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Islamists Vandalize San Antonio churches October 12, 2016

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At least one was a Catholic church, the others were Baptist and Lutheran.  The message was very straightforward: convert, or die:

At least four churches have been tagged by vandals in the past week, according to two people KSAT spoke to on Monday.

One of the churches hit on Monday was Gethsemane Lutheran Church.

The bold black letters were posted at the church’s front entrance. The hate-filled message read “No To Wall, Islam or Die,” and was followed by a symbol.

Pastor Eric Miletti believes it could be a symbol of terrorism.

“The only thing that comes close to that, and again I’m not an expert, is the terror flag of the Islamic State,” Miletti said.

The same symbol was found just over a mile away at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church.

“It’s a very sad day. People come here to worship in freedom and I’m sure the people that did this want to worship in freedom as well. There’s not a problem worshiping your freedom, just don’t tag my church,” said parishioner Mike Aleman.

The Church – or the faithful – continue to be squeezed between the inexorable force of sexular paganism and the immovable object of islam.  They are largely left abandoned by their shepherds in facing this virtually unprecedented twin persecution.

This type of behavior – and far worse – is not at all surprising.  This is how islamists behave wherever they exist in large enough numbers to develop some confidence that they can get away with such acts.  As Winston Churchill – a man who had extensive, up-close experience in dealing with islamist militants from the Malakand Pass to the Upper Nile – said, the mohammadan is either at your throat or at your feet.  Pithy, but true.  Today, such sentiments are liable to get one labeled a deplorable.

It is exactly such sentiments, a forbidden zone placed around thought judged impertinent by the cultural elites, that explain why the West is in retreat virtually everywhere before the forces of islam. The Church, which should be leading the resistance, is almost totally AWOL.

Absent worthy shepherds, are best recourses are prayer and resignation to God’s will.

Amazingly, it seems the media is trying to blame this outrage on Trump.  That tells us a great deal more about the media than it does Trump and his supporters.  There is no lie the media will not tell to get the haggard witch elected.  The next post will make that even more clear.


1. bluebird4458 - October 12, 2016

Where are the shepherds? Are they afraid? I’m disgusted with the leadership. No wonder Catholics are leavin in droves. At least Pastor Jeffers is courageous in speaking out for Christians👍🏻

2. Peter - October 13, 2016

The graffiti taggers wrote “No to wall”. That’s gibberish! I’ll bet they meant to write (or were told by their leader to write), “Note to all” but they were too stupid and illiterate to get it right.

3. Angelic Doctor Games - October 13, 2016

You are right, amigo. We are being squeezed in on both sides. My concern is that there will be too few Catholics left to repel the Muslim forces before it is too late. The LGBT crowd will then be faced with the prospect of being on the receiving end of Islamic ‘tolerance’ and will look around and find there are no Christians in any viable quantity left to protect them either due to assimilation into their ranks or from lack of want to help due to having been held in contempt for too long. Heck, some Christians, self excluded, may actually join forces with the Muslim in this regard. It is getting harder and harder to disbelieve that we are living in the end times. So be it.

Come, Lord Jesus. Come!

Menas - October 13, 2016

I’m afraid you’re right about people joining the ranks of the Muslims. What do you think all those liberals are going to do when they realize THEY are not compatible with Islam, they’ll be converting to Islam faster than you can say Alahu Akhb….

I’m an Orthodox Christian and we have a long, long history of living under and being persecuted under Islam and Communism, both of which seem to be encroaching on us here in the U.S. Maybe people don’t pay as much attention to us since there are only a few million of us in the U.S., but I would be hard pressed to find another religious group more willing to fight Islam

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