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So What Should Be Trump’s Highest Priorities? November 10, 2016

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Reader Tim left a good comment that ties in with my post from yesterday.  Clinton’s defeat and Trump’s election (my preference in that order) is not the end of the struggle to right this nation, but the beginning.  We cannot simply conclude our job is done and look for those we have elected to do the work of restoring this nation along at least Constitutional, if not Catholic, lines.  To do so would be blindly foolish, seeing how many victories we have handed Repubniks and how little they have accomplished with all that power.  Many certainly hope Trump will represent a revolution against this failed establishment, but we have seen many well-intentioned people go to DC before him and become corrupted and part of the establishment in no time.

One of the worst tendencies of Christians and conservatives generally is to quit while much work remains to be done.  We do this because we have many other things, better things, God, families, jobs, churches, that need our attention and support.  But the Left never quits.  They don’t quit often because their literal job or career is leftist agitation, but they also don’t do so because their politics is their religion and thus they maintain a religious zeal in the prosecution of their political ends.  I am not saying we should ever emulate leftists in this respect.  But we should remain just as involved and active as we were in September and October, now that the improbable has happened and a possible revolutionary candidate has been elected to the highest office in the land.

We absolutely must hold Trump’s, and the Republican Party’s, feet to the fire on all the issues that matter most to devout souls.  To do that, however, we need to understand what it is we need accomplished, and the relative priority for the many, many things that need to be done to not only help restore this nation along Constitutional lines, but awaken a spiritual revival in its citizens.  To that end, I suggest what I feel should be the highest priorities for both Trump and the Republican Congress to achieve in, if not the first 100 days, at least the first two years in office.  I am recommending specific actions, not general things like “promote Christianity” or whatever, which Trump may not be terribly adept at, anyway.

A few items, off the top of my head:

  1. Nominate a true conservative to replace Anthony Scalia.  Use the nuclear option as required as the dems promised to do if they regained a majority in the Senate, to get this nominee confirmed.  Ted Cruz would be excellent, I believe.  Others from Trump’s September short-list would be fine.  Have a candidate vetted and ready to go to replace Ginsburg should she retire/pass away, too.
  2. Control the Border.  I don’t care if it’s a wall, or a fence, or armed troops with constant UAV overhead, or whatever, but we must reduce illegal immigration by at least an order of magnitude from its current uncontrolled status.  I think a wall is the cheapest, most cost effective way to do this, but I’m open to other, serious suggestions.  One of the first priorities should be to start laying out a design for the wall, acquiring land, and beginning construction well before the mid-terms of 2018.
  3. Repeal the Johnson Amendment: this could be done easily with the Republican majority in Congress.  This could help jump-start the restoration of spiritual ardor of this nation right away, and could turn into a great rallying point for Christians.  The media/left would have a difficult time arguing that churches should not have the same free speech rights as other groups.  Numerous charities already support and oppose candidates by name rather openly, there is no reason churches cannot.  It would also help put more bishops and priests on the spot with regard to undermining of Catholic Doctrine through support of amoral politicians and political parties.
  4. Overturn Obama’s illegal immigration-enabling executive orders. Also, terminate immigration of muslims or at least enormously curtail this.  Give great preference to Christians seeking to immigrate from Middle Eastern countries the policies of his predecessors have destroyed.  This is part of #2, and could really be done from the moment he enters office with the stroke of a pen.  He needs no real political capital to accomplish this.  The Left will scream he’s a racist “islamophobe,” but they’re doing that, anyway.
  5. Also, overturn the policy of reunification for a policy of preferential treatment.  Right now, one member of an immigrant family enters the US deliberately, knowing they will be allowed to bring their entire family along at a later date.  Replace this policy with one favoring skilled individuals willing to inculturate and be a positive contribution to the nation economically, instead of a leach on the too-generous welfare system.
  6. Work to Overturn Obamacare.  As part of this, immediately repeal all aspects of Obamacare that impinge on religious liberty, such as the HHS Mandate. I know scores of people whose private health insurance costs have skyrocketed since Obamacare began, along with reduction in service and huge increases in deductibles.  Our spending on health care has doubled in the past two years, thanks to Obamacare.  Everyone of the several doctors I frequent voted for Trump because they see the destruction Obamacare is causing every day, and how much it’s hurting people.  Here, Trump may not even need to take positive action, simply let it implode of its own accord?
  7. Break Down the Internal Security Apparatus of the “War on Terror.”  Terminate phone data gathering, cell phone intercepts, etc.  Eliminate the costly and useless TSA and replace them with private security as needed at certain airports.  Institute profiling as practiced in Israel and other more sensible nations.
  8. Work to Re-invigorate the US Manufacturing Base. I don’t care if this involves reneging on free trade agreements, instituting tariffs on China and similar unfair competitors (it has been literally insane that we have basically funded China’s rise to great power status through trillions of US dollars sent there via cheap imports), lowering corporate taxes, or what, but a major reason Trump was elected is because non-college educated Americans have been getting pummelled for 20 years, at least, as free trade deals benefit the US Chamber of Commerce and corporate upper management but leave the middle class destitute.  Also take steps to prevent the erosion of white collar professions through limits on H-1B visas and penalizing offshoring of professional jobs and the like.
  9. Implement an across the board and severe cut in the federal bureaucracy, reducing it, on a per capita basis, to year 2000 levels, at least?  If the federal bureaucracy wants to be politicized and act as weapons of a particular party, they can suffer the consequences.
  10. Terminate involvement in endless overseas conflicts and use the savings to help re-capitalize parts of the military or for deficit reduction.  Shift back to a Reagan/Weinberger doctrine of only getting involved in combat if VITAL interests are at stake.  Nation building is not a vital interest of the US, nor are futile efforts to spread democracy across the Mid-East.  Regarding ISIS, I’m agnostic, it is a threat and should be contained, but could this not be accomplished by means other than direct involvement of US combat forces?
  11. Encourage and accomplish Kalifornia’s departure from the union.  Californian leftists (which is the vast majority, they voted for Shillary 2:1.  Without California, Hillary would have lost by nearly 4 million votes) have been making noise that they want to leave the US now that someone distasteful to them is president.  I say, let them go.  That way, we won’t be on the hook to bail out their state government hundreds of billions of dollars in debt.  Sort of a joke.  Or not.

