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Princes of the Church Cannot be Bothered to Defend the Faith, but Plan a McDonald’s at the Vatican…… October 20, 2016

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……and there is all kinds of protest.

A culture or institution is in great sense defined by what mobilizes important personages within it to action.  While there could be additional private protests, as far as is known, a scant 10% of cardinals have decried the rapidly accelerating auto-demolition of the Church under Francis, and even that protest was meant to be private but was probably leaked by the Vatican to try to embarrass the critics into silence.

But OMG plan to open a McDonald’s on long vacant Church property near St. Peter’s, and suddenly there are very public howls of protest.  I mean, after all, we have to have our priorities.  Note that having very strong objections to large, principally American corporations, is a hallmark of the Left.  Once again, we see which religion really predominates among far too many men given the grave charge to support and defend the Faith of Jesus Christ and serve as the most influential shepherds of souls:

The decision to open a McDonald’s restaurant inside a Vatican property just around the corner from St. Peter’s Square has been met with harsh criticism from cardinals who live in the building.

But the man in charge of rolling out the project says the plan is moving forward despite disagreement.

Dubbed by some as “McVatican,” the new restaurant will be located in a Vatican property on the intersection of Rome’s Via del Mascherino and Via Borgo Pio, literally around the corner from the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica……..

……..In an interview with Italian newspaper La Reppublica [A very, very leftist rag, which, one, is probably the most disposed to be sympathetic to this anti-McDonald’s fervor, and, b, may say quite a bit about the complaining cardinal, that he would be willing to be quoted by one of the most anti-Church publications in Italy], Italian Cardinal Elio Sgreccia, president emeritus of the Pontifical Academy for Life, called the deal “a controversial, perverse decision to say the least.” [No wonder the Church’s pro-life efforts, especially in Europe, so often come to naught?]

The presence of the fast-food chain so close to the Vatican, he said, “is not at all respectful of the architectural and urban traditions of one of the most characteristic squares overlooking the colonnade of St. Peter visited every day by thousands of pilgrims and tourists.”

Cardinal Sgreccia called the deal “a business decision that, moreover, ignores the culinary traditions of the Roman restaurant.”……[Translation: I don’t want to see McDonald’s-eating hoi polloi around my building?]

……..In addition to Cardinal Sgreccia, who rumored to have written a letter of protest to the Pope, other cardinals living in the building have also voiced their discontent. Concern has arisen over what will become of the homeless who have been living outside the building, some of them for years, but who will be forced to leave once the restaurant is constructed[Why have they been living there for years?!?  Why didn’t the good cardinals, many with great resources at their disposal, get them help so they no longer squatted in the Vatican?!?  Is a McDonald’s more tacky than having homeless people – and you know how they often are – laying around in front of a building all the time?  Before they cleaned up the Drag (Guadalupe St) in Austin, homeless people camped out in front of a lot of the stores.  The University CO-OP, which is where you used to have to buy books back when we did such antiquated things, always had guys camped out in front, covered in urine and even feces……it was horrible.  Are they much better in Rome? What a sight for pilgrims to the Holy City!]

Cardinal Sgreccia told La Reppublica that in addition to being a “disgrace,” the McDonald’s would have been better used as a space used for “activities in defense of the needy in the area, hospitable areas of welcome and help for those who suffer, as the Holy Father teaches.” [All it takes is will.  Why didn’t you start that up?]

However, despite the aggravation of cardinals living inside the building, Cardinal Domenico Calcagno, president of APSA, has been unsympathetic, and said he doesn’t see what the problem is.

Also speaking to La Reppublica Oct. 15, Cardinal Calcagno responded to criticism surrounding the McDonalds by saying that everything was done “in respect of the law and that there will be nothing done which will go against the current rules, tradition and interests of the Holy See.”

“Above all there is respect for the law. Then the rest comes,” he said, explaining that APSA is “not prepared to make any step backward because everything is in order.”

Look, I find the idea of the golden arches in Vatican City, very near St. Peter’s, tacky as all get out.  It seems like another sign of the continuing trivialization of the Church.  One would think there could be some kind of classier joint found, one more amenable to the area’s culture and the Church’s moral and doctrinal role.  Like a Starbuck’s.

Seriously, this does raise another matter: doesn’t McDonald’s funnel money to immoral activities, like Komen and thus Planned Butcherhood?  I know they’ve been on the pseudo-sodo-marriage bandwagon for a long time.  That’s a far more serious reason not to allow McDonald’s to earn profits from pilgrims (and employees) on what is all sacred ground.  Did such important considerations even remotely enter into this decision?  From the way it sounds, not at all.

Now if this had been a Whataburger, I could have really gotten behind it.

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1. dthy - October 20, 2016

They will surely be needing employees, providing job opportunities for some of these homeless. Problem solved.

2. NickD - October 20, 2016

To paraphrase our favorite Batman villain:

“Destroy the faith, nobody bats an eye. Plan just one McDonald’s in the Vatican and everybody loses their minds!”

3. tg - October 20, 2016

I don’t call them “princes” (really never liked that term as it seems pompous to me). I call them “wolves”.

Tantumblogo - October 20, 2016

I understand. It’s used ironically.

4. Baseballmom - October 21, 2016

Whataburger?????? Nah…. In N Out baby….. that’s what I’m talkin’ about 😁

MrT - October 21, 2016

TB, my thoughts exactly! Whataburger! 100% pure American beef. No wonder we have problems at headquarters. They’re thinking McDs is a real hamburger.

5. not a snob - October 21, 2016

1. McD tends to be more expensive in other countries than here, not that it’s cheap (anymore) here for those in the lower income brackets. Otherwise I would say it’s perfect for those with little income who can’t otherwise find food on the streets of Rome.

2. I have been in McD’s in various states in the US and everywhere I’ve been, an effort has been made when possible to adapt the decor to the local scene. Maybe pictures of local historic buildings, maybe the team colors of the local high school, etc. In wealthier areas there are a few McD’s that look pretty fancy. I’m sure their design team can come up with some “camo” to help the restaurant fit the “historic” area around St. Peter’s.

3. I suppose the princes of the Church prefer dining establishments with Michelin stars and menu prices to boot. So much better than homeless people grabbing a snack off the “dollar menu” — I suppose it would be “euro-menu” at a Roman MickeyD’s. What happened to “Bread and Circuses” aka burgers and Ronald McDonald…

4. I can’t imagine St. Peter himself turning down a Filet-O’-Fish and fries, especially at Lent.

not a snob - October 22, 2016

PS: Just saw this via The Catholic Herald (UK), article by Fr. Alexander Lucie – Smith in favor of the McD


“The Catholic Item on McDonald’s Menu”


not a snob - October 22, 2016
6. David - October 21, 2016

Seriously, I heard on the radio that at least one cleric expressed his disappointment, saying the architecture of a McDonald’s was going to look hideous and be an eyesore around all the historic buildings and churches.

I agree. If anyone in Vatican City wants to visit a fast food place, all they have to do is take about 15 minutes to walk around Rome. I remember going to Burger King in Paris during the 1980s, and London had quite a few fast food places (like American cities), and Germany had fast food available as well.

Tantumblogo - October 21, 2016

I don’t think they’re going to build a free standing structure. They’re simply going to put a restaurant in an existing building. There will be a sign which will surely be an eyesore in that area, but I don’t think you’ll see giant golden arches or anything.

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