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Necessary Life Skills for Living in a “Diverse” Culture – Lesson 1 October 6, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Basics, demographics, family, General Catholic, Immigration, manhood, Revolution, sickness, Society, true leadership.

By “diverse” I especially mean one with a sizable muslim population.  This is the kind of situation Obama, Merkel, Clinton, and others see as being a very small price to pay in order to impose their religiously motivated beliefs in things like multiculturalism and so-called diversity on the rest of us:

That is very solid advice. It’s well past time I started following it.

I also believe strongly in passive defensive measures.  Active defense is the gun or whatever means  you have to actually go out and “touch” the threat away from your person.  Passive means something that provides defense even if the threat reaches your person.  So  many folks spend tons and tons of money on firearms, ammo, training, and much else besides, but overlook the advantages of a very robust passive defense.

I have temporarily settled on a used Air Warrior (mine substantially different from the link, with many more attach points) Level IIIA jacket with additions to add coverage for the shoulders, groin, and thighs as needed though generally I wouldn’t incorporate those absent a very specific threat.  This is all soft armor, and about as good as can be found.  Eventually I hope to move to hard plate Level IV armor.  I friend graciously offered me a plate carrier (which I gladly accepted), but no plates.  Unfortunately soft armor like I have is limited to protecting against most handguns or long range small caliber rifle threats, and is also useless against knives/swords.  But I got a heckuva deal on it at my Catholic neighbor’s Army Navy store.

This is the world the elites are making for us.  Some might think always carrying or having body armor handy is over the top, but I doubt many of the hundreds of people in the situations shown in that “Reality Check” video series would agree.

h/t reader D, who had a similarly pithy description of the video: “helping muslims adapt to Western culture.”  Good one my man.  And we plan on taking you up on your offer for Jan 1.  Sorry I haven’t replied directly yet.

This is a really good video series:



1. docmx001 - October 6, 2016

It is a metaphysical certainty you need Level IV, and quickly, before it is banned from civilian purchase.

Tantumblogo - October 6, 2016

My man. I appreciate the advice.

Were you telling me you had bought a Century CETME 308?

docmx001 - October 6, 2016

No, I did not. But I am looking at several options and probably going semi-custom route. I just discovered a new range/shop/gunsmith near me and they are excellent.

Tantumblogo - October 6, 2016

You’re lucky. Good gunsmiths are really rare, and if you find one, they are often backlogged months.

2. docmx001 - October 6, 2016

At least Level III+, which is good up to armor piercing rounds. It stops regular 762 and 556. Also recommend steel vs composite for durability. I just checked my normal sites and all sold out or minimum 12 weeks leadtime. Good luck.

Tantumblogo - October 6, 2016

Yes I know, that’s a major problem. Most are sold out way in advance. That’s another reason I went the route I did, I got the best I could find and at a great price, way more than 50% off new.

I read differing things on Level IIIA, some say it will stop some smaller rifle rounds fired at long distance, others say that’s doubtful. When I say smaller, I mean 556 or maybe 7.62×33 Kurz or something like that. Not a full size round.

Of course, while hard plate will save your life if you’re hit by a 7.62×51 or green tip 5.56, you’re likely to be a mission kill for quite some time after weathering the blow.

Camper - October 12, 2016

I’ve heard that IIIA only stops submachine gun rounds. For combat patrols in a dangerous environment, III is recommended, if not IV.

Tantumblogo - October 12, 2016

Handgun and/or sub-caliber rounds which might come from a submachine gun or other similar type, yes. Got a plate carrier this weekend, now I need to order the plates.

I am not finding any steel plates at level IV. The best level IV I have found are ceramic-fiberglass composite that can generally take several .30-06 AP rounds, whereas ceramic alone usually are only good for one round.

Yes it is true that DOJ and several states are moving to make Level III and above body armor illegal for civilians. Some sources will only ship to law enforcement now because of that.

3. Chris G. - October 7, 2016

Immense thanks for these insights. This will become the new normal if we don’t get a major pivot in November.

4. Chris - October 8, 2016

Tantum, is the Catholic Army Navy Store the same I hear mentioned on KATH radio? Will he order vests? I’m not expecting the special deal you got, but if I were to buy such, I’d always prefer to buy from a brother in faith.

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