I’m probably missing some obvious ones, which is why I open the floor to you, dear readers.  If even the first five were accomplished it would be an enormous step towards restoring this nation and turning it away from the dystopian, balkanized corporatist-socialist construct the Left has been pointing at for decades.  As for deporting those here illegally, I see no huge urgency in doing so long as we get control of the border!  Once that is accomplished and the crisis is passed, we will be in a much better position to decide how to deal with those millions who have come here illegally already.  As left-wingers are finding out to their dismay, it’s not nearly so easy to immigrate to a socialist paradise like Canada as it is into the US.  We have some of the most lax immigration laws around.

Tell me your ideas!  And how do we insure Trump and the Republican Congress implement them!

Elderly Trump Voter Beaten for Voting for Trump November 10, 2016

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Check this out:

Additional info if you can’t make out the audio:

A disturbing video of two black thugs viciously beating a Trump voter emerged online yesterday.

As the attackers pummeled the elderly man to the ground, a voice in the background could be heard repeatedly shrieking, “You voted Trump –yahhh!”  They continued punching and kicking the man while he was cowering on the ground. One of the thugs grabbed what looks a cell phone, while another one actually went into driver’s side of his car and started looking for things to steal.

As the man struggled to his feet (while yelling, “Get out of my car!”), a woman could be heard screaming, “You gonna pay for my sh*t?”

At that point, one of the attackers resumed beating him, savagely raining blows to his face and head, while the bystanders squawked in approval. The video ends with one of the thugs going back into his car and shutting the door.

Now left-wingers are trying to claim that there has been a rash of racial epithets directed against muslims and others by Trump supporters since the election.  Not one of these has been substantiated to date.  We have had so many instances of left-wing affiliated groups staging hate crimes or making them up out of thin air that without evidence these claims must be discounted on their face until such evidence emerges. Of course there are jerks and racialists on all sides of the political spectrum, but translating such hatred into action seems far more a feature of the Left than any other group in recent years.

Remember, however, their violence is protected speech, while our speech is unprotected violence.  Nevertheless, if you don’t already, you might want to start carrying at all times.

