, we are of course afflicted with an even worse situation than that which faced Dom Gueranger.  While he could easily and accurately extrapolate the then nascent trends in Christendom towards liberalism, modernism, atheism, and hedonism, Gueranger did have the Grace to live in a time when Holy Mother Church was, herself, quite strong and robust of Faith and Doctrine.

We do not have a like situation today.  We live in a virtually unprecedented time of apostasy and faithlessness from the vast swaths of the masses up through the highest echelons of the church.  We can, however, hold some solace in the fact that such periods of faithlessness have been numerous in the history of the Church, and she has always recovered. However, it is quite possible that this our present age is the worst our glorious Mother the Church has had to endure.

And thus the rod of iron, stayed so long by Mary’s arm, presses down with ever more relentless weight and pent up fury upon our Mother’s exhausted, outstretched hands.  Only we can sustain her through our prayers, as she has so often implored us to do, from Lourdes to La Salette to Fatima to Akita and beyond.  Only we can turn back the Lord’s vengeance through prayer and penance, though I comprehend how many find the burden to be too great, and the shirking of duty by others leaving us with too great a task to face, a task that is not fairly borne by us.

But no one ever said life was fair.  This is our lot, and we must try to do our best.

Necessary Life Skills for Living in a “Diverse” Culture – Lesson 1 October 6, 2016

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By “diverse” I especially mean one with a sizable muslim population.  This is the kind of situation Obama, Merkel, Clinton, and others see as being a very small price to pay in order to impose their religiously motivated beliefs in things like multiculturalism and so-called diversity on the rest of us:

That is very solid advice. It’s well past time I started following it.

I also believe strongly in passive defensive measures.  Active defense is the gun or whatever means  you have to actually go out and “touch” the threat away from your person.  Passive means something that provides defense even if the threat reaches your person.  So  many folks spend tons and tons of money on firearms, ammo, training, and much else besides, but overlook the advantages of a very robust passive defense.

I have temporarily settled on a used Air Warrior (mine substantially different from the link, with many more attach points) Level IIIA jacket with additions to add coverage for the shoulders, groin, and thighs as needed though generally I wouldn’t incorporate those absent a very specific threat.  This is all soft armor, and about as good as can be found.  Eventually I hope to move to hard plate Level IV armor.  I friend graciously offered me a plate carrier (which I gladly accepted), but no plates.  Unfortunately soft armor like I have is limited to protecting against most handguns or long range small caliber rifle threats, and is also useless against knives/swords.  But I got a heckuva deal on it at my Catholic neighbor’s Army Navy store.

This is the world the elites are making for us.  Some might think always carrying or having body armor handy is over the top, but I doubt many of the hundreds of people in the situations shown in that “Reality Check” video series would agree.

h/t reader D, who had a similarly pithy description of the video: “helping muslims adapt to Western culture.”  Good one my man.  And we plan on taking you up on your offer for Jan 1.  Sorry I haven’t replied directly yet.

This is a really good video series: