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Thirty+ Years of Leftist Domination of “Education” Is Really Paying Off October 18, 2016

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I’ll preface my broad, sweeping attacks again by noting that there are so-called millenials (folks 16-35, roughly) who are not idiots, not whiners, and who are in fact very good, hard-working, creditable people.  Having said that, this Madison Ave. defined “generation” continues to cover itself in ignominy.  So thoroughly indoctrinated by leftist propaganda in the school systems (public and private)they are utterly unable to think for themselves, left with a totally distorted view of themselves as the greatest, bestest, smarterest generation ever by the disastrous self-esteem participation trophy movement, these kids are ripe for any demagogue or slick-sounding hustler to come along and sell them on some sexular pagan paradise, which these kids will learn to their great cost will be nothing of the sort.

I am amazed at how well the leftist indoctrination in the schools has played out.  These kids are completely ignorant of the evils of leftism/socialism/communism and are so pumped full of media lies they actually believe George W. Bush was responsible for more deaths than Josef Stalin.  Of course, the kids have to admit they have no idea who Josef Stalin was. Oh, and communism is totes great, get on board the free stuff gravy train!:

More than one in five U.S. millennials would be open to backing a communist candidate, and a third believe George W. Bush killed more people than Joseph Stalin, according to a new poll released Monday. [In their defense, what do these kids know?  Virtually nothing outside what idiot box sites like Twitter, Vox, Slate, and Buzzfeed have told them.  They grew up seeing Bush ’43 described as the devil himself, compared constantly to Hitler, but have probably only the foggiest notion of Josef Stalin, and have heard none of his mass murdering crimes.  It is obvious kids are being intentionally dumbed down by federally funded schools far more concerned with political indoctrination than they are with giving young people a broad based education which will teach them how to think.  After all, the powers that be want good, docile worker bees, not independent thinkers.  The pathetic part is, these kids think they have arrived at their leftist leanings on their own, when all they are doing is parroting what they have been very carefully propagandized to say]

The poll, commissioned by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and carried out by YouGov, surveyed Americans of all ages about their attitudes towards communism, socialism, and the American economic system in general.

Overall, the poll found, Americans remain broadly hostile to socialism and communism, even though 67 percent of the populace believes rich people don’t pay “their fair share” and 52 percent believe America’s economic system works against them. [And they may be right.  After all, the vast preponderance of the most wealthy in this country hold leftist opinions, and I don’t see any of them volunteering to overpay their taxes by several hundred percent. But the cultural assumption is that the rich is made up of right-wingers.  That hasn’t been the case for 20 years or more as the same cultural forces that are producing a whole generation well disposed towards leftism first moved through the elite levels of society, who all attend the same prep schools, Ivy league colleges, and have developed into a terrifyingly monolithic block of opinion totally disdainful of traditional values and especially Christianity]

But American millennials are more sympathetic towards communism, the survey found. While 57 percent of respondents overall had a “very unfavorable” view of communism, only 38 percent of millennials felt the same way. Close to 20 percent said they were likely to vote for a self-described communist, while barely 50 percent said they were likely to vote for a self-described capitalist.

Millennials were also more likely to take a favorable view of communist leaders. Twenty-five percent view Soviet revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin positively. Eighteen percent were favorable towards Chinese dictator Mao Zedong, despite a body count in the tens of millions. Thirty-four percent were favorable to Karl Marx, and 37 percent were favorable to revolutionary and T-shirt fixture Che Guevara. [Didja know Che was the scion of a guilt-ridden wealthy heretical leftist Spanish Catholic family that fled Spain when Franco quite rightly won the Spanish Civil War?  Another person who never learned to think beyond his programming. He wanted to help the poor by……..miring them in even more grinding communist poverty!  Or maybe he just wanted power for himself and all his high-minded rhetoric was just a means to that end]  

A full third of millennials believe U.S. president George W. Bush is is responsible for more deaths than Soviet leader Joseph Stalin…….[This has to be the most offensively stupid thing I’ve read this year that didn’t come from Francis or one of his flunkies]

……..Notably, despite his infamous purges, Stalin enjoys a 12 percent approval rating with millennials.

Useful idiots.  That’s all they are.

