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Has Your Health Insurance Become Lousy and Expensive? October 14, 2016

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Boy mine sure has.  When I changed jobs, my new employer’s health insurance options were modeled directly on Obamacare lines, with so-called “platinum” or “Cadillac” plans – which were more or less the standard insurance previous employers going back 20 years had offered – were priced so high that virtually no one would purchase them, and, indeed, if one cranked the numbers, actually cost more out of pocket than the high deductible “low cost” plans they were obviously trying to push people towards.  So now I have a high deductible plan that still costs me about 2/3 as much per month to pay for as my previous “Cadillac” plan did at my former employer.

Not that I’m complaining, just noting the overall trend.  It seems my insurance is average these days, and better than what a lot of companies are now offering.  I learned from a friend that a very large defense contractor is dumping all their employees into a single low benefit high deductible plan, as a move to probably forcing them onto Obamacare next year, if they can find it.  This is obviously oriented to create an artificial demand for Obamacare, so that as it continues to implode, economically, it will be “too big to fail” and require billions in our money to continue to prop up.  Even more, the rules Obamacare is enforcing on all insurers is driving more and more out of the market for individual insurance entirely, again, surely by design.  The goal is single payer, and the plan is to so screw up private insurance that a public plan, with massive rationing a la England, will be the “only possible alternative” (the powers that be will endorse).

Obamacare was indeed designed to fail.  And our bishops largely supported it, as they themselves, through the USCCB and its predecessors, have been calling for government run and owned health insurance for over 100 years.

Michelle Malkin relates a tale of woe that is growing more and more common.  Private insurance is growing increasingly poor in service and expensive to have, if one is able to find it at all:

Once was a shock. Twice was an outrage. Thrice is a nightmare that won’t end. [A nightmare our national elites seem bound and determined to foist on all of us.  And that applies to both parties, or most all Republicans, anyway, who have done next to nothing to try to roll back Obamacare]

Over the past three years, my family’s private, individual health insurance plan — a high-deductible Preferred Provider Organization — has been canceled three times. Our first death notice, from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, arrived in the fall of 2013. Our second, from Rocky Mountain Health Plans, came last August. Three weeks ago, we received another ominous “notice of plan discontinuation” from Anthem informing us that the insurer “will no longer offer your current health plan in the State of Colorado.”

Every time we receive a cancellation letter, I recall President Obama’s big lie: “If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”………

………Like an estimated 22 million other Americans, I am a self-employed small-business owner who buys health insurance for my family directly on the individual market (as opposed to group insurance through a company or third party). Our most recent plan features a $6,000 deductible with a $1,000 monthly premium. It’s nosebleed expensive, but provides us access to specialists not curtailed by bureaucratic gatekeepers. This has been important for us because several members of my family have required specialized care for chronic illnesses. [Sounds very familiar, but both my premiums and deductibles are somewhat higher]

Once again, however, I’ll soon be talking about our plan in the past tense. Choices for families like mine have evaporated in the era of Obamacare. In Colorado, UnitedHealthCare and Humana will cease selling individual plans next year. Rocky Mountain Health Plans is pulling out of the individual market in all but one county. Nearly 100,000 of my fellow Coloradans will be forced to find new insurance alternatives as open enrollment approaches on Nov. 1, according to the Denver Business Journal. As Anthem abandons PPOs, the cost of remaining individual market plans will soar an average of 20 percent.

It’s a nationwide implosion.

Individual market customers on the Obamacare exchange in Oklahoma learned last week that they’ll face average rate hikes of a whopping 76 percent. Last month, Maryland approved double-digit rate hikes for all individual market plans. In August, Tennessee approved rate increases of between 44 and 62 percent for three insurers still carrying individual market plans. And in Minnesota, where the individual market is on the brink of collapse, state officials recently agreed to raise rates an average of 60 percent next year — affecting an estimated 250,000 people both on and off the Obamacare exchanges. [We are all paying, and paying dearly, for Obamacare and its 3000 pages of provisions.  It is causing insurance prices to skyrocket across the board, as insurers have to increase cost to offset massive losses through people abusing the system.  More and more doctors are refusing more and more insurance plans, limiting options.  All of this was predicted, of course, but conveniently ignored.  Ultimately, they want single payer, and causing the private market to implode is the best way to overcome American’s strong – and very correct – opposition to Euro-style government health care schemes and rationing.  England is now forcing people with “incorrect lifestyles” to go to the back of the list for things like heart surgery.  You will be made to care.]

