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Help Support First Traditional Nigerian Ordination in 50 Years October 18, 2016

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We have had the pleasure of knowing Rev. Mr. Charles Ike for the past few  years.  For at least the past two, and maybe three, years, Deacon Ike has been one of the seminarians sent from the Fraternity seminary to assist our local priests with Mass and other duties during Holy Week.  Each of those visits, he’s stayed for 2 weeks or so.

Rev. Ike is to be ordained August 15, 2017. Because his family could not possibly afford to fly to the states for his ordination, it is being held in Nigeria.  Actually, why don’t I shut up and let Deacon Ike apprise you of the situation himself:

Thank you kindly for all your interest in help out with my need this time. I really appreciate that, God reward you.

In the first place, I am Rev. Mr. Charles Ike, the FSSP seminarian from Nigeria, studying at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary (7880 West Denton Road, Denton, Nebraska 68339. USA).
My priestly ordination is coming up by August 15th 2017, and it is going to in Nigeria, as no one there could come for my Diaconate ordination, which was in March this year.
But for me to have my priestly ordination in Nigeria, certain preparations have to be made thus before the Ordination:
• Printing the ordination Holy Cards.
• Printing Announcing cards for friends, priests etc. as this is going to be first priestly ordination in the Old Latin Rite in Nigeria since the Second Vatican Council.

For the Ordination:
• I will need to get my ordination vestments, that is, a Ordination vestment for the Ordinandi
A Solemn Mass set for ministers
• My airplane ticket
• I will need to fly 7 seminarians to help out and support the ordination ceremony over there.

After the Ordination:
• Also a car. As a new priest, my priestly obligations require a means of transportation.

And all these money, if raised will be used to help with the Ordination and priestly obligations………

……This means so much to me, because it is going to be my greatest event in life. I have been studying and working towards its fulfillment so many years now, as we study seven years at the seminary, and this is my final year.
The reason I am applying for this aid is because, while in the United States, I operate on a student visa, which does not allow me to do any kind of work to sponsor myself financially.

Not only is Deacon Ike a very good traditional seminarian, and I’m certain he will make a very good priest (and help bring the TLM to a continent that is perhaps uniquely suited to taking advantage of the many graces that flow from it), but he is also a wonderful warm, gentle, caring, compassionate man.  As I noted at the top, our family has had the distinct pleasure of spending more than a little bit of time with Deacon Ike and I cannot praise him highly enough, nor endorse his GoFundMe with any greater alacrity.  He’s worthy of your support for about umpteen reasons I can think of.  I think it’s a beautiful thing that he will be ordained in a country (and continent?) where traditional ordinations have not been performed (or virtually never performed) for decades.  I can’t think of a man more worthy to enter the ranks of the traditional priesthood.
The campaign goal is $40,000, and is not 10% of the way there, yet, but there is plenty of time left.  It doesn’t take too many people donating $100 here or $50 there to add up to the amount needed.  Obviously, everyone has their own obligations and limitations.  I gladly thank you for your generosity in advance.


1. The Lord's Blog - October 18, 2016


2. The Lord's Blog - October 18, 2016

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3. Mrs. H. - October 18, 2016

Thank you for this information. God bless Deacon Ike. Many of us can put forth a little something at least toward his cause. But ALL of us can say a prayer that he receives the funding he needs. Can you imagine the sheer joy of his family by being present at his Ordination?!?! What a blessing for them all!

4. DM - October 18, 2016

I too had the pleasure of meeting Rev. Mr. Ike last year, and I have been praying for him since then. I will second Tantum’s praise of this man and his character. I have not been impressed by many in the FSSP, but Deacon Ike is one who I know will make an outstanding priest one day, and deserves any support we can give him.

5. Camper - October 19, 2016

Though I have met Deacon Ike before he was ordained, I can’t testify to his character other than to say that he is a Nigerian who loves the Latin Mass, after all. Nevertheless, I cannot recommend giving money to this cause. Flying 7 seminiarians to Nigeria is very expensive, counting the flights themselves, as well as the hotel bill for staying in Washington to get the visa, etc. If anything, give it to the apostolate he is building. They need the money. Their church isn’t built yet. They do have a chapel, but as I understand, it is small and quite crowded.

6. Manny - October 20, 2016

He was advised to stop the Go Fund Me campaign? What’s up with that?

Tantumblogo - October 20, 2016

I have no idea. But I’ve encountered this kind of silliness before. Way too much overthinking going on. Someone started worrying about some extremely unlikely “how would it look” scenario and then the next thing you go they are told to stop. I’ve seen this kind of chicken-livered crap 500 times in the Fraternity.

Lord I wish there were a few more men around these days.

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