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The Blessing of 2016?: Revealing the Wolves in the Conservative Flock November 3, 2016

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This is a post on American politics, not the status of the Church, just to be clear from the start.  I really appreciated a post at Ace of Spades yesterday, that harped on a subject he’s been paying a great deal of attention to for many months: the revelations of just who is and who ain’t a real, believing conservative as this most bloody election season has run its course.

I want to make some things clear up front, and my time is very short so I’ll have to rush through it.  I am not taking the line that a failure to support Trump is a betrayal of the conservative cause. I am not criticizing those who, out of conviction and adherence to conservative principle, refuse to vote for Trump. That is their right, and I shall never condemn that.  What I am talking about is the many in the “conservative” media who have, due to Trump’s rise, shown themselves to be either far more liberal or far more attached to this ethereal “elite” we are confronted with to hold to their purported conservative beliefs in this time of stress.  Even more, many of these folks are now endorsing the devil herself, Hillary Clinton, in order to demonstrate their opposition to Trump, or, if they are not going to that extreme, are vehemently attacking the populist wave that drove Trump to victory in the primary (that is, attacking the beliefs of those who drove Trump, such as opposition to open borders, or to disastrous free trade policies), and are sucking up to the liberal state media with a disconcerting enthusiasm.  In doing so many are dumping ostensibly long-held conservative bona-fides in their transition into an open political hack.

Ace’s case in point is a good one – Glenn Beck.  I’ve never been a fan of Beck. Back in 2011/12, when I was on a local radio show with Vicki (RIP) and Jim Middleton, Vicki was a huge fan, but I was alway somewhat suspicious of his mormonism (I’ll admit it) and, even more, his sudden embrace of a whole array of very strong conservative criticisms not only of Obama but of the entire social justice/leftist academia/infotainment media complex.  It just seemed like he was glomming on to a popular movement that was rising in reaction to Obama’s election (the TEA party, etc).  Well, here we are in 2016, and it seems Beck has “evolved:”

Struggling radio, video and internet entrepreneur Glenn Beck, who has styled himself as a conservative firebrand and sworn enemy of the liberal media, seems to have done an about-face and is now ardently courting the journalistic outlets he previously had little use for.

“I think a lot of people are going to be turning to him after the election to ask what role he can play in the reconciliation within the Republican party and between the parties,” said one of Beck’s business associates, explaining why the right-wing radio jock and former Fox News rabble-rouser has been plying his trade in hostile territory, cooperating with profiles for Rolling Stone and Vice News.

Beck has also started showing up on MSNBC and at The New York Times, where he recently contributed an Op-Ed essay urging }empathy” for Black Lives Matter protesters, whom he described as “decent, hardworking, patriotic Americans.”

I really appreciate Ace’s commentary, which was directed not only at Beck, but also Washington Free Beacon turncoat writer Matthew Continetti:

There are very few conservative commentators, it turns out, who actually believed the things they’ve been saying for 15 years……..

……….Yes, the “New Right” — actually the Garbage People Base of the GOP — provided the dollars and manpower to give the elite class the power to do things the base never asked them to do, and, in fact, were often explicitly promised they would not do.

Like attempting to pass amnesty three or four times………

Now that people have gotten hip to that particular shuck and jive ace, and won’t have their anger stoked over specific issues only to see the GOP drop those issues like a dead rat the day after the election, populism has revealed itself as a racist, repulsive cancer that must be excised………

……….Anyway, a lot of people just seem to be admitting they flat-out never believed the bullshit they’ve been saying for most of their lives.

I guess I’m one of the saps.

Meanwhile, two Roman Dynasties seem to have formed an alliance — George P. Bush reveals, unsurprisingly, that his Connecticut-born-and-bred uncle George W. Bush may in fact be voting for dear family friend Hillary Clinton.

Let this be our last Bush in high elected office — ever. At least elected on the “conservative” side.

There’s an Obamaesque plaintiveness to all this whining. One can hear the very pronounced theme, These noisome, repulsive ingrates just aren’t educated enough to understand all the Wonders we have accomplished for them (and our corporate patrons).

