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So What Should Be Trump’s Highest Priorities? November 10, 2016

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, General Catholic, Immigration, Restoration, secularism, Society, true leadership, Victory, Virtue.

Reader Tim left a good comment that ties in with my post from yesterday.  Clinton’s defeat and Trump’s election (my preference in that order) is not the end of the struggle to right this nation, but the beginning.  We cannot simply conclude our job is done and look for those we have elected to do the work of restoring this nation along at least Constitutional, if not Catholic, lines.  To do so would be blindly foolish, seeing how many victories we have handed Repubniks and how little they have accomplished with all that power.  Many certainly hope Trump will represent a revolution against this failed establishment, but we have seen many well-intentioned people go to DC before him and become corrupted and part of the establishment in no time.

One of the worst tendencies of Christians and conservatives generally is to quit while much work remains to be done.  We do this because we have many other things, better things, God, families, jobs, churches, that need our attention and support.  But the Left never quits.  They don’t quit often because their literal job or career is leftist agitation, but they also don’t do so because their politics is their religion and thus they maintain a religious zeal in the prosecution of their political ends.  I am not saying we should ever emulate leftists in this respect.  But we should remain just as involved and active as we were in September and October, now that the improbable has happened and a possible revolutionary candidate has been elected to the highest office in the land.

We absolutely must hold Trump’s, and the Republican Party’s, feet to the fire on all the issues that matter most to devout souls.  To do that, however, we need to understand what it is we need accomplished, and the relative priority for the many, many things that need to be done to not only help restore this nation along Constitutional lines, but awaken a spiritual revival in its citizens.  To that end, I suggest what I feel should be the highest priorities for both Trump and the Republican Congress to achieve in, if not the first 100 days, at least the first two years in office.  I am recommending specific actions, not general things like “promote Christianity” or whatever, which Trump may not be terribly adept at, anyway.

A few items, off the top of my head:

  1. Nominate a true conservative to replace Anthony Scalia.  Use the nuclear option as required as the dems promised to do if they regained a majority in the Senate, to get this nominee confirmed.  Ted Cruz would be excellent, I believe.  Others from Trump’s September short-list would be fine.  Have a candidate vetted and ready to go to replace Ginsburg should she retire/pass away, too.
  2. Control the Border.  I don’t care if it’s a wall, or a fence, or armed troops with constant UAV overhead, or whatever, but we must reduce illegal immigration by at least an order of magnitude from its current uncontrolled status.  I think a wall is the cheapest, most cost effective way to do this, but I’m open to other, serious suggestions.  One of the first priorities should be to start laying out a design for the wall, acquiring land, and beginning construction well before the mid-terms of 2018.
  3. Repeal the Johnson Amendment: this could be done easily with the Republican majority in Congress.  This could help jump-start the restoration of spiritual ardor of this nation right away, and could turn into a great rallying point for Christians.  The media/left would have a difficult time arguing that churches should not have the same free speech rights as other groups.  Numerous charities already support and oppose candidates by name rather openly, there is no reason churches cannot.  It would also help put more bishops and priests on the spot with regard to undermining of Catholic Doctrine through support of amoral politicians and political parties.
  4. Overturn Obama’s illegal immigration-enabling executive orders. Also, terminate immigration of muslims or at least enormously curtail this.  Give great preference to Christians seeking to immigrate from Middle Eastern countries the policies of his predecessors have destroyed.  This is part of #2, and could really be done from the moment he enters office with the stroke of a pen.  He needs no real political capital to accomplish this.  The Left will scream he’s a racist “islamophobe,” but they’re doing that, anyway.
  5. Also, overturn the policy of reunification for a policy of preferential treatment.  Right now, one member of an immigrant family enters the US deliberately, knowing they will be allowed to bring their entire family along at a later date.  Replace this policy with one favoring skilled individuals willing to inculturate and be a positive contribution to the nation economically, instead of a leach on the too-generous welfare system.
  6. Work to Overturn Obamacare.  As part of this, immediately repeal all aspects of Obamacare that impinge on religious liberty, such as the HHS Mandate. I know scores of people whose private health insurance costs have skyrocketed since Obamacare began, along with reduction in service and huge increases in deductibles.  Our spending on health care has doubled in the past two years, thanks to Obamacare.  Everyone of the several doctors I frequent voted for Trump because they see the destruction Obamacare is causing every day, and how much it’s hurting people.  Here, Trump may not even need to take positive action, simply let it implode of its own accord?
  7. Break Down the Internal Security Apparatus of the “War on Terror.”  Terminate phone data gathering, cell phone intercepts, etc.  Eliminate the costly and useless TSA and replace them with private security as needed at certain airports.  Institute profiling as practiced in Israel and other more sensible nations.
  8. Work to Re-invigorate the US Manufacturing Base. I don’t care if this involves reneging on free trade agreements, instituting tariffs on China and similar unfair competitors (it has been literally insane that we have basically funded China’s rise to great power status through trillions of US dollars sent there via cheap imports), lowering corporate taxes, or what, but a major reason Trump was elected is because non-college educated Americans have been getting pummelled for 20 years, at least, as free trade deals benefit the US Chamber of Commerce and corporate upper management but leave the middle class destitute.  Also take steps to prevent the erosion of white collar professions through limits on H-1B visas and penalizing offshoring of professional jobs and the like.
  9. Implement an across the board and severe cut in the federal bureaucracy, reducing it, on a per capita basis, to year 2000 levels, at least?  If the federal bureaucracy wants to be politicized and act as weapons of a particular party, they can suffer the consequences.
  10. Terminate involvement in endless overseas conflicts and use the savings to help re-capitalize parts of the military or for deficit reduction.  Shift back to a Reagan/Weinberger doctrine of only getting involved in combat if VITAL interests are at stake.  Nation building is not a vital interest of the US, nor are futile efforts to spread democracy across the Mid-East.  Regarding ISIS, I’m agnostic, it is a threat and should be contained, but could this not be accomplished by means other than direct involvement of US combat forces?
  11. Encourage and accomplish Kalifornia’s departure from the union.  Californian leftists (which is the vast majority, they voted for Shillary 2:1.  Without California, Hillary would have lost by nearly 4 million votes) have been making noise that they want to leave the US now that someone distasteful to them is president.  I say, let them go.  That way, we won’t be on the hook to bail out their state government hundreds of billions of dollars in debt.  Sort of a joke.  Or not.