This wealth redistribution Trojan horse was sold to gullible Americans as a vehicle for expanding “affordable” access to health insurance for all. Now, millions of us are paying the price: crappier plans, fewer choices, shrinking access to specialists, skyrocketing price tags — and no end in sight to the death spiral.

Mission accomplished.

Obamacare in a nutshell:

Not just Obamacare, but Obama (did you see the sicko video of the women press corp (and probably many of the men) ogling his crotch while he sported a w–dy?), the media, the demonrat party, and leftism generally.  Evil.

Our First Duty Is to Adore God with Great Humility October 14, 2016

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I’m continuing to wrap up The Liturgical Year.  It may happen sooner than I thought, I might be done before this month is over.

At any rate, I found some catechesis from Vol III Christmas Book II pp. 16-7 that I thought was edifying and helpful.  Pray you shall agree with my assessment, it concerns our need to adore God first, before all else (which is shown, among other ways, through our conformity to the moral law) but to do so with great humility.  Our “successes” are not our own.  If we make progress, if we grow in holiness, the best we are doing is cooperating with Grace, and sometimes we’re actually fighting Grace more than cooperating with it:

The first of our duties to our Savior is Adoration.  Adoration is Religion’s first act; but there is something in the Mystery of Our Lord’s Birth which seems to make this duty doubly necessary.  In Heaven the angels veil their faces, and prostrate themselves before the throne of Jehovah; the four and twenty elders are for ever casting their crowns before the throne (Apoc iv:10)of the Lamb; what, then, shall we do – we who are sinners, and unworthy members of the Tribe of the Redeemer – now that this same great God shows Himself to us, humbled for our sakes, and stript of all His glory?  Now that the duties of the creature to His Creator are fulfilled by the Creator Himself?  Now that the eternal God bows down not only before the Sovereign Majesty of the Godhead, but even before sinful man, His creature?

Let us endeavor to make by our profound adorations, some return to the God Who thus humbles Himself for us; let us thus give Him back some little of that whereof He has deprived Himself our of love for us, and in obedience to the Will of His Father?  It is incumbent on us to emulate, as far as possible, the sentiments of the Angels in Heaven, and never to approach the Divine Infant without bringing with us the incense of our soul’s adoration, the protestation of our own extreme unworthiness, and lastly, the homage of our whole being.  All this is due to the infinite Majesty of the Babe of Bethlehem, who is the more worthy of every tribute we can pay Him, because He has made Himself thus little for our sakes.  Unhappy we, if the apparent weakness of the Divine Child, or the familiarity with which He is ready to caress us, should make us negligent in this our first duty, or forget what he is, and what we are!

The example of His Blessed Mother will teach us to be thus humble.  Mary was humble in the presence of her God, even before she became His Mother; but, once His Mother, she comported herself before Him Who was her God and her Child with greater humility than ever.  We too, poor sinners, sinners so long and so often, we must adore with all the power of our soul Him Who has come down so low; we must study to find out how by our self-humiliation to make Him amends for this Crib, these swathing bands, this eclipse of His glory.  And yet all  our humiliations will never bring us so low as that we shall be on a level with His lowliness.  No; only God could reach the humiliations of God.  

———-End Quote———–

To expand on the point touched on in my intro, how do we show our love to God? Do we do it better by words, or by actions?  What did Our Lord have to say?  He told us repeatedly that it was our actions that would lead to our salvation, much more than our words.  In fact, He frequently criticized the Pharisees for their many failures of action in spite of many golden words that fell from their tongues.

The prerequisite for works of charity is conducting our lives in accord with the moral law.  If we are sinning, especially mortally, God forbid, we are not in the state of Grace and none of our works of charity, none of our praise of God, none of our sacrifices outside sin matter a whit.  Works only accrue salvific Grace when they are done in the State of Grace.  We can even grievously offend God by performing works normally pleasing to Him if we do them in a state of mortal sin, such as reception of the Blessed Sacrament.

Sorry if this little addition seems obvious.  To far too many people, it is anything but.

Coming National Gun Ban? – And How States Can Resist October 14, 2016

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Time to stock up?  I must admit, I was totally unaware of HR 4269 prior to reading this article.  I’m not totally surprised to learn this, but I am disconcerted that there is already extant legislation that would make many of my favorite (and the best, in many respects) guns to buy illegal.

Coupled with the fact that several states and federal agencies are also moving to declare high-level body armor illegal, it is obvious the democrats and their Repubnik allies are highly desirous to see the populace more or less disarmed, or at least start down that path.

