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Obama Admin, UN Deliberately Abandoning Syrian Christians…… October 11, 2016

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……while showing a marked preference to allow tens of thousands of Syrian muslims to emigrate to the US and Europe.

What’s that?  You’re shocked, shocked to discover the first muslim president showing a marked preference to his fellow muslims when it comes to escaping warfare (largely engendered by muslims)?  Perhaps so, but the numbers might add a bit of depressing reality to this constant anti-Christian bias.  Via the Wall Street Journal:

For instance, the Obama administration’s expanded refugee program for Syria depends on refugee referrals from the UNHCR. Yet Syria’s genocide survivors have been consistently underrepresented. State’s database shows that of 12,587 Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, only 68 were Christians and 24 were members of the Yazidi sect. That means 0.5% were Christians, though they have long accounted for 10% of Syria’s population. In 2015, among 1,682 Syrians admitted, there were 30 Christians and no Yazidis.

Asked about these numbers at a Sept. 28 Senate hearing, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Simon Henshaw asserted that only 1% of Syria’s registered refugees are Christians. How to square that with the estimate that half a million Syrian Christians—a quarter of that community—have fled, as Syriac Catholic Patriarch Younan warned in August.

State Department officials variously speculate that Christians don’t want to register for resettlement abroad, or that they are waiting in line behind hundreds of thousands of Sunni Muslims who left Syria earlier.

Yet there is evidence to suggest that the problem lies within UNHCR. Citing reports from many displaced Christians, a January report on Christian refugees in Lebanon by the Catholic News Service stated: “Exit options seem hopeless as refugees complain that the staff members of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees are not following up on their cases after an initial interview.” This failure could be another example of why the U.N. Internal Audit Division’s April 2016/034 report reprimanded the UNHCR for “unsatisfactory” management.

At a December press conference in Washington, D.C., I asked the U.N.’s then-high commissioner for refugees, António Guterres, to explain the disproportionately low number of Syrian Christians resettled abroad. The replies—from a man poised to be the U.N’s next secretary-general—were shocking and illuminating.

Mr. Guterres said that generally Syria’s Christians should not be resettled, because they are part of the “DNA of the Middle East.” He added that Lebanon’s Christian president had asked him not to remove Christian refugees. Mr. Guterres thus appeared to be articulating what amounts to a religious-discrimination policy, for political ends.

I suppose there is a positive way to take Guterres’ comments – that Christians have been present in Syria and the rest of the Mideast for far longer than muslims, that it is their ancestral home, and that they have a perfect right to live there, but given that half a million or more have already fled, that’s pretty weak tea.  It seems they want to leave, but are not being permitted to do so.

Where is the USCCB publicly denouncing administration policy and forcefully calling for all persecuted Christians, mostly Catholics, to be permitted to emigrate to the US?  Oh, right.  Well, actually, they have spoken about it a bit.  You can judge for yourself how effective or forceful that communication has been – and note these are all policy pieces for legislators, deep-inside baseball lobbyist stuff, there has been no real effort to mobilize Catholics to exert political pressure to accept more Syrian Catholic refugees.

What a world.  The universe’s most corrupt organization – the UN – is given charge over life and death decisions affecting millions of people, with absolutely no one holding them accountable.  And, of course, the Obama admin is only too happy to hide behind those blue helmets, importing more muslims while abandoning Christians to a grim fate.

We’ve been fundamentally transformed.



1. ajmacdonaldjr - October 12, 2016

Syrian archbishop rips US support for Islamic rebels

Catholic World News – October 02, 2015 – A Syrian bishop has reacted strongly to Senator John McCain’s claim that Russian planes are bombing US-backed rebel forces, saying that McCain’s statement is “a blatant admission” of American involvement with Islamic militants.

Speaking to the Fides news service, Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo said that Russian air strikes were targeted against positions held by Islamic militants. He went on to say that McCain’s statement reflects the “Western propaganda” that the US has been providing support for “moderate rebels, who do not exist.”

The admission of US support for Islamic radicals is disturbing, the archbishop said. “What does it mean? Al Qaida is now a US ally, just because in Syria it has a different name?”

Source: CWN: Syrian archbishop rips US support for Islamic rebels

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