I’m probably missing some obvious ones, which is why I open the floor to you, dear readers.  If even the first five were accomplished it would be an enormous step towards restoring this nation and turning it away from the dystopian, balkanized corporatist-socialist construct the Left has been pointing at for decades.  As for deporting those here illegally, I see no huge urgency in doing so long as we get control of the border!  Once that is accomplished and the crisis is passed, we will be in a much better position to decide how to deal with those millions who have come here illegally already.  As left-wingers are finding out to their dismay, it’s not nearly so easy to immigrate to a socialist paradise like Canada as it is into the US.  We have some of the most lax immigration laws around.

Tell me your ideas!  And how do we insure Trump and the Republican Congress implement them!



1. Tim - November 10, 2016

Nominate Alan Keyes to the Supreme Court on January 20, AD 2017!

2. Faith of Our Fathers - November 10, 2016

Tantum I didn’t even finish reading your blog to agree with you about the left never taking a break . Historically Wars and overthrow of people proves this right. We only need to look at The Dominoe effect with Communism. After WW2 the ink wasn’t even dry on any peace treaty yet The Communists wanted Korea . Stopped in their tracks they then shifted to Vietnam 2 different wars but wars for the cause . At practically the same time The Eastern bloc countries were to be part of the old USSR and you had the Berlin Blockade which would certainly have fell had it not been fed by The U.S.A from the air. Obviously most if not all of these wars were physical ones . Now comes the best part . Why not infiltrate them get lackeys and Moslems and Commies to poison their minds THEN move in for the kill. I think we all know where we are now . As a postscript I personally on this month of The Holy Souls thank all of your Servicemen who died for my freedom least of all in Vietnam.Had The Communists not been tied down fighting in Vietnam there most certainly would have been a war in Europe.

3. Baseballmom - November 11, 2016

The left sees this election as a minor setback. They will continue to act as though absolutely nothing has changed in Washington. And their media minions will play right along…
We MUST ACT as things are… that MUCH has changed. We must ignore the media, the paid protesters and the libs.

Tim - November 11, 2016


4. Blaine - November 11, 2016

1. Defund the disastrous F-35 and LCS programs and channel the money into the CH-53K program for the Marine Corps. Buy 60 additional airframes retrofitted for mine countermeasures gear towing for the Navy. Move the Helicopter Mine Countermeasures community back to NAS Corpus Christi, TX out of Norfolk.

2. Make America Great Again. But then I repeat myself.

Blaine - November 11, 2016

Obviously I’m kidding about the priority (but not the truth of the matter).

5. Observer - November 11, 2016

Here in Britain we most often refer to the USA as simply “The States”.Therefore, President Elect Trump should give careful thought on the best way to return powers to the individual states so that decisions can be made at a local level. It goes without saying that Stalinist outfits like HUD deserve the boot.

6. Josh - November 11, 2016

Defund planned parenthood.

7. TheDumbOx - November 11, 2016

Pull support for any LGBT related program. Encourage the APA to restore the designation of homosexuality to its pre-1973 status.

