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May Our Sweet Lord Jesus Christ Be Praised……. November 9, 2016

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………and His Mother, Patroness of the Americas, praised as well.

Last night was a stunning upset and a repudiation of the globalist, transnational, one-world order that elites around the world but especially in the US and Western Europe have tried to impose on increasingly unwilling populations policies that enrich and empower a narrow few while impoverishing great swaths of people.

Trump was very far from my ideal candidate.  I don’t know too many people not in the alt-right who were really behind him and convinced of a true conversion to conservative beliefs, but he was better than the demonic alternative with which we were faced – an alternative that extended well beyond the corrupt felon Hillary Clinton and her rapist husband to the entire progressive/socialist media/government/academic/cultural nexus.  It was a giant FU to gender theory, allowing adult men in little girl’s restrooms, safe spaces and trigger warnings.  And a well deserved one at that.

But as I noted yesterday, this hardly means we are saved.  It might mean, hopefully, that we are not doomed, however.  Under Klinton, we would have been, the enormous damage done during 8 years of government under the most extreme socialist ever elected president in this nation’s history would have been made permanent and irreversible.  With the Repubniks retaining control of the House and Senate – but narrowly in the latter – will some steps to control the border, terminate the nightmare fiasco of Obamacare, and repeal horribly damaging trade deals finally come to fruition?  One can hope, but the Repubniks have shown themselves to be uniquely unwilling to fight the progressive agenda even when the people give them repeated explicit mandates to do so.

And, as I noted yesterday, the principle problem that is consuming this nation like a cancer – it’s spiritual derangement – is not substantially improved by this election. We can hope things will not get dramatically worse, as they certainly would have under demon lady, but the rot still exists and Trump’s election is in a sense a confirmation of it.  30 years ago, a man with his atrocious personal morality would not have stood a chance of being elected.  Today, he can.  I’m gratified he won, but even that victory is a sign of how far we have fallen.

We shall see how things proceed from here.  I know many are excited and see great possibilities of some true rolling back of the satanic one world government/religion that has plainly been in the making from Rome to Washington, D.C., but whether those possibilities become reality is still a very uncertain thing.

For now, however, this is a time for celebration.  I was up till 2am waiting for Trump to finish the haggard would be queen.  My Lord, if nothing else, to finally be rid of that horrid, horrid woman is such a blessing.  May she never serve in public office again.  One would imagine the Qataris and Moroccans and Russian billionaires and others who made hundred million dollar donations to the Clinton Corruption Fund might be demanding a refund.  The schadenfreude – not really something Catholics should engage in, but impossible to resist at a time like this – has been sweet, delicious, and served up piping hot since about 9pm EST last night.  The liberal tears have been pouring like Niagara Falls – which makes an interesting contrast to the sense of resignation many conservatives/Christians had before the “miracle” happened and full evidence of the popular revolt against the self-serving plutocrats of the global elite was in view.  I hope Nigel Farage is right and that this is just phase 2 of a general worldwide rejection of the self-seeking elite who thought they had just about sewn up their permanent place in power.  That battle still has a very long way to go.

I also hope this election is the final nail in the coffin of the credibility of the leftist media.  They sold their souls to get Obama elected twice, and went all in, 100%+, for Hillary this time around, and still lost.  I pray that is a portent of things to come, that the self-anointed media elites will see their influence swiftly and permanently crater.

Even though Trump is very far from what one would call a moral man,  this is an election result I think Catholics can legitimately be happy about.  I know so many were praying so fervently – I’ll admit, I was on my knees much more about this election than I was either 2008 or 12, because this really seemed like this was it, the last chance to keep a chance! of this nation going off a cliff from which it could never return.  We’re very, very far from “happy days are here again,” but we’re also not playing a funereal dirge.

God must be praised in all things, in victory and defeat, but I am so very thankful that he had mercy on this nation and on the Remnant of faithful and decent people in this country.  I pray this is not a short lived victory, but just the start of a political, economic, and most importantly spiritual revolution – no, reawakening, in this country.  Either way, we need to remember to offer as many prayers of thanks as we did of heartfelt supplication.

In all things may His will be done.  I also want to thank the good priests and few bishops who encouraged their flocks to vote and to vote rightly.  There was a clear moral distinction in this election and, for once, a happy outcome resulted.

Now, pray God, may the victorious party finally implement the will of the people who put them into office.  We on the right tend to get fat dumb and happy after a perceived victory. This is not a time to relax and assume we have won, for the left and its spiritual master will never stop.  This is just the beginning, we must continue and even redouble our efforts.

But a few days of rejoicing is certainly in order.  God bless you all.



1. TheDumbOx - November 9, 2016

‘Ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead. Ding dong! The wicked witch is dead!’

Her and all of that insanity that is gender theory. May the Lord come to right the wrongs especially striking down those who would dare to call evil ‘good’.

thedumbox's very gay leftie daughter - November 10, 2016

You know where I sleep. Why not send your ammo-laden friend on over here to strike me down, instead of waiting on the good Lord?