A bit more, since it’s video day, apparently!, from reader TT:

I’m not surprised that there would be a lot of UT students who would oppose Donald Trump and freak out about his election.  It was good that there was a Texas Fight cheer in the middle, as well as a reasonable student who just basically blew off the demonstration.  Those things happen literally almost every day in that part of campus, which is inhabited by a ton of non-students or drop outs who live in the bohemian area west of the university’s main campus.  A lot of those people were never UT students but glom onto various groups there to continue to live their slacker existence.

But, still, another big UT fail.  I can guarantee you won’t find demonstrations like this outside the Graduate School of Business or the engineering/hard science northeast corner of campus.

You know, in this sturm and drang I’m helping (in an infinitesimal way) to perpetuate after the election, would the opposite be the case had Hillary won?  A lot of folks were becoming convinced she could only win by fraud, so how would things be playing out today had the election gone the other way?

Who cares, really.  Suck it up, buttercup, you lost.  Meanwhile, since I think the other side has always been far more prone to spin out of control than our own……..


Temper Tantrums and Death Threats: Spinning Up a Progressive Panic November 10, 2016

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A few preliminary comments: I would wager not one of these people having a complete public meltdown/temper tantrum has spent even 5 minutes researching Trump’s policy positions or listening to him speak outside carefully crafted (and hostile) media soundbites.  This is nothing but regurgitation of spoon-fed leftist propaganda, which makes their emotional attachment to something they likely have zero original thoughts of all the more disturbing.

You recall, of course, how conservative America exploded into similar “days of rage” and weeping displays of endless narcissism after defeats in 2008 and 2012, of course.  No?  Oh, that’s right, we were unhappy, even seriously aggrieved, but we didn’t try to torch our own cities, leave our fellow citizens mired in traffic for hours, or post selfie videos of total emotional breakdowns (as an adult, no less).

What does it say about a populace, and particularly about the under 35 folks who seem to make up 90% or more of this now exasperated cohort, when so many of them are both so ignorant, so ill-informed, and so radically propagandized that they are unable to deal with either a contrary political view or with an occasional defeat.  We can see from this reaction – so different from defeats  in 2010 or 2014 – how much stock the democrats place in holding the presidency.  And yet probably many of these people now losing their minds weren’t very big Hillary supporters to begin with,  were likely incensed at the gaming of the demonrat primaries to insure her victory, and may not have even voted (according to the data, the vast majority of those under 35, and especially liberals under 35, did not).

Where are we headed when the rising generation not only cannot stand to be told no by anyone at anytime, but is ready -as in the first video -to recommend violence against their opponents?  Is this not the natural, predictable end point for the kinds of radicalized ideologies in which these youths have been steeped?  They’ve never heard a contrary viewpoint in their lives, and live in such a electronic bubble they cannot even imagine one exists.  When confronted with the reality not only of its existence, but its ascendance over their own, they literally lose their minds.

Solipsism writ large – that is what we are confronted with.  People so wrapped up in their own little minds and prurient concerns they are utterly incapable of even imagining that someone of good will could think differently.  That’s impossible according to their ideology, so the only possible motivation for holding different views is bad will and evil intent.  Which, again, is really projection, and a perfect inversion of the truth, as the first video below demonstrates quite well:

Yeah, I will keep my powder dry, thanks.  We haven’t seen anything like that locally, thank God.

About which, a note.  I’ve noted a few times the area in which I live is in the poorest 15% in the country and is over 80% Hispanic.  Which is neither here nor there, save for this point – where I voted on Tuesday, at 2:30 pm I was only voter number 160.  Likely there were fewer than 300 people to vote in my precinct, out of a population of probably 5,000 or more.  This is in the middle of Irving, population 210,000 or so.  I live in one of the most densely populated parts of Irving, and yet hardly anyone bothered to vote.  That could be because a ton of people are not citizens and haven’t tried to force the issue, but it was interesting, nonetheless.  ‘

Where I used to live in Richardson, they would have 300 people vote by 8am, for a similar size population.

Now for the mental breakdowns, courtesy Ace, but you can find scads more on Youtube.  Note that virtually every one of these people is a member of a self-styled victim class:

I am terrified that the helicopter parenting and participation trophy raising of the so-called millenial generation has raised up a generation of solipsists.