Margaret Costello - November 12, 2016

Amen! God bless~

8. c matt - November 11, 2016

You hit most of the issues. On calexit, libtards that run that place are mostly crybabies and would never have the cajones to do it (think of all the celebs who promised to leave if Trump won, but now won’t – liars!!!). But, it presents us with an opportunity: I encourage a more generic amendment that makes it absolutely clear any state can vote to voluntarily leave the union. An EU article 50 for the USA. The libtards are in such a mood that they might just agree, and then when WE need to leave, we can pull that out of our pocket. If I were Trump, I would tell them that I understand your sentiment, I would like you to stay, but I am not going to force them and I would offer them an amendment so you can decide for yourselves (i.e., call their bluff and get an ace up our sleeves for Texit – win-win).

9. c matt - November 11, 2016

On immigration, Trump and I part ways slightly. Personally, as long as they are here under the radar and not causing trouble, I don’t have much problem. They don’t pay income tax likely, but they do pay sales and (at least indirectly through rent) property tax (another reason to do away with the income tax and just have a federal sales tax). I would not allow them to be eligible for any benefits funded through income tax dollars, (e.g., medicare, SS, medicaid), but I am open to those things funded through property or sales tax. In particular, public schooling through high school (also the best way for them to get assimilated/indoctrinated). I would do away with bilingual education – heck, most of them don’t want to be taught in Spanish (they already know it), they want their kids to learn English (just watch a Spanish TV station – every other commercial is for an English learning program).

If they cause trouble (i.e., felony), deport them. If they commit a violent crime, send them back – in a body bag.

Tantumblogo - November 11, 2016

How do you deal with states like CA, then, where illegals are receiving massive state benefits and have remade the body politic in a radical way? They receive benefits in Texas, too, there are scads of ways to game the system.

10. c matt - November 11, 2016

Almost forgot – stop funding ISIS, pull out of Syria and let Assad and Putin take care of business, and accept more Syrian refugees – 99.999% Christian/0.001% other. Only offer pork at refugee camps.

11. Tim - November 11, 2016

He needs to stick to his guns, first and foremost:


Tim - November 11, 2016
Tim - November 11, 2016
12. Tim - November 11, 2016

Ann Coulter’s recommendation:


13. Margaret Costello - November 12, 2016

I would add: could we please begin shifting the Social Security age UP? SS was originally tied to the country’s known lifespan. But since it’s inception, lifespan has increased 20 years but sadly Social Security (which was supposed to be in the rare case where someone’s lifespan exceeded the national one…it was a life insurance) has not gone along with it. Thus we are utterly crippled in debt and on the verge of a financial meltdown.

Sadly the seniors who live today refuse and have refused to change their benefits even though they A) never worked for the majority of them B) know that they are financially destroying their children and grandchildren’s future by not doing the hard and right thing. So I suggest WE do the hard and right thing i.e. people of my generation…generation X or whatever they call it. I refuse to steal from my nieces and nephews just because I want to live a certain way or haven’t done the responsible thing and saved. So let us begin slowly increasing the age of SS…one year at a time. By the time I am 65 it will be where it SHOULD be i.e. at the lifespan number. 65 isn’t a death sentence…I know countless people that age who are healthy, active and able to work. If anything, I find leaving the job market increases the chances of dementia. Also, there is no such thing as “retirement” in Scripture…that’s only the fantasy of a hedonistic, materialistic society whose goal is to make tons of cash so they can sit around and pleasure themselves for decades. That is not Christian.

So, those be my two cents. God bless~

born early sixties - November 15, 2016

I believe for my generation — if SS is still around — the age is already up to 67. I’m technically a Boomer but never thought of myself as such. I mean I was elementary school age when Woodstock happened. Don’t think I was there… ; ) Although I do remember when the Beatles broke up.

Margaret Costello - November 15, 2016

The age needs to rise asap and yearly. By the time you and I get to 67 it will be the new 40:+) God bless~

14. Dreamer - November 12, 2016

Consecrate the USA to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

15. David - November 14, 2016

Has anyone mentioned that during the first thirty days to review all the Executive Orders Obama issued and repeal at least 90% of them?

16. born early sixties - November 15, 2016

First priority is to do as much pro-life work as possible. The first thing I look at for any candidate for any office is whether they are pro-life. I was fortunate to be born before both contraception and abortion were legalized in the US [contraception in 1965 Griswold (i.e. Planned Parenthood) v. Connecticut Supreme Court case which legalized it within marriage; and of course abortion in Roe & companion case Doe in 1973 citing the right to privacy invented in Griswold]. — signed long-time pro-lifer

Father (Padre) Pio: “A day without abortion would be enough, and God would be the world …”

12 October 2016 3

> “A day without abortion would be enough, and God would give the world peace to the end of days.”

Holy Father Pio of Pietrelcina (1887-1968), answer to a question by Prof. Francesco Lotti on abortion.


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