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Alberta Shuts Down Largest Homeschooling Group October 26, 2016

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The government of the Canadian province of Alberta has shut down the state’s largest homeschooling association.  The state alleged vague failures of accounting, which the association vehemently refutes.  It is worth noting that Alberta, reliably Canada’s most conservative province, elected a socialist government last year when the conservative party split into feuding factions (hmmm…….).  The result has been disaster from head to foot.

Some readers think the homeschooling phenomenon slipped under the radar of the ruling elite, that they did not think it would ever be practiced by more than a relative handful of nuts.  Now that several million American families are choosing homeschooling and the movement continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the elite is starting to take notice and react to this existential threat.  Remember that Canadia tends to be 10 years or so ahead of the US in such matters (like pseudo-sodo-marriage that led to the collapse of free speech):

Alberta’s largest Christian home-schooling association has been effectively shut down by the province’s NDP government after it found what Education Minister David Eggen called a “fail[ure] to demonstrate accountability of funding received from the government of Alberta.”

But the association is denying wrongdoing.

“WISDOM/Trinity has been shut down by AB Education. They announced this with a press release filled with partial truths amounting to calumny,” the association stated in a press release on Tuesday……

A slew of not terribly convincing accusations follow, which the homeschooling group rebuts to one degree or another.

………Eggen has been at open war with alternative education options in Alberta, including private schools, for their refusal to adopt the government’s “anti-bullying” policies that single out sexual minorities for protection by giving them free access to washrooms and change rooms of their choice.

In September, Eggen went as far as publicly stating that he would be willing to strip two Christian schools of their public funding if they would not abandon their Christian principles and allow clubs promoting homosexuality and/or transgender students in washrooms of the opposite sex. [So is this likely really about complying with the sexular pagan agenda, being brought to heel before Moloch, rather than about the funds concerned, which were a trifle relative to spending on public students?]

Eggen told reporters on Tuesday at the legislature that “[WISDOM/]Trinity has failed to demonstrate accountability of funding received from the government of Alberta,” adding that the “scale of this is quite unique, I think.”

The WISDOM/Trinity home-schooling operations oversee 3,491 home education students registered for the 2016-17 school year as well as 13 regular students in a classroom setting…

….The education minister told reporters that parents connected to WISDOM/Trinity have been contacted and asked to make arrangements for their children’s education. He also said the province has notified the Canada Revenue Agency and the RCMP and asked them to determine whether the home-schooling association should face further investigation.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the situation in Alberta, as in several US states, is that kids can only be homeschooled in a formal program structure that has external setting of curriculum, grading, etc.  That is, parents can’t choose their own program and grade their kid’s work themselves, it has to be submitted to the organizing body (as in how Seton tends to work in the US).  I don’t know how many of these bodies there are in Alberta, nor how easily families could possibly switch programs mid-year.

Some folks in the comments at Lifesite are claiming this ban came out of the blue, while one is maintaining that this homeschooling group has been in hot water for a while and that the previous conservative government had actually initiated this investigation, or a similar one.  Reviewing the state’s allegations in some detail, they appear to be claiming that the couple that runs the homeschooling association is attempting to enrich themselves off of government dollars.  The amounts involved are quite minimal with regard to the scope of spending for public school districts and students.  It appears the administrators of the homeschooling group are crummy accountants and didn’t keep enough distinction between personal and homeschooling income and disbursements, but it hardly smells like such a dire situation as to necessitate shutting the whole thing down on virtually no notice.

The lesson in this age, boys and girls, is that if you are going to accept government money, you had better keep excellent records and have a good lawyer on retainer.  Even then they can likely nail you whenever they feel the urge.




1. The Grey Enigma - October 26, 2016

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3. aroamingcatholicny - October 26, 2016

Canada is a Freewheeling but unfree nation. The New Democratix Party is Liberalism gone wild. The Liberals & Cuckservatives are two sides of the same loonie coin.

4. Tina - October 27, 2016

Our family was affected by this. Homeschooling is regulated here and you have to register with a board, send in education plans and in turn receive government funding. It is how it is run. The problem I have as a homeschool parent affected by this, is how it was handled. They robo called the parents between 3:00pm and 4:00pm on Tuesday afternoon. The school, it’s teachers and staff were either robo called as well or heard it from the media or concerned parents. From my understanding, the school was told to wait for instruction after the audit. Instead, they were shut down, were not able to defend themselves or implement any changes. A third party could have been hired to take care of business and not throw 3500 students into the abyss. This was planned and calculated. How else would the media be broadcasting the news before students and staff had all been notified. No charges have been laid. They said that the findings were being passed on to the revenue agency and RCMP. This was not handled in a democratic manner. This government has made no secret that they don’t like home schooling as a method of education. They also have recently passed a bill pushing an LGBT agenda down parents throat and that parents shouldn’t know if their children tell the school that they are inclined to believe they are gay or whatever. They don’t believe that parents have a right to that information. It is awful. I didn’t vote for this government. They are socials, with a socialist agenda. They attacked the farmers, Christians and now homeschoolers. We will have a carbon tax forced upon us in a few months and our unemployment rate is higher than ever. This province was is suffering, please pray for all involved. Our freedom and liberty is at stake.

Tantumblogo - October 27, 2016

Wow. Thanks for the comment Very illuminating. Things are better in Texas, but it’s only a matter of time, I fear.

5. Irwin Freed - October 30, 2016

Satan is still trying, his best; To remove Yahuwah & Yahushuah from our lives. As well as the right to follow the real commandments…

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