As I’ve asked, rhetorically, a hundred times: How many times did you expect run-on-border-security-propose-amnesty-three-months-after-the-election play would work? Even the stupidest people on earth eventually get wise to the same con the fifth election cycle in a row it’s run on them.

I guess the GOP base disappoints the party “intellectuals” as the American public disappoints Obama. They’re not quite smart enough to believe these people’s apparent failures are actually Beautiful Victories in Disguise, but have gotten a little too smart to keep believing the same con every two to four years.

Such is the unhappy, middle-to-low-brow lot of a GOP commoner: Too stupid to truly understand like the elites do, but not quite stupid enough to happily go along with the ruse any longer.

Good times. Honestly. The truth is always a good thing, and we seem to be getting the truth is very large doses this year.

It goes down bitter, but like medicine, it’ll do you good.

There are two likely explanations on the harsh side (putting aside any arguments that these people really are conservative, they’re just being misinterpreted or judged unfairly or whatever) of this: either these folks were always libs all along, and were just singing a conservative song to earn $$$ while secretly remaining liberal, or these are maybe folks who don’t believe in anything, really, other than their own aggrandizement, and since they see no real future for themselves in a conservative movement dominated by Trump-types and their supporters, they are suddenly appearing much more liberal in order to find future sinecures for themselves.  Some of the swings have been so extreme and nasty that it’s difficult to swallow a more charitable explanation.

Again, I am not criticizing those who simply cannot support Trump for any of his many, many failings, both personally and policy-wise, so long as that inability does not translate into supporting Hillary.  If you feel compelled to vote third party, that’s your right.  I’ve come to conclude that such a protest is both ineffectual and quite likely counterproductive, but you may reason differently.  But I don’t think this post even remotely relates to any regular readers of this blog.  This has to do with the media complex, and the fact that conservatives have been afflicted with sham conservative-in-name-only media figures, writers, and thinkers, at least as much if not more than we have been with CINO politicians.  That growing realization, that we have been played for saps for decades by an inbred, self-serving elite, is probably the single factor most driving Trump’s securing the nomination and his (at present?) competitive stand in the polls.  Now, Trump may be playing his own con, I know some fervently believe he is, but many ardent Trump supporters I’ve interacted with are willing to take a flyer on a relative unknown/outsider than continue to support an elite that has betrayed them over, and over, and over again.

That, and at this point, the “anybody but Hillary” motivation also looms quite large.  Castle, Mullins, and the rest simply have no chance to stop her, thus the logic behind voting for Trump, even with all his deplorable personal morality and his track record of radically changing his beliefs.


1. PD - November 3, 2016

We have voted for him, nobody wanted to–BUT considering the alternative we felt it a DUTY. So he has our 5 votes and hopes that he beats the wicked woman.

Baseballmom - November 4, 2016

I’m in a battleground state… he will get our five votes tomorrow… several kids and their spouses live in a state where their vote does not count…. but he will get their six votes too.
That said, when do we get rid of this ridiculous winner take all electoral college? That needs to go proportional…. then we won’t have a few counties in Ohio electing the President.

Baseballmom - November 4, 2016

On a side note….THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES SEVEN EVER!!!!!!!! AND I MEAN….. EVER!!!!!!!!!

Tim - November 4, 2016

Here is the undisputable best:

My mother was at that game.

Baseballmom - November 7, 2016

A good one indeed, and they managed to beat the likes of Maris and Mantle…..

Tim - November 7, 2016

The Whole Game:

2. Joseph D'Hippolito - November 4, 2016

What you wrote about Glenn Beck easily applies to Mark Shea, minus the Mormon connection.

One thing you need to know about conservatives and Republicans supporting Hillary: They’re more comfortable with the devil they know than the devil they don’t. I think it’s much more of a comfort factor than you realize. Trump inhabits a world of real estate and high finance (minus Wall Street) that most Republican elites have no idea about. Remember, Trump did not make his money on Wall Street. He took what he inherited and expanded it. Besides, Trump has always been a street fighter, way before his entry into politics, and the overt nature of Trump’s street fighting contradicts the (relatively) discreet political infighting to which most Republican elites are used to.