The law of averages predicts that at some time in the future, perhaps as soon as 2017, the Democratic Party will once again control the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress. When that happens, the next Democratic president — be it Hillary Clinton or someone else — will sign into law a sweeping, foreign-style gun ban.

The legislation has already been written. H.R. 4269 would enact a national, permanent ban on the manufacture and sale of so-called “assault weapons” and all firearm magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. The bill, introduced last December, already has149 Democratic co-sponsors (218 are needed to pass the House). [How similar is this to the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban?  That, at least, came with a 10 year expiration date, and was thankfully allowed to die]

H.R. 4269 would ban all AR-15 and AK-type rifles and all civilian versions of military rifles produced anywhere in the world within the past 60 years or so. The bill would also ban all parts kits, stripped receivers, “bump-fire” stocks, thumbhole stocks, trigger cranks, so-called “compliant” rifles, and “any… characteristic that can function as a [pistol] grip.” Law enforcement is exempt from the bill’s provisions. [So this is perhaps more comprehensive than the 1994 ban]

H.R. 4269 is not a “kick down the door and confiscate ‘em” bill. Existing rifles and magazines are “grandfathered” (but the transfer of existing magazines is permanently prohibited). Gun banners know that it is literally impossible to perform a door-to-door gun confiscation in a nation of 300 million people, and that any attempt to do so would certainly be met with violence. Consequently, they have pre-empted the “Come and take it” crowd by employing a long-term strategy. Once the manufacture and sale of certain weapons is prohibited, it is only a matter of time before the legislation would be amended to outlaw the transfer of “grandfathered” rifles as well as magazines, thus enacting a de facto confiscation within a generation.

Although banning “assault weapons” is a Democratic proposal and a plank that Hillary Clinton has campaigned upon (she called the National Rifle Association an “enemy” along with Iran) it should not be assumed that all Republicans would oppose it. Republican presidential hopefuls Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Rudy Giuliani have all supported gun control in the past.

The impetus to push such legislation through Congress would likely come from a high-profile shooting or terrorist act that, like the Reichstag fire, would receive extensive media attention and provide the propaganda necessary for gun controllers like Chuck Schumer, the next Democratic Senate Majority Leader, to enact their pre-existing agenda……..[Having said that, dems had control of the House, Senate, and White House from 2008-10 and did not, or were not able, to enact any severe firearms legislation.  But the movement within the party to do so has grown enormously since then, thanks to a media campaign oriented towards stoking fear and near-panic every time a large-scale shooting occurs (unless perpetrated by a muslim or BLM type, then it is swept under the rug to the greatest extent possible)]

…….If banning “assault weapons” has nothing to do with crime or terrorism, why are the Democrats so eagerly in favor of it? The answer is that they have a Hobbesian worldview, in which an all-powerful “Leviathan” government has a complete monopoly on the exercise of power. The Founders recognized that military-quality arms, not sporting arms, are an indispensable tool for challenging government oppression. Contemporary Democrats, who reject the Founders’ teaching, believe that such arms must be banned precisely because they can be used to challenge Leviathan’s authority. [That pretty well sums it up.  I would expand on that by noting that every leftist government that has come to power has invariably banned civilian firearms ownership as one of its first acts.  Once the population is disarmed, the repression and murder can “finally” get started]

If H.R. 4269 or a similar bill becomes law, do not expect the Supreme Court to come to the rescue and strike it down. [If Hillary elected, this is a certainty]

Now, what can states with large populations that still believe in the 2nd Amendment do about this potentiality?  Here’s a fairly novel suggestion:

………pro-gun state legislatures could turn the “militias only” argument against the gun-banners by passing legislation expanding the membership of their state militias to all adult residents of the state, and specifically empowering all adults to purchase military-style semi-automatic rifles and magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds.

Were such a scenario to occur, the Federal government might try to suppress the arming of the newly-redefined state militias by banning arms and ammunition sales to them through the Interstate Commerce Clause. Such action would precipitate a constitutional crisis between the states and the Federal government.

So what do you think of that solution?  Seems kind of direct and obvious to me, I’m sure the libs would lose their minds and get a court to say a militia requires basically active military service.  And since the “militia” – or Guard – has become totally bound to the active duty military through the total force concept, that would probably provide about all the rationale a court would need.

Stock up on as much as  you can afford now.  If Hillary wins in 3 weeks, prices will surely skyrocket and ammo will become super-scarce.  It’ll be late 2012-3 all over again, but probably a lot worse.


Why I Hate the World in Three Links October 14, 2016

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Or, stop the world, I wanna get off.