And oh gee giant surprise the whole BLM movement and the violence outside Trump rallies is just political theater organized and carried out by a tiny group of paid demonrat revolutionaries.  But you knew that already.


1. NickD - October 18, 2016

Speaking as a millenial: I am sick of my generation. Though I must admit that I have some of their faults, I abhor those faults in them and in myself

DM - October 18, 2016

I know exactly how you feel Nick, I’m the same way.
I will say that the devil has probably been more successful with the millenial generation than any in human history. Tantum almost gives them too much credit when saying that they haven’t been taught the right things at all, which is true, but many/most are also simply wicked to the core. Even when they do have things explained to them, most are completely unwilling to even reconsider their views/lifestyle/misguided beliefs. They are simply depraved.

At least from my experience, I sadly would have to estimate that at least 95%, probably over 99% of this sad generation will be eternally lost. Things are that bad. Short of a miracle, any eventual turnaround in Western civilization will only happen after this generation has done their damage and are gone from the earth.

2. Faith of Our Fathers - October 18, 2016

Tantum–Your spot on especially with all these completely crap reality TV shows . Men dressed as woman I E that Jenner guy being voted Woman of The Year they really pardon the pun ( don’t know their arse from their elbows) . I know Bowie was a mixed up guy but I liked some of his music . I remember not so long ago speaking to a guy as there’s a line in a song of Life on Mars which says Lenins on sale again. I asked said person if he knew what that line meant . He said it was John Lennon of The Beatles . Now you have got Ringo Star and Bruce Springsteen coming out and saying their not going to play in a State where men can’t pee in girls washrooms. —It’s not got out of hand now as far as Politics over here in The U.K. is concerned its completely turned round . I used to be a Labour man when The Party wasn’t Pro Muslim and anti Christian as it is now . No longer al only vote now if there is someone going to stand for Christian values . Sure my last Labour MP a Catholic whom I voted for at the last General Election voted for the Homosexual Thing . I emailed him then spoke to him on the phone . He said he had to vote that way as he was as it’s called here lobbied to do . I said to him that he shouldn’t have voted for The Homosexual Thing wasted my breath. God Bless.

Camper - October 19, 2016

I’m not British but Labour have been the bad guys since about 1902. My guess is that they work for the destruction of Catholic schools the way that protestants and now secularists have done for generations in America. The market is good for everybody, raising the standard of living. Please don’t support Labour even if they adopt, as you say, a pro-Christian agenda again, which they won’t. Supporting the market helps everybody. We need an end to the left’s class warfare.

3. Baseballmom - October 19, 2016

Seven of my eight are millennials…. and I am grateful to God that they are all hard working orthodox Catholics. Politically they are to the right of their mum and pop…. but their friends and co-workers… my oh my…. what a bunch. My lawyer kid loves to argue the Faith with some of these poor ignorant fools… they really are a clueless generation.

Tantumblogo - October 19, 2016

Yes, there are awesome exceptions. Like mbest11x. Love that guy. Heh.

4. David - October 19, 2016

Another thing that our educational system has taught in the last 30 years (I got some of it, I was in high school mid-1980s) is gender neutrality. Men and women each bring different gifts (and yes, a woman can be an accountant, pharmacist, attorney, engineer, etc.), many women today are educated that they don’t need help from a man. (As a guy, I don’t mind helping a girl change a flat tire to help her get home). This is one reason traditional marriage is declining, and there are quite a few college students who are oblivious to what a traditional date is, like a one on one walk around campus for an hour.

5. TheDumbOx - October 19, 2016

If you want to see our millennial generation in all of their mentally disturbed, leftist propaganda spouting, LGBT supporting ‘glory’, look no further than your average tumblr blog. Were it not for faith in Christ, I’d have good reason to despair for our society’s future.

Tantumblogo - October 20, 2016

Tumblr is a disaster. If you haven’t been reading Robert Stacy McCain (theothermccain.com), I strongly recommend you do. He covers a great deal of material that will be very helpful to you, but, unfortunately, there are also some scandalous posts. He’s an evangelical protestant with 6 kids but he still errs in some substantial ways. But his coverage of the lesbian/feminist nexus is the best around.

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