Besides, the Republican Party has been the equivalent of a battered spouse since Reagan left office, with the Democrats providing the abuse. Think about the psychology involved in that analogy and you’ll see I’m right.

c matt - November 8, 2016

That, or they are just all in on it together. I would not put it past the elites of both parties to be basically on the same side, with some rhetorical window dressing to give the illusion of choice.

3. Camper - November 4, 2016

Free trade is not destructive. What it does is show that the Democrats’ policies make the US uncompetitive compared to China et al. and that we need more dramatic reform.

4. MrT - November 4, 2016

Speaking of conservative media talking heads who have shown their true stripes, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin have cried, cried, cried for 25 years for a true blue constitutional conservative to elected President, and now look at who they make excuses for – a moderate Democrat elitist turned fake Republican. Voting is a moral act. Moral acts are judged by the purpose, circumstances, and intention of the act, not the desired outcome. Vote for a candidate that is legally and morally qualified and who represents your political beliefs, regardless of their likelihood of winning. God’s will not ours be done. Solzhenitsyn on the decline of Russia and the West: “Men have forgotten God”. We have godless candidates.

tg - November 4, 2016

What Mundabor says about people like you.

Tim - November 5, 2016

When haven’t we had godless candidates?

5. MFG - November 4, 2016

This is an excellent post and so important to highlight. It’s been revealing both for those “conservatives” who are supporting Hillary (Bush admin & neocons) and for select social conservatives (and religious leaders) who make excuses for Trump’s moral behavior without qualifications.

I understand why many are supporting Trump- I get it. But that shouldn’t mean one excuses his moral failings entirely like some evangelical leaders do.

He’s a difficult candidate to support (from a Christian perspective) which means these SocCon leaders could quietly support him but not go full out presuming and claiming him to be a new Constantine. They lose moral credibility when they become enthusiasts (vs quiet reluctant supporters). Hope that makes sense. I worry my distinction may not come across clearly.

Baseballmom - November 4, 2016

I think you are quite clear MFG – I cannot and do not defend Mr. Trump’s behavior, but am supportive of his named SCOTUS nominees. I am really voting for them, and for Gov. Pence.

Tantumblogo - November 4, 2016

No, it’s totally clear to me. Sorry I haven’t had time to participate in the discussion more, it’s been one of those weeks.

dthy - November 5, 2016

We can think of it this way–I support the Republican platform as it stands for life and marriage between a man and a woman. Trump is standing on that platform–I can’t ask him to get off , so will just vote the platform and hope the values expressed therein will rub off on those who stand on it. Also, Trump has surrounded himself with a good team of Catholic advisors, a strong vice presidential choice and his list of possible supreme court appointees sounds good. The supreme court has been dictating our laws lately, so the next court appointees are of utmost importance.

c matt - November 8, 2016

Actually, he comes across very much as a new Constantine. The old one was pretty salty as well.

6. Dymphna - November 6, 2016

It’s odd. The same people who say never Trump voted for John McCain, a man who divorced his wife for an heiress and Mitt Romney a Mormon.

Tim - November 7, 2016

BINGO! Hypocrisy?

7. Judy - November 6, 2016

If you haven’t already, check out Fr. Hunwicke’s blog post for November 6th, in which he slams “Kev” Farrell.

8. Lynne - November 7, 2016

Oh, so Ace is for Trump now? I stopped reading him when he went on a purge of Trump supporters. Better late than never, I guess. And yes, my eyes have been opened towards many, including Beck. I guess it’s that whole cult of personality thing, I mean that I’ve taken comfort in following a strong leader.

9. c matt - November 8, 2016

The one positive thing coming out of this election is that the GOPe is pretty much dead. A McRomneBushio will never be elected.

Baseballmom - November 8, 2016

McRomneBushio…. love it!!!!!

10. Kathleen - November 8, 2016

I’m in Michigan (in play!) in one of the most liberal cities in the state.

I put on my huge St. Benedict Crucifix before going to vote with my husband this evening for Trump.

We walked right in. NO line.

We take it as a very good sign. We understand conservative cities in Michigan have huge lines.

Baseballmom - November 13, 2016

You were correct. It was a very good sign!

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