If so, this ain’t gonna end well.  Ignorant, self-centered, lacking the intellectual cushion knowledge of history provides, steeped in ideology, and raised to believe they deserve everything on a silver platter, they are ripe for manipulation (as, indeed, they are) by media masters.  Amazingly, they are completely ignorant of their own biases while constantly attributing the same to others (projection).  Thus, when British voters voted for Brexit, to try to reverse the damage free trade and unrestricted immigration had done to the British laboring classes, the solipsist millennials joined forces with the corporate masters and political elites who run Europe today to try to annul the results of the referendum and keep the status quo.  They are actually conservative to the point of revanchism when it comes to maintaining the perquisites of the current elite, which a few will eventually be permitted to join.

This is an explosive mix.  They liken Trump and his supporters to Hitler but it is they themselves who have an in-built propensity to be receptive to the first strong man who comes along, provided he mouths the pablum these people expect to hear.  On the other side, however, should violence and extremism on the Left continue to increase, it can lead to a reaction among others who, seeing society break down, turn to a strong figure to restore order.  Such tendencies spread across Europe during the 20s and 30s, but only one of them was somewhat right wing (Franco).  Hitler and Mussolini were just opportunistic leftists who sold a national socialism versus international socialism.  Nevertheless, to prevent something worse coming along, they did co-opt much of the traditional right.

We’ll see how this progressive panic continues to spread.  More protests riots are planned for tonight.  Luckily, they’re trashing their own cities and inconveniencing their own people, for the most part, but it will be interesting to see if they spread.

Thought for the Day: Could the Growing Worldwide Backlash Against Elites Extend into the Church? UPDATED November 10, 2016

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I’m out of time, but a quick thought – could what seems to be a growing worldwide rejection of the transnational global elites extend into the Church?  There is of course evidence of a steadily increasing opposition to Francis’ attempt at radically changing the Church, and political parallels often do not apply to the Church, but could this general repudiation of elite authority on many levels have portents for the Church, just as the coalescing of conservative opposition to decades of liberal rule in England, the US, and the Vatican hastened the end of the Cold War and a Church which backed away from the excesses of the 60s and 70s, if there was not, unfortunately, a serious effort to roll them back?  That this opposition was much less effective in reality than it may have appeared at the time, both politically and ecclesiastically, is important to note: while there were significant achievements in this period of the late 70s – early 00s, the conservative reaction both in politics and the Church in many ways continued to accept the liberal paradigms and institutionalize them.

Could this time be different?  Could this be the start of a genuine reaction/restoration movement?

Sorry I can’t flesh this out more, discuss, if you feel so moved.

UPDATE: A little data that maybe lends some weight to my hypothesis?  Catholics voted for the less morally offensive candidate for the first time since 1988:

A national exit poll is showing President-elect Donald Trump won the Catholic vote Tuesday, 52 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 45 percent.

The poll, published by CNN, shows 23 percent of Americans who voted this election season identified themselves as Catholic, while 27 percent said they were Protestant, 24 percent “Other Christian,” 15 percent “No Religion,” and three percent “Jewish.” Of the Catholics who voted, 52 percent voted for Trump and 45 percent voted for Clinton.

In April of 2015, Clinton criticized the beliefs of traditional faith groups, asserting that these beliefs would have to be “changed” to accommodate abortion.

“Far too many women are still denied access to reproductive health care… deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed,” she said.

In 2008, Catholics made up 27% of the voting electorate.  That might be the more important factor than who they voted for: are Catholics becoming more faithful as a great number continue to fall away at a  quickening pace (a pace likely accelerated by Francis’ shredding of Doctrine in all practical senses?).

Just a bit more grist for the mill.  It is not insignificant both that Catholics have voted for the less moral candidate every chance they’ve had for nearly 30 years, and that THIS is the man they would choose to get behind, who pushed social conservative issues to the back burner for the most part.  So perhaps this isn’t as hopeful as I thought.  Then again, evangelicals gave more support to Trump than they did to Romney, McCain, or Bush. I think in this election, a desire to stop illegal immigration and send a clear rebuke to the self-proclaimed ruling class dominated all other considerations.