2. aquinas54 - November 9, 2016

Amen. Very astute observations, as usual. Now as you said it’s time to thank our Lord and our Lady and do whatever we can to assist the very large work President-Elect Trump has before him. We also need to pray that the Congress will cooperate as needed, although he can do many good things himself simply by undoing the Executive Orders that Obama issued.


3. Murray - November 9, 2016

30 years ago, a man with his atrocious personal morality would not have stood a chance of being elected.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t true. 56 years ago, JFK stole an election, was well entwined with mob bosses and their molls, and used his henchmen to procure prostitutes with whom he cavorted in the White House pool. LBJ used to brag that he’d had more women than JFK. I’m sure there are other examples.

If Trump were running in 1960 or 1968, we would have heard none of this besides vague rumors among those in the know. Conversely, if JFK were running in 2016, we’d know all about it. The Internet makes all the difference.

Tantumblogo - November 9, 2016

That’s true about Kennedy, but almost no one knew it prior to his death, because the media had a lock on news and they didn’t want his secrets out. There were rumors, but nothing confirmed, whereas Trump’s moral failings have been broadcast extensively, often by the man himself (who doesn’t seem to think they are failings at all).

4. Ursula - November 9, 2016

There are no words to describe the level of joy we felt in the early hours of the morning, watching the results come in.

5. Faith of Our Fathers - November 9, 2016

Tantum excellent post my friend. As someone from Scotland ( our we Country is in shock and Trump has already started WW3) the hysteria is palpable. As our we Prime Minister Sturgeon wanted to,believe it or not last year BAN Donald Trump from Scotland because he spoke wrong of Moslems God Forbid the same Religion of Peace who is demonstrating in your Country today ,that this Democratic decision be overturned at once . Now I suppose your like me if they don’t like your country maybe they can go back home to ( Pardon) Shitistan. After all there are plenty of shops one can buy their goods from it doesn’t need to be a Moslem one. There are plenty of Moslems here and I ain’t seen one work yet . Stand in a shop all day and sell cheap booze to our young yes,honest manual labour no. Of course I refuse to go into their shops . The only thing they like about the West is our money . Anyhow as you say the lesser of 2 evils let’s hope Trump has an Epiphany and really gets some morals back in place . Who knows it maybe even trickle over to The Despots who govern us.

6. Blaine - November 10, 2016

Some will think it trite, but I filled out the whole ballot in the booth, except the first block, took a deep breath and prayed for the help of my guardian angel and Mary. I don’t know if I voted for Trump/Pence or against Clinton/Kaine but I filled in the republican ticket and was at peace. I felt moved to contribute my tiny little bit to stopping the Clinton regime (I’m in Florida, btw).

His speech was excellent. It was simple, it was from the heart, and it was brilliant. God bless America – God bless our military and veterans, God bless our incoming and outgoing government officials and God bless ALL of my fellow countrymen.

Oh, and I hearby eat my words earlier this year on this blog. The last two weeks of Clinton and her followers – the Weiner saga, the emails, Podesta, the Catholic deplorables, and all the rest – they had to be stopped.

7. Mike - November 10, 2016

Just think. Catholic England at the time of Henry VIII was so much more Catholic than the YS ever was. Yet Catholic England fell into ruin and the more Protestant USA has been given a huge Divine reprieve. We are so unworthy but must work to bring the U.S. Back to Zchrist!

8. Lotus Flower - November 10, 2016

Trump’s campaign website never mentioned pro-life among any of his official positions. The only mentions of this appear to be in two press releases from September which could be found under the “Media” tab on his website. One addressed “Issues of Importance to Catholics”. I say “could” be found, because as of two days before the election, all trace of those few pro-life mentions had been removed from his site. Thoughts anyone?

9. MT - November 10, 2016

You right so well. I always enjoy it.

MT - November 10, 2016

Write not right!

10. Gc5341 - November 10, 2016

Thank goodness Trump won. During the election he showed good faith to the pro life cause. He released a list of supreme Court candidates he will consider. VP elect Mike Pence is solidly pro life.

Justice Scalia will be replaced by a conservative. Clarence Thomas can retire in peace. Justices Kennedy and Bryer are old and hopefully will retire. Ruth Ginsburg will not retire but she is very old and may not live through a Trump term. With Roberts and Alito there could be seven conservatives and two liberals. This would give the court a dominant pro life stamp for years and years.

11. c matt - November 10, 2016

I guess this means God is only Trump mad at us, but not Hildebeast mad at us. I suppose that’s something.

12. Branch - November 10, 2016

Couldn’t agree more.

Fr. Jim Martin, SJ, on Twitter yesterday took the Gospel passage of Jesus and the money changers in the temple as God’s anger over the result of the election. He didn’t explicitly say that, but as in all else with that spineless modernist weasel, you knew exactly what he meant.

Baseballmom - November 10, 2016

The root of liberalism is sexual sin…. that ‘splains Martin.

TheDumbOx - November 10, 2016

I could not have summarized it better.

13. Tim - November 10, 2016
14. The Lord's Blog - November 10, 2016

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Trump Win Awesome. Lets see what he can do.

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