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So Is It Over for the US of A? November 9, 2016

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Sorry I’ve been away.  Work, yes, but a certain lack of motivation to blog, too.  There are momentous doings today and tonight, however, and I thought I could at least put up a post about that.

Reports are all over the map.  Some are claiming Trump is losing due to a poor ground game, others are saying he’s getting out the vote better than anticipated. Some say swing states are swinging left, again (how many swings in the same direction are required before a state no longer swings?), others that things are breaking for Trump.  Some NeverTrumpers have remained steadfast in their detestation of the man, others have come out in favor.  I predict……….a late night.  I think it will be close.  Can Trump overcome several million likely fraudulent votes?  I guess we’ll see tomorrow, or sometime.

One other thing I’ll predict: this country is probably too far gone for a political savior, as opposed to a spiritual One, but I do think the process of deconstruction into corporatist-socialist-authoritarian dystopia will be made irreversible with a felonious Clinton win.  I pray that does not come to pass, but at this point, I’m feeling somewhat detached from it all, as I have this entire election year.  Not because I don’t care, but because I think all this political stuff is a distraction from the real ails facing this nation and all of Western Civilization, which are of a much more spiritual nature.  Without correction of the spiritual cancer eating away at this country, it’s going to continue going to literal hell at an accelerating pace, and its final demise will only be delayed, not stopped and certainly not reversed, by a win for the “good” guys tonight.

Rorate posted some commentary from Fr. George Rutler, obviously persecuted by the Cardinal Archbishop of New York, Dolan, and I thought it was worth sharing, though most all readers have probably seen it already.  I did want to post it, though, because one statement caught my eye and I thought it deserved some commentary.  I always find great fruit and eloquence in what Fr. Rutler has to say, but there was one small part of his online sermonizing that I thought deserved a bit of comment.  Perhaps now that the polls are mostly closed or closing, this little bit of criticism of an otherwise very fine piece can be forgiven (emphasis Rorate’s, my comments):