First, protestant Estonia has a museum that invites visitors to desecrate a virtual statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Sure to be a hit at the upcoming 500th anniversaries of the protestant revolt?  Which, not coincidentally, is also the 100th anniversary of the most astounding public miracle seen at least since God Incarnate walked the earth, Fatima (h/t reader TT)?

The new National Museum of Estonia features an exhibit that invites visitors to desecrate a virtual image of the Virgin Mary, in celebration of the Protestant Reformation in the historically Lutheran nation.

A virtual image of Our Lady of Graces is projected onto a screen in a glass box. The image remains static until a visitor kicks a spot marked out on the plinth of the display. Once this area is kicked the image of Mary shatters into pieces and is replaced by the word “Reformation.”  The exhibit then “resets” to the image of the Virgin Mary again, until the next visitor comes forward to kick it. [Who would think this a good idea?  It’s as stupid as it is offensive?]

The Museum was inaugurated on the 29th September 2016 by the President of Estonia and the exhibit itself forms part of area that covers the history of the Reformation in Estonia.

This desecration of a sacred image has led to protests from Christian leaders and politicians in Estonia, who claim that the display mocks religion.

Boy, I guess we can look forward to all kinds of atrocities in the next year, while the ecumaniacs in the Church stand mutely silent?

Secondly, “Covergirl” makeup, which has long (always?) been a vehicle for immodesty and the undermining of the moral order, as well as a means to twist female psyches in all kinds of unhealthy, even self-destructive directions, is jumping on the trans bandwagon by naming their first male “covergirl:”

CoverGirl, the makeup brand that is known for introducing young girls to the world of makeup with their celebrity partnerships, just announced its first male CoverGirl.

James Charles, a 17-year-old aspiring makeup artist, recently went viral when he tweeted his yearbook photo:

Capitalizing off his popularity, CoverGirl publicized their partnership with Charles on Tuesday. In a post on Instagram, CoverGirl wrote, “Meet @JCharlesBeauty: makeup artist, boundary breaker, and the newest COVERGIRL! Spread the word by regramming using #COVERGIRLJames.”

Do you think Covergirl will be there to pick up the pieces of James’ shattered life when the impossible contradictions of transgenderism manifest in all manner of self-destructive behaviors, up to and including suicide attempts at a rate forty to eighty times greater than the general population?

No way.  We all know that the consumer culture treats people as throwaway items.  Abortion has proven that to the tune of at least 2 billion dead humans in the past 40 years.

Finally, and this is h/t ADG, it seems Obama – wait for it – lied! when he said he had been swamped with demands that he impose his illegal, unconstitutional transgender bathroom law earlier this year.  In fact, he, or his flunkies, were approached by a handful of individuals and a couple of special interest groups, not usually the kind of groundswell of interest that will move a president to act…….unless this was something he always wanted to do, and just needed a bit of cover to do so:

When the official announcement was made that emotionally confused kids could use the bathroom and shower facility of their choice, the president and two federal agencies (the Departments of Education and Justice) said they were responding to a “growing chorus of educators, parents, and students” who were requesting the action.

Public Advocate USA president Eugene Delgaudio says his group “smelled a rat” and now has poured over 424 pages of official government records obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests (see summary here).

“That gigantic avalanche that the president made reference to, and [that] he’s talked about probably hundreds of times since then, turns out to be four – count them – four confused individuals and their parents and a couple of special-interest memos,” Delgaudio explains.

So was the president just misinformed when he referred to a “chorus” – or was something else afoot?

“Well, I think the president was obfuscating and he was lying,” responds Delgaudio. “[He was] misrepresenting a handful of people because there were no public members; there was no public outcry.”

Public Advocate’s research found several thousand letters from people who were objecting to the new policy, which Delgaudio refers to as “a lawless transgendered bathroom decree.” The group says if there was a “growing chorus” of any type, that was it: those who opposed the move.

That’s the world we live in today.  Tiny but favored minorities get powerful government backing and praised to the skies by the media industrial complex, while millions scandalized and horrified by these instances of naked favoritism are not just told to shut up, but their entire existence is denied.  This nation has become so Orwellian in its replacement of truth with lie at an official level that it is sickening.  I stand here dumbfounded almost every day that the country I grew up in 30-40 years ago has fallen so far, so fast.  I can’t imagine the cognitive dissonance that must exist for those  older than me, like my parents, who grew up in the 40s and 50s.  It’s not just a different country or planet, it must feel like some sicko alien universe.

Where we seem inexorably headed: