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CRS Caught Acquiring and Distributing Millions of Contraceptives October 26, 2016

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I know probably most readers of this blog are already well-informed of Catholic Relief Services many nefarious activities and have long been indisposed to support them in any way, but for the record, because this is not an inconsequential development, Lepanto Institute has found that CRS acquired and distributed millions of contraceptives under USAID direction during the period 2006-10 in the Congo.

The reports are detailed and are based on CRS’ own internal, triple-checked inventories and disbursements.  Note this all occurred while PBXVI was reigning, imagine what they are getting up to today:



1. Magdalene - October 26, 2016

CRS, complicit with evil, is highly promoted throughout the Church. From Lenten donation boxes to nearly every time you want to look up a parish bulletin online. They are floating in $$$. Their ‘directors’ make huge salaries. Not enough people know this and not enough bishops either know or perhaps even care.

2. tg - October 26, 2016

Spread the word – don’t donate to CRS, Catholic Charities, Campaign for Human Development and any liberal diocese. I quit donating to the Austin Diocese. I donate to the parish and figure the diocese already gets their 8% from those funds. I give the bigger donation to the building fund of the church. I dread the diocese campaign in two weeks. We are given the donation slips after the homily. We are given pencils and expected to write our donation there and takes about 15 minutes. It’s so disrespectful to this in the middle of Mass. Last year I just sat there. This year I’m taking a Bible or spiritual book to read. I think I will write how disrespectful this is to do it in middle of Mass. Money changers.

Tantumblogo - October 26, 2016

You should get The Raccolta. Great book for times like those.

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