Exactly eight years ago I wrote a column titled “The One We Were Waiting For” in which I referred to a book by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, The Lord of the World. That dystopian novel has been cited by Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis said he has read it several times. The protagonist, if one can apply that term to an Anti-Christ, imposed a new world religion with Man himself as god. His one foe was Christianity, which he thwarted in part by using “compromised Catholics” and compliant priests to persuade timid Catholics.
Since then, that program has been realized in our time, to an extent beyond the warnings of the most dire pessimists. Our federal government has intimidated religious orders and churches, challenging religious freedom. The institution of the family has been re-defined, and sexual identity has been Gnosticized to the point of mocking biology. Assisted suicide is spreading, abortions since 1973 have reached a total equal to the population of Italy, and sexually transmitted diseases are at a record high. Objective journalism has died, justice has been corrupted, racial bitterness ruins cities, entertainment is degraded, knowledge of the liberal arts spirals downwards, and authentically Catholic universities have all but vanished. A weak and confused foreign policy has encouraged aggressor nations and terrorism, while metastasized immigration is destroying remnant western cultures, and genocide is slaughtering Christian populations. The cynical promise of economic prosperity is mocked by the lowest rate of labor participation in forty years, an unprecedented number of people on food stamps and welfare assistance, and the largest disparity in wealth in over a century.
In his own grim days, Saint Augustine warned against nostalgia: “The past times that you think were good, are good because they are not yours here and now.” The present time, however, might try even his confidence. Sands blow over the ruins of churches he knew in North Africa where the Cross is virtually forbidden. By a blessed irony, a new church is opened every day in formerly Communist Russia, while churches in our own formerly Christian nation are being closed daily. [Is it irony, or the natural effect of a people who were yoked for a lifetime under the demon of communism/hard leftism, and have not only rebuked tyranny, but have found it’s only true and permanent cure: pious Christianity?] For those who bought into the seductions of politicians’ false hopes, there is the counsel of Walt Kelly’s character Pogo: “It’s always darkest before it goes pitch black.”
It is incorrect to say that the coming election poses a choice between two evils. For ethical and aesthetic reasons, there may be some bad in certain candidates, but badness consists in doing bad things. Evil is different: it is the deliberate destruction of truth, virtue and holiness. [And I agree that there is a sufficient distinction between a very bad, even amoral man, and a woman who has proven over a lifetime she is, by human standards, irredeemably evil.  One might even call her deplorable.]
While one may pragmatically vote for a flawed candidate, one may not vote for anyone who advocates and enables unmitigatedly evil acts, and that includes abortion. “In the case of an intrinsically unjust law, such as a law permitting abortion or euthanasia, it is therefore never licit to obey it, or to ‘take part in a propaganda campaign in favor of such a law, or vote for it’” (Evangelium Vitae, 73).
At one party’s convention, the name of God was excluded from its platform and a woman who boasted of having aborted her child was applauded. It is a grave sin, requiring sacramental confession and penance, to become an accomplice in objective evil by voting for anyone who encourages it, for that imperils the nation and destroys the soul. [And here is where my bit of divergence comes in, and why I found it such a bitter pill to finally, in the end, have to vote for Trump simply out of resignation to stop an even greater evil.  At the Republican National Convention, they did not trumpet abortion for all at Christian taxpayer’s expense, but they did have an open, avowed sodomite proclaim how wonderful his lifestyle was and receive a roaring ovation.  This is one of the biggest sticking points some NeverTrumpers have had, and I can well understand their grave reticence to support a party, and a man, who openly advocated not just tolerating, not just permitting for prudential reasons, but celebrating, rejoicing in a sin that is as grave and, in some ways, even worse than mass child murder/genocide, because it involves a total dereliction of morals.  It is not reasonable to gloss over this as if it never happened.  No matter what the Republican party platform may say about the family and marriage, Peter Thiel’s speech and reception spoke far, far louder than any words on a website few, if any, ever read.]
It is also the duty of the clergy to make this clear and not to shrink, under the pretense of charity, from explaining the Church’s censures. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are dangerous, but worse are wolves in shepherd’s clothing. While the evils foreseen eight years ago were realized, worse would come if those affronts to human dignity were endorsed again. In the most adverse prospect, God forbid, there might not be another free election, and soon Catholics would arrive at shuttered churches and vacant altars. The illusion of indifference cannot long be perpetuated by lame jokes and synthetic laughter at banquets, for there is handwriting on the wall.

And I think that conclusion is true, that we as a Church and individual Christians do face unique threats from Hillary Clinton that make voting against her with the most viable candidate if not a moral requirement, at least very much the right thing to do for reasons of prudence.  But let us never forget how very, very, very far from the Catholic ideal Donald Trump is, and the fact that not much will change, culturally, tomorrow should he win tonight.

A different way to say that might be, if Donald Trump, while clearly preferable in a damnable two party system, is our best political hope, we have arrived at a nadir in this country I never expected to see in my lifetime.

I find my solace in these ever darker days in knowing that this place is an exile, a place of trials and tribulations and not at all my true home.  God will win out in the end, and we must trust in His protection and perfect knowledge of what is best for us.  Should the worst happen tonight, the world is not over, the sun will come up tomorrow, and we will have to be called to the same practice of virtue, faith, and penance that we are always called to.  In the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph and Jesus Christ will reign supreme over the entire world as the King He indeed is.

Opportet illum regnare!  Opportet illum regnare!  Pax Christi in Regno Christi!  Resurrexit sicut dixit!



1. The Lord's Blog - November 9, 2016

Reblogged this on Jean'sBistro2010's Blog.

2. dthy - November 9, 2016

The reign of Christ needs to start in our Catholic churches. He needs to be returned to center front in all our churches, then we can hope for the rest of the world to follow.

3. TheDumbOx - November 9, 2016

Come, Lord Jesus. Come!

4. Baseballmom - November 9, 2016

It’s 10:30 pm tonight and still not over…. you were right about the late night…

Baseballmom - November 9, 2016

That’s Pacific Standard Time…

5. Joseph D'Hippolito - November 9, 2016

It’s 11:10 p.m. in California. Trump is projected to win.

I voted for Trump because he was the only serious candidate that could stop the head-long rush toward the corrupt leftist corporatism that Hillary, Obama, Soros and the “progressive” political elements. That, to me, is far more important than anything else (and, obviously, the “progressive” agenda includes abortion on demand).

More importantly, the Republicans retained control of the House and have a good chance to retain House control.

Despite all of Trump’s flaws, he’s right about one thing: The swamp must be drained! Trump must appoint a special prosecutor to examine Clinton, Obama, Soros (who is a U.S. citizen, btw), the Clinton Foundation, the Open Society Foundation (Soros’ group) and all the corruption surrounding that clique.

6. Tim - November 9, 2016

Short answer: Nope.


7. Barbara Hvilivitzky - November 9, 2016

I’m in Canada but we have been swamped with your election goings-on for months and months. Trump is going to bring in four years of respite from the onslaught of evil predicted under a Clinton presidency. If that is all we get I think that’s worth being happy about. Let’s be happy! Our Lady has obtained this victory for us. Our Father, Our Creato in Heaven has done this. Nothing Trump has done, or said, would have been possible if God had not permitted it.

We believe God’s hand is in everything, but we especially believe this when bad things happen. We suck it up and tell ourselves “it’s God’s Will so we have to take it.” But let’s not forget that victories are also in God’s hands, and this victory for at least some good, is part of His permissive will.

I for one am going to allow myself at least today to be HAPPY!!!!!! We’ve got some breathing room.

8. Mike - November 9, 2016

And praise God, the Holy Spirit and Our Zlady. We won. Against all the odds, the pundits, bankers, media and Hollywood. We prayed our way to victory. God has given us a HUGE reprieve. Now, on to the business of reclaiming our country and draining the swamp!

9. TLM - November 9, 2016

Barbara, you said it best…….we NOW have some breathing room! It buys us some time. I’m thanking the dear Lord profusely for this victory, but especially the Blessed Mother through her ever MIRACULOUS ROSARY!!

10. MFG - November 9, 2016

Yes there are darker times ahead but it appears we have a little more time to prepare. Yesterday’s surprise victory by Trump is a direct result of Our Lady and Cardinal Burke, who organized a 54 day novena. Why she interceded when we didn’t deserve a reprieve displays the efficacy of the Rosary.

Hope folks aren’t misled into thinking the battle is over for 4-8 more years. The moral battle including abortion can only be won on a local and parish level- it can’t be outsourced to Congress or Supreme Court. If we do these novenas regularly think what could happen.

tg - November 9, 2016

So true. I know I was praying the litany of Our Lady of Victory and will do for 9 more times in thanksgiving along with my daily rosary. My last words last night were “Remember Lepanto”.

11. TheDumbOx - November 9, 2016

Based on the distressed reactions I’ve read from the millennial gender dysphoric LGBT crowd to the Trump victory I’ll take this election result as a good sign. Thank you, Jesus.

Keep praying the Rosary, folks. Recall that even the imperfect Hernan Cortes was able to conquer the culture of death that was Aztec-controlled Mexico thus ushering in a culture of life. It is no coincidence that he and Montezuma met for the first time on November 8th, 1519.

12. A Mom - November 9, 2016

Is that a Latin version of the “Christ Enthroned” icon? Where did you find it? It’s so beautiful!

p.s. Still very cautious about what lies ahead, but yay Pennsylvania.

David - November 9, 2016

The mainstream media was against Trump (or any candidate on the Republican ticket) since the race for the 2016 White House began. I for one am glad that Trump prevailed – it shows that the mainstream media is out of touch with John and Jane Q Public.

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